Ontario Lakes Marine Charts

Here is the list of Ontario Lakes marine charts and fishing maps available on iBoating : Canada Marine & Fishing App. Marine charts app now supports multiple plaforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, MacBook, and Windows/PC based chartplotter. The Marine Navigation App provides advanced features of a Marine Chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading. Fishing spots, Relief Shading and depth contours layers are available in most Lake maps. Nautical navigation features include advanced instrumentation to gather wind speed direction, water temperature, water depth, and accurate GPS with AIS receivers(using NMEA over TCP/UDP). Autopilot support can be enabled during ‘Goto WayPoint’ and ‘Route Assistance’. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Nautical Chart TitleScale
Abamategwia Lake1:24000
Abazotikichuan Lake1:24000
Abbess Lake1:12000
Abigogami Lake1:12000
Abram Lake1:24000
Achigan Lake1:12000
Acorn Lake1:6000
Adams Lake1:6000
Adams Lake1:6000
Adelaide Lake1:12000
Adelard Lake1:6000
Adrian Lake1:6000
Aerobus Lake1:24000
Aerofoil Lake1:12000
Aframe Lake1:6000
Agimak Lake1:24000
Agnes Lake1:24000
Agnew Lake1:24000
Agonzon Lake1:12000
Ahmic Lake1:6000
Ahmic Lake1:24000
Aide Lake1:6000
Aileen Lake1:12000
Aird Lake1:6000
Airport Lake (Kenora)1:6000
Aitken Lake1:6000
Alaska's Lake1:6000
Albert Lake1:6000
Albion Lake1:6000
Alexander Lake1:6000
Alexandra Lake1:12000
Alford Lake1:12000
Algonquin Park Lake / Whitefish Lake1:12000
Alice Lake1:6000
Allan Lake1:12000
Allenby Lake1:12000
Allen Lake1:12000
Allen Lake1:6000
Alma Lake1:12000
Aloft Lake1:12000
Amabel Lake 31:6000
Amanda Lake1:6000
Amesdale Lake1:12000
Amik Lake1:24000
Anaway Lake1:12000
Anders Lake1:12000
Andrew Lake1:6000
Andy Lake1:12000
Anenimus Lake1:12000
Angling Lake1:24000
Anima Nipissing Lake1:24000
Anishinabi Lake1:24000
Anita Lake1:6000
Anjigami Lake1:24000
Anne Lake, Marathon1:6000
Annette Lake1:6000
Annies Lake1:6000
Annies Lake Beulah Sudbury1:6000
Anstruther Lake1:12000
Anteater Lake1:6000
Antenna Lake1:12000
Antler Lake1:6000
Anvil Lake1:12000
Anvil Lake1:12000
Appleby Lake1:6000
Apps Lake1:24000
Apungsisagen Lake1:12000
Aquatuk Lake1:12000
Aramis Lake1:12000
Arbeesee Lake1:12000
Arcand Lake1:6000
Ardoch Lake1:12000
Arethusa Lake1:12000
Armatta Lake1:12000
Armistice Lake1:24000
Armitage Lake1:12000
Armour Lake1:12000
Armour Lake1:6000
Armstrong Lake1:6000
Armstrong Lake1:12000
Army L.1:6000
Arnott Lake1:12000
Arpin Lake1:6000
Arrowhead Lake1:6000
Arrow Lake1:24000
Arrowroot Lake1:12000
Artery Lake1:24000
Arthur Lake1:6000
Ashby Lake1:12000
Ashby White Lake1:12000
Ashigami Lake1:12000
Ash Lake1:12000
Asipoquobah Lake1:24000
Assin Lake1:24000
Astonish Lake1:6000
Athelstane Lake1:24000
Atikwa Lake1:24000
Attlee Lake (Mahzenazing River)1:12000
Attwood Lake1:24000
Aubrey Lake1:24000
Audrey L.1:12000
Audrey Lake1:12000
Audrey Lake1:6000
Augite Lake1:12000
Ault Lake1:12000
Aurel Lake1:6000
Austen Lake1:12000
Austin Lake1:6000
Austin Lake1:12000
Austin Lake1:6000
Avery Lake1:12000
Avery Lake1:12000
Avery's Lake1:6000
Awameg Lake1:6000
Awkward Lake1:12000
Axe Lake1:12000
Aylen Lake1:24000
Aylsworth Lake1:12000
Azure Lake1:6000
Babey Lake1:12000
Bab Lake1:6000
Babs Lake1:6000
Baby Lake1:6000
Baby Shingwak Lake1:12000
Bacchus Mud Lake1:6000
Badgeley Lake1:6000
Bad Vermilion Lake1:24000
Badwater Lake1:12000
Bagsverd Lake1:12000
Bailey Lake1:6000
Bailey Lake1:6000
Bailey Lake1:6000
Bain Lake1:12000
Baker Lake1:6000
Baker Lake1:6000
Balancing Lake1:6000
Baldhead Lake1:6000
Ballard Lake1:12000
Ball Lake1:24000
Balmain Lake1:12000
Banana Lake1:6000
Banana Lake1:6000
Bandit Lake1:6000
Band Lake1:6000
Band Lake1:6000
Banner Lake1:6000
Bannerman Lake1:6000
Banning Lake1:12000
Banning Lake + + Calm Lake1:24000
Bannockburn Lake 91:6000
Banting No 551:6000
Baptiste Lake1:24000
Barbara Lake1:24000
Barehead Lake1:12000
Bare Tent Lake1:6000
Bark Lake1:24000
Bark Lake1:24000
Bark Lake1:12000
Barlow Lake1:12000
Barnard Lake1:6000
Barnes Lake1:6000
Barnston Lake1:12000
Barnum Lake1:6000
Barrel Lake1:24000
Barris Lake1:6000
Barr Lake1:6000
Bartle Lake1:6000
Bartlett (Rainy) Lake1:12000
Barton Lake1:24000
Basshaunt Lake1:6000
Bass Lake1:12000
Bass Lake1:6000
Bass Lake1:12000
Bass Lake1:6000
Bass Lake1:12000
Bass Lake / Thurston Lake1:12000
Basswood Lake1:24000
Batchewaung Lake1:24000
Batise Lake1:6000
Bat Lake1:6000
Bat Lake1:12000
Battery Lake1:6000
Batwing Lake1:12000
Bauldry Lake1:6000
Baumheur Lake1:6000
Bawden Lake1:12000
Bay Lake1:24000
Bay Lake1:12000
Bay Lake1:6000
Bay Lake1:12000
Bay Lake1:12000
Bayview Lake1:6000
Beagle Lake1:12000
Beak Lake1:12000
Beanpole Lake1:6000
Bearhead Lake1:12000
Bear Lake1:12000
Bear Lake1:6000
Bear Lake1:12000
Bear Lake1:12000
Bear Lake1:6000
Bear Lake1:24000
Bear Lake A1:12000
Bearpad Lake1:6000
Bearskin Lake1:24000
Beaton Lake1:12000
Beatty Lake1:12000
Beautiful Lake1:6000
Beauty Lake/Isabel Lake1:12000
Beaverdam Lake1:6000
Beaverhouse Lake1:12000
Beaverhouse Lake1:24000
Beaver Lake1:6000
Beaver Lake1:6000
Beaver Lake1:12000
Beaver Lake1:12000
Beaver Lake1:6000
Beaver Lake1:6000
Beaver Lake1:6000
Beaver Lake1:12000
Beaver Lake1:12000
Beaver Lake A1:6000
Beaver Pond1:6000
Beckett Lake / Barbara Lake1:6000
Beck Lake1:6000
Bedivere Lake1:24000
Beech Lake1:12000
Beechnut Lake1:6000
Bee Lake1:12000
Bee Lake1:6000
Beer Lake1:6000
Beggs Lake1:12000
Beilhartz Lake1:6000
Beishlag Lake / Fairy Lake1:6000
Belanger Lake1:6000
Belanger Lake1:6000
Bella Lake1:12000
Belle Isle Lake1:6000
Belle Lake1:6000
Bell Lake1:12000
Bell Lake1:6000
Bell Lake Mcdougall1:6000
Bell's Lake1:6000
Bells Lake1:12000
Bells Lake1:6000
Belmont Lake1:12000
Beloporine Lake1:6000
Bennet Lake1:12000
Bennett Lake1:12000
Benoir Lake1:12000
Benson Lake1:6000
Bentshoe Lake1:6000
Berens Lake1:24000
Berens River1:24000
Berglund Lake1:6000
Bernard Lake1:24000
Bernard Lake1:6000
Bernice Lake1:6000
Berry Lake1:12000
Berry Lake1:24000
Berry Lake1:12000
Bertaud Lake1:12000
Bertha Lake1:24000
Bessie Lake1:6000
Bessie Lake1:6000
Best 89 Temagami1:6000
Best Lake1:6000
Beulah Lake1:6000
Bevans Lake1:6000
Bewag Lake1:12000
Beyond Lake1:6000
Bicknell Lake1:12000
Bierce Lake1:6000
Big Bissett Lake1:12000
Big Brother Lake1:6000
Big Canon Lake1:24000
Big Caribou Lake1:12000
Big Cedar Lake1:12000
Big Chief Lake Temagami1:12000
Big Clear Lake1:12000
Biggar Lake1:12000
Big Gibson Lake1:6000
Big Gull Lake1:24000
Big Hawk Lake1:12000
Big Hoover Lake1:6000
Big Indian Lake1:6000
Big Lake1:12000
Big Lighthouse Lake1:6000
Big Limestone Lake / Chapman Lake1:6000
Big Mair Lake1:6000
Big Mcdougal Lake1:12000
Big Mcgarry Lake1:6000
Big Mink Lake1:12000
Big Moon Lake1:12000
Big Ohlmann Lake1:6000
Big Rice Lake1:12000
Big Salmon Lake1:12000
Big Sandy Lake1:24000
Big Sawbill Lake1:12000
Big Shingle Lake1:6000
Big Skunk Lake1:12000
Big Trout Lake1:6000
Big Trout Lake1:12000
Big Vermilion Lake1:24000
Big Whitefish Lake1:12000
Bigwind Lake1:12000
Bigwood Lake1:12000
Bijou Lake1:6000
Bilkey Lake1:12000
Billings Lake1:12000
Bill Lake Beaver Dam1:6000
Billy Lake1:12000
Billys Lake1:6000
Bilton Lake1:6000
Bingo Lake1:12000
Birch Lake1:24000
Birch Lake1:12000
Birch Lake1:6000
Birch Lake1:24000
Birch Lake1:12000
Birch Lake1:6000
Bird Lake1:6000
Birmingham Lake1:12000
Biscotasi Lake1:24000
Bisect Lake1:6000
Bitter Lake1:6000
Bittern Lake1:6000
Bittern Lake1:12000
Bittern Lake1:6000
Bivouac Lake1:6000
Black Bay + Lac Du Bois Dur1:12000
Blackburn Lake1:6000
Blackcat Lake1:6000
Black Donald Lake1:24000
Blackduck Lake1:6000
Blackfish Lake1:12000
Blackfox Lake1:6000
Blackie S Lake1:6000
Black Lake1:6000
Black Lake1:12000
Black Lake1:6000
Black Lake1:6000
Blackstone Harbor1:12000
Blackstone Lake1:12000
Blackstone Lake1:24000
Black Sturgeon Lake1:24000
Black Sturgeon Lakes1:24000
Black Trout Lake1:12000
Blackwater Lake1:6000
Blair Lake1:12000
Blakely Lake1:6000
Bliss Lake1:12000
Blithfield Long Lake1:6000
Bluebelle Lake1:12000
Blueberry Lake1:6000
Blueberry Lake1:12000
Blue Goose Lake1:6000
Blue Hawk Lake1:6000
Bluejay Lake1:6000
Bluejay Lake1:6000
Blue Lake1:6000
Blue Lake1:6000
Blue Lake1:6000
Blue Lake #1 (Pembroke Little Lakes)1:6000
Blue Lake A1:12000
Blue Lake Ballantyne1:6000
Blue Lake C1:6000
Blue Lake D1:6000
Blue Lake / Paradise Lake1:6000
Bluepaint Lake1:6000
Bluette Lake1:24000
Bluff Lake1:6000
Bluff Lake Sproule1:6000
Bluffpoint Lake1:12000
Bluffy Lake1:24000
Blunder Lake1:12000
Boat Lake1:12000
Boat Lake1:6000
Bob Lake1:12000
Bobowash Lake1:6000
Bobs Lake1:24000
Bobtail Lake1:6000
Boffin Lake1:12000
Bogle Lake1:6000
Boice Lake1:6000
Bojack Lake1:6000
Boland Lake1:6000
Boland Lake1:12000
Boland's Lake1:6000
Bolgers Lake1:6000
Bolster Lake1:12000
Bonanza Lake1:6000
Bond Lake1:6000
Bone Lake1:6000
Bonita Lake1:6000
Bonner Lake1:6000
Boot Lake1:6000
Boot Lake / Boc Lake1:6000
Borden Lake1:24000
Bornite Lake1:12000
Boshkung Lake1:12000
Boss Lake1:6000
Botham Lake1:6000
Botsford Lake1:24000
Bottle lake1:6000
Bottle Lake1:12000
Bouchard Lake1:12000
Bouck L. 211:6000
Boulder Lake1:24000
Boumage Lake1:12000
Boundary Lake1:6000
Boundary Lake1:6000
Boundary Lake1:6000
Boundary Lake1:12000
Boundary Lake A1:6000
Bound Lake1:12000
Bourinot Lake1:12000
Bovril Lake1:12000
Bowcott Lake1:12000
Bowers Lake1:6000
Bow Lake1:6000
Bowland Lake1:12000
Bowley Pond1:6000
Boyer Lake1:6000
Boy Lake1:6000
Boyle Lake1:12000
Boyle Lake1:6000
Boylens Pond1:6000
Boyne Lake1:12000
Brace Lake1:12000
Bradden Lake1:12000
Brady Lake1:12000
Brandon Lake1:12000
Brandy Lake1:12000
Brave Lake1:6000
Bray Lake1:12000
Breeches Lake1:6000
Bremner Lake1:6000
Brennan Lake1:24000
Brennan Lake1:6000
Brewer Lake1:6000
Brewer Lake1:12000
Brewsters Lake1:6000
Bridge Lake1:12000
Bridge Lake1:6000
Bridget Lake1:6000
Bright Lake1:24000
Bright Lake1:6000
Brilliant Lake1:6000
Broadcast Lake1:12000
Broad Lake1:12000
Broadwell Lake1:6000
Brock Lakes1:6000
Broder Lake 231:6000
Brodill Lake1:12000
Bronson Lake Mcclure1:6000
Brookdale Pond1:6000
Brook Lake1:6000
Brooks Lake1:6000
Brown Lake1:6000
Brown Lake1:6000
Brown Lake1:6000
Brown Lake A1:6000
Brownlee Lake1:6000
Browns Lake1:6000
Browns Lake1:6000
Brownstone Lake1:12000
Bruce Lake1:12000
Bruce Lake1:6000
Bruin Lake1:12000
Brule Lake1:6000
Brule Lake1:12000
Brule Lake1:12000
Brunswick Lake1:24000
Brush Lake1:6000
Buchanan Lake1:12000
Buchanan Lake1:6000
Buch Lake1:6000
Buckaday Lake1:12000
Buck Lake1:6000
Buck Lake1:12000
Buck Lake1:6000
Buck Lake1:12000
Buck Lake1:12000
Buck Lake1:6000
Buckshot Lake1:6000
Buckshot Lake1:12000
Buckskin Lake1:6000
Buckskin Lake1:6000
Buckskin Lake1:6000
Buddell Lake1:12000
Bud Lake1:6000
Bug Lake1:24000
Bukemiga Lake1:12000
Bukwaskeagog (Buck) Lake1:12000
Bull Lake1:12000
Bullseye Lake1:6000
Bump Lake1:12000
Burchell Lake1:24000
Burden Lake1:6000
Burdock Lake1:6000
Burford Lake1:12000
Burk Lake1:6000
Burma Lake1:12000
Burnfield Lake1:12000
Burns Lake1:6000
Burns Lake1:12000
Burns Lake1:6000
Burntbush Lake1:12000
Burnt Lake1:6000
Burnt Lake1:6000
Burride Lake1:12000
Burr Lake1:12000
Burrows Lake1:24000
Burrows Lake1:12000
Burt Lake1:12000
Burton L.1:12000
Bury Lake1:12000
Busch Lake1:6000
Bush Lake1:6000
Bushwolf Lake1:6000
Butler Lake1:24000
Butler Lake1:12000
Butterfly Lake1:12000
Butterfly Lake1:6000
Butternut Lake1:6000
Butt Lake1:12000
Butt Lake1:6000
Buzzard Lake1:12000
Byrnes Lake1:6000
Cachege Lake1:12000
Cache Lake1:12000
Cache Lake1:12000
Cache Lake1:6000
Cahill Lake1:12000
Cairngorm Lake1:12000
Cairns Lake1:24000
Calabogie Lake1:24000
Calcite Lake1:6000
Caldwell Lake1:12000
Caledon Lake1:6000
Callahan Lake1:6000
Calm Lake1:24000
Cameron Lake1:12000
Cameron Lake1:12000
Cameron Lake1:24000
Cameron Lake1:24000
Cammack Lake1:12000
Campbell Lake1:12000
Camp (Flossie) Lake1:12000
Campground Lake1:6000
Camping Lake1:24000
Camp Lake1:12000
Camp Lake1:6000
Camp Lake1:6000
Camp Lake1:6000
Camp Two Lake1:12000
Canning Lake1:12000
Canoe Lake1:6000
Canoe Lake1:6000
Canoe Lake1:12000
Canoe Lake1:12000
Canoe Lake1:6000
Canonto Lake1:12000
Canthook Lake1:12000
Cantin Lake1:6000
Cantin Lake1:6000
Canvassback lake1:6000
Canyon Lake1:24000
Capsell Lake1:6000
Captain Lake1:6000
Captain Tom Lake1:12000
Caput Lake1:6000
Cardinal Lake1:6000
Card Lake1:6000
Cardwell Lake1:6000
Cariboo Lake1:12000
Caribou Lake1:24000
Caribou Lake1:6000
Caribou Lake1:6000
Caribou Lake1:6000
Caribou Lake1:12000
Caribou Lake1:12000
Caribus Lake1:6000
Carling Lake1:24000
Carlyle Lake1:6000
Carlyle Lake1:12000
Carmen Lake1:6000
Carmen Lake1:6000
Carmichael Lake1:12000
Carmichael Lake1:6000
Carnahan Lake1:6000
Carol Lake, Beulah1:6000
Carpenter Lake1:12000
Carpenter Lake1:6000
Carpenter Lake1:12000
Carre Lake1:12000
Carson Lake1:12000
Carty Creek1:6000
Carty Lake1:12000
Casey Lake1:6000
Cashel Lake1:6000
Cashel Lake (Little Salmon Lake)1:12000
Casino Lake1:24000
Casselman's Lake1:12000
Cassels Lake1:12000
Cassidy Lake1:12000
Castlebar Lake1:24000
Castle Lake1:12000
Castle Lake1:6000
Castra Lake1:6000
Caswell Lake1:6000
Cataract Lake1:12000
Catastrophe Lake1:12000
Catchacoma Narrows1:12000
Catchacoma Narrows1:24000
Catcher Lake1:6000
Catfish Lake1:12000
Cathchacoma Lake1:24000
Catherine Lake1:12000
Cat Lake1:6000
Cat Lake1:24000
Cat Lake1:6000
Catlonite Lake1:12000
Cauchon Lake1:12000
Cavell Lake1:12000
Cavendish Lake1:12000
Cavern Lake1:6000
Caviar Lake1:24000
Caya Lake, Sudbury1:6000
Caysee Lake1:6000
Cecile Lake1:6000
Cecil Lake1:24000
Cedarbough Lake1:12000
Cedar Lake1:6000
Cedar Lake1:6000
Cedar Lake1:24000
Cedar Lake1:6000
Cedar Lake1:12000
Centennial Lake1:24000
Centrefire Lake1:12000
Centre Lake1:12000
Centre Lake1:12000
Chain Of Lakes 11:6000
Chain Of Lakes 21:6000
Chalet Lake1:6000
Challies Public Fishing Area Pond1:6000
Chalmers Lake Sault Ste Marie1:6000
Chancellor Lake1:12000
Chandos Lake1:24000
Change Lake1:12000
Charcoal Lake / Burnt Lake1:6000
Charette Lake1:6000
Charles Lake1:6000
Charles Lake1:6000
Charles Lake, Yarrow1:6000
Charleston Lake1:24000
Charlotte Lake1:12000
Charlotte Lake A1:12000
Charon Lake1:12000
Chase Lake1:12000
Chase Lake + Parker Lake1:12000
Chateau Lake1:12000
Cheeseman Lake1:24000
Cherry Lake1:6000
Cherry Lake1:12000
Chesley Lake1:12000
Chester Lake1:12000
Chiblow Lake1:24000
Chief Lake1:12000
Chimney Lake1:6000
Chiniguchi Lake1:24000
Chipchase Lake1:12000
Chipman Lake1:6000
Chipman Lake1:24000
Chippego Lake1:12000
Chisamore Lake1:12000
Chouinard Lake1:6000
Chown Lake 31:6000
Christie Lake1:12000
Christie Lake1:6000
Christina Lake1:12000
Christman L.1:6000
Christopher Robin Lake1:6000
Chrysler Lake1:12000
Chub Lake1:12000
Chub Lake1:12000
Chub Lake1:6000
Chummy Lake1:6000
Cinder Lake1:6000
Cinder Lake1:12000
Circle Lake1:12000
Cirrus Lake1:24000
Clace Lake1:12000
Claim Lake1:6000
Claire Lake1:6000
Claire Lake1:6000
Clam Lake1:6000
Claradeer Lake1:6000
Clara Lake1:6000
Clara Lake1:6000
Clara Lake1:6000
Clarice Lake1:12000
Claude Lake1:6000
Clay Lake1:6000
Clay Lake1:24000
Clayton Lake1:12000
Clayton Lake1:6000
Clean Lake1:12000
Clear Lake1:6000
Clear Lake1:6000
Clear Lake1:6000
Clear Lake1:12000
Clear Lake1:12000
Clear Lake1:12000
Clear Lake1:12000
Clear Lake1:12000
Clear Lake1:6000
Clear Lake1:6000
Clear Lake1:12000
Clear Lake B1:12000
Clear Lake / Buller Lake1:6000
Clear Lake / Jay Dee Lake1:6000
Clearwater Lake1:6000
Clearwater Lake1:6000
Clearwater Lake1:6000
Clearwater Lake1:6000
Clearwater Lake A1:6000
Clearwater Lake B1:6000
Clearwater West Lake1:24000
Clegge Lake1:6000
Clement Lake1:6000
Clem Lake1:6000
Clermont Lake1:6000
Cleveland Lake1:12000
Cliff Lake1:24000
Cliff Lake1:6000
Clinto Lake1:12000
Closs Lake1:6000
Cloud Lake1:12000
Clove Lake1:6000
Club Lake1:12000
Club Lake1:12000
Clyde Lake1:12000
Cobham Lake1:48000
Cobre Lake1:12000
Coburn Lake1:6000
Cochrane Lake Laughton1:6000
Cockle Lake1:6000
Cod Lake1:6000
Coghlan Lake1:12000
Cold Lake1:12000
Coleman Lake1:6000
Colette Lake1:6000
Coli lake1:24000
Collacutt / Kallicut Lake1:6000
Collins Lake1:12000
Collins Lake1:24000
Colonna Lake1:12000
Colton Lake1:6000
Colton Lake1:6000
Columbus L.1:12000
Columbus Lake1:6000
Commanda Lake1:12000
Commando Lake1:6000
Common Lake1:12000
Common Lake1:6000
Como Lake1:12000
Como Lake (lac Como)1:24000
Companion Lake1:12000
Conacher Lake1:12000
Concession Lake1:6000
Conestogo Lake1:12000
Confederation Lake1:24000
Confusion Lake1:24000
Conger Lake1:12000
Conifer Lake1:24000
Conk Lake1:12000
Consecon Lake1:12000
Constance Lake1:12000
Constant Lake1:12000
Cooney Lake1:6000
Coon Lake1:6000
Coon Lake1:6000
Cooper Lake1:12000
Cooper Lake1:6000
Cootie Lake1:6000
Coot Lake1:6000
Cope Lake1:6000
Copilot Lake1:12000
Coppens Lake / Lake # 131:6000
Copper Lake1:12000
Copper Lake1:6000
Copp Lake1:6000
Corallen Lake1:12000
Cordick Lake1:12000
Cordova Lake1:12000
Corine Lake1:12000
Corkery Lake / Crystal Lake1:6000
Corkill Lake 191:6000
Corkill Lake 251:6000
Cornelius Lake1:12000
Cosgrave Lake1:12000
Côté Lake1:12000
Cotton Lake1:6000
Couchain Lake1:6000
Cox Lake1:12000
Cox Lake1:12000
Coyne Lake1:6000
Crag Lake / Gray Lake1:6000
Craig Lake1:12000
Crain Lake1:6000
Cramp Lake1:12000
Cranberry Lake1:6000
Cranberry Lake1:6000
Cranberry Lake1:12000
Cranebill Lake1:6000
Crane Lake1:6000
Crane Lake1:6000
Crane Lake1:12000
Crankshaw Lake1:6000
Crawfish Lake1:6000
Crawford Lake1:12000
Crawford Lake1:6000
Crayfish Lake1:12000
Cree Lake1:6000
Crescent Lake1:6000
Crevice Lake1:6000
Crib Lake1:6000
Cripple Lake1:6000
Critchell Lake1:24000
Crocan Lake1:6000
Croker Lake1:6000
Cronk Lake1:6000
Crooked Lake1:6000
Crooked Lake1:12000
Crooked Lake B1:6000
Crooked Lakes1:12000
Crooked Pine Lake1:24000
Crook Lake1:12000
Crosby Lake1:12000
Crosby Lake1:12000
Cross Lake1:12000
Cross Lake1:24000
Cross (Lyell) Lake1:12000
Crotch Lake1:24000
Crouch Lake1:12000
Crowe Lake1:24000
Crow Lake1:12000
Crown Creek1:6000
Crown Lake1:12000
Crowrock Lake1:24000
Crozier Lake1:6000
Cruise Lake1:6000
Cruiser Lake1:6000
Cruz Lake1:6000
Cry Lake1:12000
Crystal Lake1:12000
Crystal Lake1:12000
Crystal Lake1:12000
Crystal Lake1:6000
Crystal Lake1:6000
Crystal Lake1:6000
Crystal Lake1:12000
Crystal Lake1:6000
Crystal Lake Paxton1:6000
Crystal Lake Wawa1:6000
Crystal Spring Park Lake1:6000
Culloden Lake1:12000
Cumming's Lake1:12000
Cummings Lake1:6000
Curriers Lake1:6000
Curry Lake1:12000
Cushing Lake1:12000
Cutcliffe Lake1:12000
Cut Lake1:6000
Cuttle Lake1:24000
Cybulski Lake1:6000
Cygnet River1:24000
Cygnet River1:12000
Cypress Lake1:12000
Cyprus Lake1:6000
Dace Lake1:6000
Dad Lake1:6000
Dagger Lake1:6000
Dagger Lake1:12000
Daisy Lake1:12000
Daisy Mae Lake1:6000
Dalhousie Lake1:24000
Dalrymple Lake1:24000
Damn Lake1:6000
D'Amour Lake1:6000
Dana Lake1:12000
Daniel Lake1:24000
Danielle Lake1:6000
Dan Lake1:6000
Dan Lake1:6000
Danny Lake1:12000
D'Arcy Lake1:6000
Darkwater Lake1:12000
Darky Lake1:6000
Darky Lake1:6000
Darling Long Lake1:6000
Darlington S Lake1:6000
Darragh Lake1:12000
Darrell Lake1:12000
David Lake1:6000
David Lake1:12000
Davidson Lake1:6000
Davis Lake1:6000
Davis Lake1:6000
Davis Lake1:12000
Day Lake1:6000
Day Lake1:6000
Dayohessarah Lake1:24000
Dead Lake1:6000
Dead Otter Lake1:6000
Dead Otter Lake A1:12000
Dean Lake1:12000
Deception Lake1:12000
Deception Lake1:6000
Deception River1:12000
Decoorcey (Decourcey) Lake1:12000
Decross Lake1:12000
Deek Lake1:6000
Deep Lake1:6000
Deep Lake1:6000
Deer (Deete) Lake1:12000
Deerhound Lake1:12000
Deer Lake1:12000
Deer Lake1:6000
Deer Lake1:48000
Deer Lake1:48000
Deer Lake1:12000
Deermeadow Lake1:6000
Dee's Lake1:6000
De Gaulle Lake1:12000
Deil Lake (Devil's Lake)1:12000
Delaney Lake1:24000
Delink Lake1:12000
Delphis Lake1:6000
Delusion Lake1:6000
Demarco Lake1:6000
Dempsay Lake #21:6000
Denmark Lake1:12000
Denna Lake1:6000
Dennie Lake1:12000
Denyes Lake1:12000
Departure Lake1:12000
Depot Lake1:6000
Depot Lake1:12000
Deresti Lake1:6000
Desayeux Lake1:6000
Deschamp Lake1:12000
Desert Lake1:12000
Despair Lake1:24000
Devil Lake1:24000
Devil Lake1:24000
Devine Lake1:6000
Devious Lake1:12000
Devon Lake1:6000
Devon Lake1:12000
Dewhirst Lake1:6000
Dewy Log Lake1:6000
Dexter Lake1:12000
Diamond Lake1:6000
Diamond Lake1:12000
Diamond Lake1:24000
Diamond Lake A1:12000
Dick Lake1:12000
Diene Lake1:6000
Dilla Lake1:12000
Dinny Lake (Houltain)1:6000
Dinorwic + Wabigoon1:24000
Dinwiddie Lake1:24000
Dismal Lake1:6000
Distant Lake1:6000
Dividing Lake (Gogama)1:12000
Dixie Lake1:12000
Dixie Lake A1:6000
Dixon Lake1:6000
Dobie Lake1:6000
Doc Greig Lake1:6000
Docks Lake1:6000
Dodds Lake1:6000
Doe Lake1:24000
Dogget Lake Bryce1:6000
Dog Lake1:24000
Dog Lake1:6000
Dog Lake1:24000
Dogleg Lake Wisner 241:6000
Dogpaw Lake1:24000
Dokis Lake1:6000
Dolan L.1:6000
Dole Lake1:12000
Dollyberry Lake1:12000
Dona Lake1:12000
Donald Lake1:24000
Donald Lake1:12000
Donaldson Lake1:24000
Donaldson River1:24000
Don Head Farm Pond1:6000
Donnegana Lake1:24000
Dora Lake1:12000
Dore Lake1:24000
Dorothy Lake1:6000
Dorothy Lake1:6000
Dossier Lake1:6000
Dotty Lake1:12000
Doucette Lake1:12000
Dougherty Lake1:12000
Doughnut Lake1:6000
Douglas Lake1:6000
Douglas Lake1:6000
Dovetail Lake1:12000
Dovetail Lake1:12000
Dowes Lake1:6000
Dowie Lake1:6000
Dowswell Lake1:12000
Drag Lake1:24000
Draper Lake1:12000
Drewry Lake1:6000
Drift Lake1:12000
Driftwood Lake1:12000
Drop Off Lake1:12000
Drummer Lake1:6000
Dryberry Lake1:24000
Dubbelewe Lake1:12000
Duchabani Lake1:12000
Ducharme Lake1:6000
Duck L.1:12000
Duck Lake1:6000
Duck Lake1:6000
Duck Lake1:6000
Duck Lake + Wauquimakog Lake / Wilson Lake1:12000
Duck Lake + Wauquimakog Lake / Wilson Lake + Kawigamog Lake + Long Bay Lake + Toad Lake +1:24000
Duckling Lake1:24000
Dufferin Lake1:6000
Dugan Lake1:6000
Duke Lake1:12000
Dumbell Lake1:12000
Dumbell Lake1:6000
Dumbell Lake1:12000
Dummer Lake1:12000
Dunbrack Lake1:6000
Duncan Lake1:24000
Dunlop Lake1:24000
Dunlop Lake1:6000
Dunmore Lake1:6000
Dunn Lake1:6000
Dunstan Lake1:6000
Duval Lake1:12000
Dymond Lake1:12000
Dyson Lake1:12000
Eabamet Lake1:24000
Eabamet Lake1:24000
Eaglehead Lake1:24000
Eaglehead River1:6000
Eagle Lake1:24000
Eagle Lake1:24000
Eagle Lake1:12000
Eagle Lake1:24000
Eagle Lake1:12000
Eagle Lake1:12000
Eagle Lake #121:6000
Ear Lake1:6000
East Bass Lake1:12000
East Bull Lake + Little Bull Lake1:12000
East Caribou Lake1:12000
East Emerson Lake1:6000
East Galipo Lake1:6000
East Godson Lake1:12000
East Government Lake1:12000
East Jeannie Lakes1:6000
East Lake1:6000
East Lake1:24000
East Lake1:6000
East Lake1:12000
East Of Meteor Lake1:6000
East Paint Lake1:6000
East Pashkokogan Lake1:6000
East Pashkokogan Lake1:24000
East Pennock L.1:6000
East Tommy Lake1:6000
East Tower Lake Laurier1:6000
East Trump Lake1:6000
Eaton Lake1:12000
Eayrs Lake1:12000
Echo Lake1:6000
Echo Lake1:12000
Echo Lake1:6000
Edar Lake1:12000
Eden Lake1:12000
Edith Lake1:6000
Edmondson Lake1:12000
Edward Lake1:12000
Eels Lake1:24000
Eeyore Lake1:6000
Effingham Lake1:12000
Egan Lake1:6000
Eiler Lake1:6000
Elboga Lake1:6000
Elbow Lake1:6000
Elbow Lake1:6000
Elbow Lake1:12000
Elbow Lake1:12000
Elbow Lake1:12000
Elbow Lake1:6000
Elbow Lake1:12000
Elbow Lake / No. 71:6000
Eleanor Lake1:12000
Eleanor Lake1:6000
Elephant Lake1:6000
Elephant Lake1:24000
Eleventh Lake1:6000
Elgin Lake1:6000
Elgin Pond1:6000
Eli Lake1:6000
Eli Lake1:6000
Elissa Lake1:6000
Elizabeth Lake1:12000
Elizabeth Lake1:12000
Eliza Lake1:6000
Elkhorn Lake1:12000
Ella L.1:6000
Ella Lake1:12000
Ellen Lake1:12000
Elliot L.1:12000
Elliott Lake1:6000
Ellisam Lake Sault Ste Marie1:6000
Elmer Lake1:12000
Elspeth Lake1:6000
Elva Lake1:12000
Ely Lake1:6000
Emerald Lake1:6000
Emerald Lake1:6000
Emerald Lake1:12000
Emerald Lake1:12000
Emerald Lake A1:6000
Emerald Lake Duff1:6000
Emerson Lake1:6000
Emil Lake1:6000
Emmett Lake1:12000
Emond Lake1:6000
Empire Lake1:6000
Empire Lake1:12000
Emsdale Lake1:6000
Ena Lake1:12000
Encamp Lake1:12000
Endikai Lake1:12000
End Lake1:48000
English River1:24000
Eno Lake1:6000
Eno Lake, Freele1:6000
Enos Bay1:6000
Erables Lake1:12000
Eric Lake1:6000
Eric Lake1:6000
Eric Lake / Terrace Bay1:6000
Ermine Lake1:12000
Esker Lake1:6000
Eskwanonwatin Lake1:12000
Esmee Lake1:12000
Esnagi Lake1:24000
Esox Lake1:24000
Esson Lake1:12000
Esten Lake1:12000
Ethelma Lake1:12000
Eugenia Lake1:12000
Eu Lake1:6000
Eva Lake1:24000
Evangeline Lake1:12000
Evans Lake1:6000
Evelyn Lake1:6000
Everest Lake1:12000
Everett Lake1:12000
Eye Lake1:24000
Eyes Lake1:24000
Eyre Lake1:6000
Ezma Lake1:12000
Factor Lake1:12000
Fade Lake1:6000
Fagan Lake Anstruther1:6000
Fairbank Lake1:12000
Fairholme Lake1:6000
Fairy Lake1:6000
Fairy Lake1:12000
Falcon Lake1:6000
Fallingsnow Lake1:12000
Fall Lake1:6000
Falls Lake1:12000
Fanshawe Lake1:12000
Faraday Lake1:12000
Farlain Lake1:12000
Farm Bay Lake1:6000
Farm Lake1:12000
Farquhar Lake1:12000
Farren Lake1:12000
Fassett Lake1:12000
Fauquier Lake1:6000
Favel Lake1:12000
Favourable Lake1:48000
Fawcett Lake1:24000
Fawcett Lake1:6000
Fawcett Lake/Gull Lake1:12000
Fawn Lake1:24000
Fawn Lake1:6000
Fawthrop Lake1:12000
Fearless Lake1:12000
Feeny Lake1:6000
Feist Lake1:12000
Felix Lake1:6000
Ferdinand Lake1:12000
Fergus Lake1:12000
Fern Lake1:12000
Fernow Lake1:12000
Ferrier Lake1:12000
Ficht Lake1:12000
Fido Lake1:6000
Fields Lake1:12000
Fifth Depot Lake1:12000
Fillion L.1:6000
Findlay Lake1:6000
Finger Lake1:6000
Finger Lake1:24000
Finlayson Lake1:24000
Finn Lake1:6000
Finn Lake1:6000
First James Lake1:6000
First Justin Lake1:6000
First Lake (Foley)1:6000
Firth Lake1:12000
Fischer Lake1:6000
Fisher Lake1:6000
Fish Lake1:12000
Fish Lake1:6000
Fish Lake1:6000
Fishnet Lake1:6000
Fiss Pond1:6000
Fitchie Lake1:24000
Five Pines Lake1:6000
Flack Lake1:24000
Flag Lake1:6000
Flambeau Lake1:6000
Flame Lake1:12000
Flamingo Lake1:6000
Flamingo Lake1:6000
Flanders Lake1:12000
Flat Iron Lake1:6000
Flatt Lake1:12000
Flavus Lake1:12000
Fleet Lake1:12000
Flesherton Lake1:6000
Fletcher Lake1:12000
Flint Lake1:12000
Flipper Lake Moody Galna1:6000
Flood Lake1:12000
Flora Lake1:12000
Floranna Lake1:12000
Florence Lake1:6000
Florence Lake1:24000
Flower Round Lake1:12000
Flying Goose Lake1:6000
Flying Loon Lake1:12000
Flyline Lake1:6000
Flynne Lake1:6000
Fogal (Balsam) Lake1:6000
Fog Lake1:6000
Fog Lake1:12000
Forest Lake1:12000
Forgan Lake1:24000
Forge Lake1:6000
Forget Lake1:6000
Forrest Lake1:6000
Forsyth Lake1:6000
Fortescue Lake1:6000
Fortune Lake1:12000
Fortune Lake + Proudfoot Bay1:12000
Foster Lake1:12000
Foster Ponds1:6000
Found Lake1:6000
Fourcorner Lake1:12000
Four Mile Lake1:12000
Fournier Lake1:6000
Fourth Deposit Lake1:6000
Fowlers Pond1:6000
Fox L.1:6000
Fox Lake1:12000
Fox Lake1:12000
Fraleck Lake1:12000
Frances Lake1:12000
Francille Lake1:12000
Franciscan Lake1:12000
Francis Lake1:12000
Francis Lake A1:6000
Francklyn Lake1:12000
Francois Lake1:6000
Francourt Lake Baden1:6000
Frank Lake1:12000
Franklin Lake1:6000
Franklin Pond1:6000
Franks Lake1:6000
Fraser Lake1:12000
Fraser Lake Kimberley1:6000
Frater Lake1:6000
Frazer Lake1:24000
Frederick House Lake1:24000
Frederick lake1:12000
Freen Lake1:6000
French Lake1:12000
Friday Lake1:12000
Friendly Lake / Round Lake1:6000
Fritz Lake 241:6000
Froggy Lake1:6000
Frood Lake1:12000
Froude Lake1:6000
Frying Pan Lake1:6000
Fungus Lake (White River)1:12000
Furcate Lake / Fork Lake #961:6000
Fushimi Lake1:24000
Gaal Lake1:12000
Gaf Lake1:6000
Gagnon Lake1:6000
Galeairy Lake1:24000
Gale Lake1:6000
Gale Lake1:12000
Galer Lake1:6000
Gallo Lake1:6000
Galloway Lake1:6000
Gamitagama Lake1:12000
Gamsby Lake1:12000
Gananoque Lake1:12000
Gander Lake1:6000
Garden Lake1:12000
Garden Lake1:24000
Garden Lake1:6000
Gardiner Lake1:6000
Gargoyle Lake1:12000
Gathering Lake1:12000
Gaug Lake1:6000
Gaunt Lake 121:6000
Gauvreau Lake1:6000
Gavor Lake1:12000
Gavor Lake1:12000
Gay Lake1:6000
Geneva Lake1:12000
Gennis Lake1:12000
Genricks Lake1:6000
George Lake1:6000
George Lake1:12000
George Lake1:12000
Georgia Lake1:6000
Georgia Lake1:12000
German Lake1:6000
Gertrude Lake1:6000
Ghost Lake1:12000
Ghost Lake1:12000
Gibberry Lake1:6000
Gibby Lake1:6000
Gib Lake1:12000
Gibraltar Lake1:12000
Gibson Lake1:6000
Gibson Lake1:12000
Gibson Lake1:12000
Gibson Lake1:12000
Gibson Lake1:6000
Gifford Lake1:24000
Gilbank Lake1:6000
Gilbert Lake1:12000
Gillies Lake1:6000
Gillies Lake1:12000
Gillies Lake1:12000
Gillies Lake1:6000
Gimlet Lake1:6000
Gin Lake1:12000
Giroux Bay1:6000
Giroux Lake1:12000
Giroux Lake1:12000
Gitche Lake1:24000
Gladstone Lake1:6000
Glamor Lake1:12000
Glasgow Lake1:24000
Glassy Lake1:6000
Glennie Lake1:6000
Glenn L.1:6000
Gling Lake1:6000
Gliskning Lake1:6000
Gnome Lake1:12000
Goddard Lake1:6000
Godin Lake1:6000
Godson Lake1:12000
Go Home Lake1:12000
Goldeneye Lake1:6000
Golden Gate Lake1:6000
Golden Lake1:24000
Goldie Lake1:12000
Goldie Lake1:24000
Gold Lake1:12000
Goldsborough Lake1:24000
Gooderham Lake1:12000
Goodie Lake1:12000
Good Lake1:6000
Good Lake1:12000
Goodlookin Lake1:6000
Goodwin Lake1:6000
Gooseneck Lake1:12000
Gooseneck Lake1:12000
Gordon L.1:6000
Gordon Lake1:6000
Gordon Lake1:24000
Gordon Lake1:12000
Gordon Lake1:12000
Goshawk Lake1:24000
Gosselin Lake1:6000
Goulais Lake1:12000
Goulais Lake1:6000
Gould Lake1:12000
Gould Lake1:12000
Gourlay Lake1:6000
Govan Lake1:12000
Government Lake1:12000
Gowganda Lake1:24000
Grace Lake1:12000
Grace Lake1:24000
Graham Lake1:12000
Graham Lake1:12000
Granary Lake1:12000
Grande Lake1:6000
Grandeur Lake1:12000
Grand River section1:6000
Grandview Lake1:6000
Granite Lake1:6000
Granite Lake1:12000
Granite Lake1:24000
Grant Lake1:12000
Grant / Little Shoe Lake1:6000
Grape Lake1:6000
Graphic Lake1:6000
Grasett Lake1:6000
Grass Lake1:6000
Grassy Lake1:6000
Gratton Lake1:6000
Gravel Lake1:6000
Gravelpit Lake1:6000
Graveyard Lake1:12000
Grays Lake1:12000
Great Mountain Lake1:12000
Great Portage Lake1:12000
Greenbush Lake1:24000
Green Canoe Lake1:6000
Greengrass Lake1:6000
Greenhedge Lake1:12000
Greenhorn Lake1:6000
Greenhue Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:12000
Green Lake A1:6000
Green Lake Lyell1:6000
Green Lake / McHale Lake1:6000
Green Lakes1:6000
Greenock Lake1:6000
Greenpike (Pike) Lake1:6000
Greenshields Lake1:12000
Greens Lake1:6000
Greens Lake1:6000
Greenteal & Blueteal Lakes1:6000
Greenwater Lake1:24000
Green-winged Teal Lake1:6000
Greenwood Lake1:12000
Gregloch Lake1:6000
Grenadier Pond1:6000
Grew Lake1:12000
Grey Lake1:6000
Grey Trout Lake1:12000
Grey Trout Lake1:24000
Griffin Lake1:12000
Griffin Lake1:12000
Griff Lake1:12000
Grimshaw Lake1:6000
Grimsthorpe Lake1:12000
Grindstone Lake1:12000
Grindstone Lake1:6000
Grindstone Lake1:6000
Grippen Lake1:12000
Grist Lake1:12000
Groundhog Lake1:24000
Groundhog Lake1:6000
Groundhog Lake1:24000
Grouse Lake1:12000
Grouse Lake1:6000
Grove Lake1:6000
Grundy Lake1:6000
Guenette Lake1:6000
Guilford Lake1:6000
Guilfoyle Lake1:12000
Guilfoyle Lake 171:6000
Guilfoyle Lake 181:6000
Guilfoyle Lake 201:6000
Guilfoyle Lake 211:6000
Guilfoyle Lake 231:6000
Guilfoyle Lake 351:6000
Guilfoyle Lake 371:6000
Guilfoyle Lake 391:6000
Guilfoyle No. 431:6000
Guilfoyle No. 691:6000
Guilfoyle No. 871:6000
Guilmette Lake1:6000
Gullbeak Lake1:12000
Gulliver Lake1:24000
Gull Lake1:12000
Gull Lake1:6000
Gull Lake1:24000
Gull Lake1:24000
Gull Lake1:24000
Gull Lake1:12000
Gullrock Lake1:24000
Gullwing Lake1:24000
Gundy Lake1:12000
Gun Lake1:6000
Gunter Lake1:12000
Gunterman L. 191:6000
Gunterman L. 71:6000
Gurd Lake1:12000
Gurney Lake1:12000
Gurney Lake1:12000
Gussie Lake1:12000
Gusty Lake1:6000
Haas Lake1:6000
Hachey Lake1:6000
Hackett Lake1:6000
Haddow Lake1:6000
Haggart Lake1:6000
Hailstone Lake1:12000
Haines Lake1:12000
Haken Lake1:12000
Hakli Lake1:6000
Half Moon Lake1:6000
Halfway Lake1:6000
Halfway Lake1:6000
Haliburton Lake1:24000
Hall Lake1:12000
Hall Lake1:6000
Halls Lake1:12000
Hambly Lake1:6000
Hambly No. 131:6000
Hambone Lake1:6000
Hamilton Lake1:6000
Hamilton Lake1:24000
Hammer Lake1:12000
Hand Lake / Brownbear Lake1:6000
Handley Lake1:12000
Hanes Lake1:12000
Hanging Lake1:12000
Hangstone Lake1:12000
Hanlan Lake1:12000
Hannah Lake1:12000
Hannah Lake1:6000
Hanover Lake1:6000
Harburn Lake1:6000
Hardiman Lake1:12000
Hardings Lake1:6000
Hardtack Lake1:12000
Hardwood Lake1:6000
Harp Lake1:6000
Harp Lake1:6000
Harris Lake1:12000
Harris Lake1:24000
Harris Lake1:12000
Harry Lake1:6000
Harry Lake1:12000
Hart Lake1:6000
Hart Lake A1:6000
Hartley Lake / Boobas Lake1:6000
Hartman Lake1:12000
Harvey Lake1:6000
Harvey Lake1:6000
Harveys Shanty Lake1:6000
Havelock Lake1:12000
Havik lake1:12000
Havilah Lake1:6000
Hawkeye Lake1:12000
Hawk Lake1:12000
Hawley Lake1:24000
Hawley Lakes1:24000
Hay Lake1:12000
Hay Lake1:12000
Hazelwood Lake1:12000
Hazen Lake1:12000
Head Lake1:6000
Head Lake1:6000
Head Lake1:24000
Healey Lake1:12000
Healey Lake1:12000
Heal Lake1:6000
Heart Lake1:12000
Heart Lake1:6000
Heart Lake1:6000
Heart Lake1:6000
Heathwalt Lake1:24000
Heaven Lake1:12000
Helenbar Lake1:12000
Helen Lake1:24000
Helen Lake1:6000
Helen Lake1:12000
Helen Lake1:6000
Helm Lake1:12000
Henderson Lake1:12000
Henna Lake1:24000
Herbage Lake1:12000
Herbert Lake / Club Lake1:6000
Heron Lake1:6000
Heron Lake1:12000
Herontrack Lake1:6000
Herridge Lake1:12000
Hewitt Lake1:12000
Heyden Lake1:6000
Hiawatha Lake1:12000
Hicks Lake1:6000
Highcliff Lake1:6000
High Lake1:6000
High Lake1:6000
High Lake1:12000
High Lake Widdifield1:6000
Highland Lake1:6000
Highland Lake1:12000
Highley Lake1:6000
Highway Lake1:6000
Highwind Lake1:12000
Hildreth Lake1:6000
Hilliard Lake1:6000
Hillmer Lake1:12000
Hillock Lake1:24000
Hilltop Lake1:6000
Hilyard Lake1:24000
Himdick Lake1:6000
Hindon Lake1:6000
Hoard Lake1:6000
Hobobunk Or Belle Lake1:6000
Hobon Lake1:12000
Hogarth Lake1:12000
Hogg Lake1:12000
Hogsback Lake1:6000
Holinshead Lake1:24000
Holly Lake1:12000
Holmes Lake1:12000
Homepayne Lake1:6000
Hooch Lake1:12000
Hoodoo Lake1:12000
Hoof Lake1:12000
Hooker Lake1:24000
Hook Lake # 271:6000
Hope Lake1:12000
Hope Lake1:6000
Hope Lake1:12000
Hopkins Lake1:6000
Hopper Lake1:12000
Hornblendite Lake1:12000
Horner Lake1:12000
Hornet Lake1:6000
Horn Lake1:12000
Horse Lake1:6000
Horseshoe L.1:6000
Horseshoe Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake1:12000
Horseshoe Lake1:12000
Horseshoe Lake1:12000
Horseshoe Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake1:12000
Horseshoe Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake / Rustyshoe Lake1:6000
Hosiery Lake1:6000
Hough Lake1:12000
Howard Lake1:6000
Howard Lake1:12000
Howard Lake Sault Ste Marie1:6000
Howells Lake1:6000
Howells No. 191:6000
Howes Lake1:12000
Hudson Lake1:6000
Huey Lake1:6000
Huff Lake1:12000
Hughes Lake1:12000
Hugli Lake / Mountain Lake1:6000
Humberstone Lake1:6000
Humestone Lake1:12000
Hungry Lake1:6000
Hungry Lake A1:12000
Hunters Lakes1:6000
Huronian Lake1:12000
Hurricane Lake1:6000
Hurst Lake1:6000
Huston Lake1:6000
Huston Lake1:12000
Hutch Lake1:6000
Hutton Lake1:6000
Hyslop Lake1:6000
Icarus Lake1:12000
Iceland Lake1:6000
Icy Lake1:12000
Ike's Pond1:6000
Indian Lake1:6000
Indian Lake1:24000
Indian Lake1:24000
Indian Lake1:6000
Ingall Lake1:12000
Inlet Lake1:12000
Innis Lake1:6000
Insect Lake1:6000
Inwood Lake1:6000
Irish Lake1:6000
Irish Lake1:12000
Iron Lake1:12000
Iron Range Lake1:12000
Irregular Lake1:24000
Irwin Lake1:12000
Isaac Lake1:12000
Isabella Lake1:12000
Ishkuday Lake1:6000
Isinglass Lake1:12000
Island Lake1:6000
Island Lake1:6000
Island Lake1:6000
Island Lake1:12000
Island Lake1:12000
Island Lake1:6000
Island Lake / Proudfoot Lake1:12000
Island Lake Teefy Edwards1:6000
Ivanhoe Lake1:24000
Izaak Lake1:6000
Jaab Lake1:24000
Jackfish Lake1:12000
Jackfish Lake1:12000
Jackfish Lake1:6000
Jackfish Lake1:24000
Jackfish Lake1:12000
Jackinnes Lake1:12000
Jack Lake1:6000
Jack Lake1:24000
Jack Lake1:6000
Jackpine Lake1:6000
Jackpine Lake1:12000
Jackpine Lake1:12000
Jackpot Lake1:48000
Jacks Lake1:12000
Jacks Lake1:6000
Jacks Lake + Arthurs Lake1:12000
Jacks Lakes1:6000
Jackson Lake1:6000
Jackson Lake1:6000
James Lake1:6000
James Lakes1:6000
James Lake, Yarrow1:6000
Jamieson Lake1:6000
Japan Lake1:12000
Jarvis Lake1:6000
Jay Lake1:6000
Jeanette Lake1:24000
Jean Lake1:24000
Jeffery Lake1:6000
Jemar Lake1:12000
Jen Lake1:6000
Jennings Lake1:6000
Jennings Lake1:6000
Jerrards Lake Vasiloff1:6000
Jerry Lake1:6000
Jerry Lake1:6000
Jerry Lake1:12000
Jerry Lake1:6000
Jessica Lake1:6000
Jessup Lake Nordica1:6000
Jet Lake1:6000
Jim Christ Lake1:6000
Jim Edwards Lake1:12000
Jimmie Lake1:6000
Jimmy Lake1:6000
Jinx Lake1:6000
Jobammageeshig Lake1:12000
Jobrin Lake1:12000
Jocko Lake1:12000
Jocko Lake1:6000
Joe Lake1:12000
Joe Lake1:12000
Joe Lake (Ritchie #15)1:6000
Joeperry Lake1:12000
Joes Lake1:6000
Johnnie Lake1:12000
Johnny Lake1:6000
Johnny Lake Rupert1:6000
Johnson Lake1:6000
Johnson Lake1:12000
Johnson Lake1:6000
Jojo Lake1:12000
Jonas(Bell) Lake1:24000
Jones Lake /Shot Lake1:6000
Jonsons Lake1:6000
Jordan Lake1:6000
Jordan Lake1:6000
Joyce Lake1:24000
Joyce Lake1:6000
Joyce Lake1:6000
Joyces Lake / Stoughton Lake1:6000
Jubilee Lake1:24000
Jubilee Lake1:6000
Judy Pond1:24000
Jumping Cariboo Lake1:12000
Junction Lake1:6000
Justice Lake1:24000
Kabaigon Lake1:12000
Kabakwa Lake1:12000
Kabamichigama Lake1:12000
Kabania Lake1:24000
Kabenung Lake1:12000
Kabik Lake1:12000
Kabikwabik Lake1:24000
Kabinakagami Lake1:24000
Kabinakagamisis Lake1:24000
Kabitotikwia Lake1:24000
Kagianagami Lake1:24000
Kagiano Lake1:24000
Kahshahpiwi Lake1:12000
Kahshe Lake1:24000
Kaiashkons Lake1:24000
Kakabikitchiwan Lake1:12000
Kakagi Lake1:24000
Kakasamic Lake1:12000
Kalaco Lake1:12000
Kamaniskeg Lake1:24000
Kamungishkamo Lake1:24000
Kaneki Lake1:12000
Kaotisinimigo Lake / Bear Lake1:12000
Kapesakosi Lake1:12000
Kapikog Lake1:12000
Kapiskong Lake1:24000
Kapkichi Lake1:24000
Kapuskasing Lake1:24000
Kasasway Lake1:12000
Kashabowie Lake1:24000
Kashagawigamog Lake1:12000
Kashaweogama Lake1:24000
Kashishibog Lake1:24000
Kashwakamak Lake1:24000
Kassagimini Lake1:12000
Kasshabog Lake1:24000
Katagi Lake1:12000
Kates Lake1:6000
Kathleen Lake1:12000
Kathlyn Lake1:12000
Kathlyn Lake1:6000
Katimiagamak Lake1:24000
Katzenbach Lake1:12000
Kaufman Lake1:6000
Kawakanika Lake1:12000
Kawa Lake1:6000
Kawawaymog Lake1:12000
Kawaweogama Lake1:24000
Kawawiag Lake1:12000
Kawigamog Lake1:24000
Kay Lake1:12000
Kearns Lake1:24000
Kecil Lake1:12000
Keelor Lake1:6000
Keelor Lake1:12000
Keelow Lake1:6000
Keemle Lake1:12000
Keenoa Lake1:12000
Keezhik Lake1:24000
Keigat Lake1:12000
Keike Lake1:12000
Keikewabik Lake1:24000
Kekekuab Lake1:12000
Kekekwa Lake1:12000
Keller Lake1:6000
Kelly Lake1:12000
Kelly Lake1:6000
Kelly Lake1:6000
Kemp Lake1:12000
Kemuel Lake1:6000
Kenakskaniss Lake1:12000
Kenda Lake1:12000
Kennebec Lake1:12000
Kennedy Lake1:12000
Kennedy Lake1:12000
Kennedy Lake1:24000
Kennedy Lake Halsey1:6000
Kennisis Lake1:24000
Kenny Lake1:6000
Kenogami Lake1:24000
Kenogamisis Lake1:24000
Kenogamissi Lake1:24000
Kenoji Lake1:24000
Kenozhe Lake1:12000
Kenozhe Lake1:12000
Kenshoe Lake1:6000
Kerr Lake1:6000
Kerr Lake (Lanark)1:6000
Kershaw Lake1:12000
Kervin Lake, Sisk1:6000
Kesagami Lake1:24000
Ketchini Lake1:12000
Ketchiwaboose Lake1:12000
Kevin Lake1:6000
Keys Lake1:12000
Kidney Lake1:6000
Kilbarry Lake1:12000
Kilbourne Lake1:6000
Kilgour Lake1:12000
Killarney Lake1:6000
Killenbeck Lake1:6000
Kilvert Lake1:24000
Kimball Lake1:12000
Kimber Lake1:12000
Kindiogami Lake1:12000
Kingfisher Lake1:12000
Kingfisher Lake1:24000
King Fisher Lake #81:6000
King Lake1:6000
Kingscote Lake1:12000
Kingsford Lake1:12000
Kings Lake1:12000
Kinniwabi Lake1:12000
Kinsman Pond1:6000
Kioshkokwi Lake1:24000
Kirkness Lake1:24000
Kirkpatrick Lake1:24000
Kishikas Lake1:24000
Kishkutena Lake1:24000
Kitt Lake1:12000
Kittson Lake1:6000
Klaxon Lake1:6000
Klondyke Lakes1:12000
Klotz Lake1:12000
Kluck Lake1:6000
Knife Lake1:12000
Knowlton Lake1:12000
Kokoko Lake1:12000
Kopka Lake1:24000
Kopka River1:24000
Korky Lake1:12000
Koshlong Lake1:12000
Kramer Lake1:12000
Kretzel Lake1:6000
Krisko Lake1:6000
Kukagami Lake1:24000
Kukukus Lake1:24000
Kulas Lake1:12000
Kushog Lake1:12000
Kuwasda Lake1:6000
Kwagama Lake1:12000
Kwinkwaga Lake1:24000
Kwitosse Lake1:6000
L 147 (Far Lake)1:12000
Labine Lake1:6000
Labine Lake1:6000
Labitiche Lake (Gull Lake)1:12000
Lac aux Sables1:24000
Lac Brochet1:6000
Lac Charette1:6000
Lac des Iles1:24000
Lac des Isles1:6000
Lac de Zajac1:6000
Lac la Croix1:24000
La Cloche1:24000
Lacourse Lake1:6000
Lac Rancourt1:6000
Lac Seul1:48000
Lac St. Jean1:6000
Lady Evelyn Lake1:24000
Lady Evelyn River1:12000
La Force Lake1:6000
Laidlaw Lake1:12000
Lake 15-B-351:6000
Lake #15 Chown Twp1:6000
Lake 17H-11:6000
Lake 17H771:12000
Lake 19E-721:6000
Lake # 201:6000
Lake 20J-331:12000
Lake 2J 68 Bailloquet1:6000
Lake #41:6000
Lake # 41:6000
Lake 621:6000
Lake # 6 Garibaldi Twp1:6000
Lake 6-J-30 (White River)1:6000
Lake # 79 (Cochrane)1:6000
Lake 8241:6000
Lake #9 (Borden)1:6000
Lake Abitibi1:48000
Lake Belwood1:12000
Lake Byng1:6000
Lake C056-051:6000
Lake Carleton1:6000
Lake Cecebe1:12000
Lake Clear1:24000
Lake Cleftrock1:12000
Lake Despair1:24000
Lake Dore1:24000
Lake Eloida (Loyada Lake)1:12000
Lake Hope1:6000
Lake Hunger1:6000
Lake Ice Chest1:12000
Lake In Algoma1:6000
Lake Jean1:24000
Lake L-661:6000
Lake Lamaune1:12000
Lake Laurentian1:12000
Lake Lisgar1:6000
Lake Lulu1:12000
Lake No 10, Cochrane1:6000
Lake No 10, Foucault1:6000
Lake No 10 Yarrow1:6000
Lake No 11, Sault Ste Marie1:6000
Lake No 15, Yarrow1:6000
Lake No 17 Prescott1:6000
Lake No 19 Roadhouse1:6000
Lake No 1, Hoffman1:6000
Lake No 1 South Lorrain1:6000
Lake No 1 (Timiskaming)1:6000
Lake No 20 Roadhouse1:6000
Lake No 24 District 441:12000
Lake No 27 Yarrow1:6000
Lake No 2DA0813 Stetham1:6000
Lake No 2 North Shore1:6000
Lake No 2 Sault Ste Marie1:6000
Lake No 39, Lampman1:6000
Lake No 3 Cochrane1:6000
Lake No 3 Proctor1:6000
Lake No 41, Whigam1:6000
Lake No 441:6000
Lake No 44(Sootheran Lake)1:6000
Lake No 44 Winkler1:6000
Lake No 48 Beulah1:6000
Lake No 4, Smilsky1:6000
Lake No 56 Cochrane1:6000
Lake No 56 (Wiener Lake)1:6000
Lake No 5 Gough1:6000
Lake No. 91:6000
Lake No 9 Jarvis1:6000
Lake North of Camp Robinson1:24000
Lake Number 681:6000
Lake of Bays1:24000
Lake of Bays1:24000
Lake of Many Islands1:12000
Lake One1:6000
Lake on the Mountain1:12000
Lake Opeongo1:24000
Lake Placid1:12000
Laker No. 171:6000
Lake Simcoe1:48000
Lake Sparrow1:24000
Lake St. George1:6000
Lake St. John1:12000
Lake St. Joseph1:48000
Lake St. Nora1:12000
Lake St. Ola1:24000
Lake Sudbury Morgan1:6000
Lake Temagami1:24000
Lake Three (Chain of Lakes)1:6000
Lake Tie1:6000
Lake Twentythree1:6000
Lake Vernon1:24000
Lake WE66-23 (DRY-NL-651)1:12000
Lake WF15-391:6000
Lake WF24-171:6000
Lake Whittaker1:6000
Lake Wollaston1:12000
Lake Wolsey1:48000
Lallan Lake1:6000
Lands And Forests Lake No 781:12000
Lands And Forests Lake No 81:6000
Lanes Lake1:6000
Langevin Lake1:6000
Lang Lake1:12000
Lang Lake1:12000
Lang Lake1:24000
Lang Lake (Little Jackfish Lake)1:12000
Langton Lake1:12000
Lapp Lake1:12000
Lapworth Lake1:12000
Larder Lake1:24000
Larocque Lake1:6000
Larrys Lake No 21:6000
Larrys Lake No 31:6000
Larson Lake1:12000
Lasswade Lake1:6000
Latour Lake1:6000
Laundrie Lake1:12000
Laura Lake1:12000
Laurence Lake1:6000
Laurier Lake1:6000
Lauzon Lake1:24000
Lavant Lake1:12000
LaVerendrye Lake 51:6000
Lavery Lake1:6000
Lawagamau Lake1:24000
Lawgrave Lake1:6000
Lawrence Lake1:24000
Leaf Lake1:6000
Leatherroot Lake1:6000
Leather Root Lake1:6000
Leech Lake1:6000
Leech Lake1:6000
Lees Lake1:6000
Leggat Lake1:12000
Legris Lake1:12000
Le Grou Lake1:12000
Leishman Lake1:6000
Lelonde Lake1:6000
Lemke Lake1:6000
Lena Lake1:12000
Lena Lake1:6000
Length Lake1:6000
Lennon Lake1:6000
Leonard Lake1:12000
Leopard Lake1:12000
Lepp Lake1:6000
Lerome Lake1:12000
Leroy Lake1:6000
Leroy Lake1:6000
Leta Lake1:6000
Lewis Lake1:6000
L & F 30, Len lake1:6000
Liberty Lake1:6000
Liebeck Lake1:6000
Lilac Lake1:12000
Lillie Lake1:6000
Lillybet Lake1:12000
Lily Lake1:12000
Lilypond Lake1:6000
Limburner Lake1:6000
Limestone Lake1:6000
Limited Lake1:6000
Limit Lake1:6000
Lindsay Lake1:6000
Line Lake1:6000
Lineus Lake1:6000
Linklater Lake1:12000
Lipsy Lake1:6000
Lisgar Lake1:6000
Lismore L. 11:6000
Little Abitibi Lake1:24000
Little Addie Lake1:6000
Little Anstruther Lake1:6000
Little Athlestane Lake1:12000
Little Basswood Lake1:12000
Little Bear Lake1:24000
Little Bear Lake1:12000
Little Beaver Lake1:6000
Little Beaver Lake1:6000
Little Beaver Lake, Ballantyne1:6000
Little Bicknell Lake1:6000
Little Birch Lake1:6000
Little Birchy Lake1:6000
Little Black Lake1:6000
Little Bob Lake1:6000
Little Bob Lake1:12000
Little Boshkung Lake1:12000
Little Brown Lake1:6000
Little Buckhorn Lake1:6000
Little Burwash Lake1:12000
Little Butler Lake1:6000
Little Cameron Lake1:6000
Little Cameron Lake1:12000
Little Caribou Lake1:12000
Little Castle Lake Hardwick1:6000
Little Cedar Lake1:6000
Little Chelsea Lake1:6000
Little Chiblow Lake1:12000
Little Clear Lake1:6000
Little Clear Lake1:6000
Little Clear Lake A1:6000
Littlecoot Lake1:6000
Littledoe Lake1:12000
Little Dog Lake1:6000
Little Dossier Lake1:6000
Little Drummer Lake1:6000
Little Duck Lake1:6000
Little Dudmon Lake1:6000
Little Eagle Lake1:6000
Little Eagle Lake1:6000
Little East Lake1:6000
Little Echo Lake1:6000
Little Esson Lake1:6000
Little Eye Lake1:12000
LittleFox Lake1:6000
Little Garvin Lake1:6000
Little Glamor Lake1:6000
Little Golder L.1:6000
Little Gordon Lake1:12000
Little Green Lake1:6000
Little Green Lake1:6000
Little Gull Lake1:6000
Little Hannah Lake1:6000
Little Harburn Lake1:6000
Little Harry Lake1:12000
Little Hart Lake1:6000
Little Harvie Lake1:6000
Little Hawk Lake1:12000
Little Indian Lake1:12000
Little jay Dee Lake1:6000
Little Joe Lake1:6000
Little Joe Lake1:12000
Little Joe Lake1:6000
Little Kennisis Lake1:12000
Little Kesagami Lake1:12000
Little La Cloche1:12000
Little Lafoe Lake1:6000
Little Lake1:6000
Little Lake1:6000
Little Lake1:12000
Little Lake1:12000
Little Lake1:6000
Little Long Lake1:6000
Little Long Lake1:6000
Little Long Lake1:6000
Little Manitouwaba Lake1:6000
Little Manitouwadge Lake1:12000
Little Margaret Lake1:6000
Little Marten Lake1:6000
Little Mayo Lake1:6000
Little Mccauley Lake1:6000
Little Mcdougal Lake1:12000
Little Mink Lake1:6000
Little Mink Lake1:6000
Little Minnow Lake1:6000
Little Missinaibi Lake1:24000
Little Moon Lake1:12000
Little Moraine lake (Trout Lake)1:12000
Little Mosque Lake1:6000
Little Notman Lake1:6000
Little Otter Lake1:6000
Little Panache Lake1:12000
Little Pickerel Lake1:12000
Little Quirke Lake1:12000
Little Rice Lake1:6000
Little Rock Lake1:6000
Little Roland Lake1:6000
Little Round Lake1:6000
Little Round Lake1:12000
Little Serpent Lake1:12000
Little Southbear Lake1:6000
Little Tag Lake1:12000
Little Tooey Lake1:6000
Little Trout1:6000
Little Trout Lake1:6000
Little Trout Lake1:12000
Little Turtle L1:24000
Little Tyne Lake1:6000
Little Vermilion Lake1:24000
Little Vermilion Lake1:24000
Little Wawa Lake1:12000
Little Whitefish Lake (lake Number Seven)1:12000
Little Whitney Lake1:6000
Livingstone Lake1:12000
Lizard L.1:6000
Lizard Lake1:6000
Lizard Lake1:6000
Lloyd Lake1:6000
Loafers Lake1:6000
Lobo Lake1:12000
Location Lake1:12000
Lochlin Lake1:6000
Loch Muich1:6000
Lofquist Lake1:6000
Loft Lake1:6000
Lohi Lake1:6000
Loken Lake1:12000
Lola Lake1:12000
Lonely Lake1:12000
Longairy Lake / Algonguin Park Lake1:6000
Longbay Lake1:6000
Long Bay Lake1:12000
Longbow Lake1:12000
Long Dog Lake1:24000
Long Lake1:12000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:12000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:24000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:24000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:12000
Long Lake1:12000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:12000
Long Lake1:12000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:24000
Long Lake A1:12000
Long Lake Boulter1:6000
Long Lake C1:6000
Longlegged Lake1:24000
Longline Lake1:6000
Long / Little MacIntosh Lake1:6000
Long Mallory Lake1:6000
Longpine Lake1:12000
Longpoint Lake1:12000
Long Pond1:6000
Loom Lake1:6000
Loon Call Lake1:12000
Loonhaunt Lake1:24000
Loon Lake1:12000
Loon Lake1:6000
Loon Lake1:6000
Loon Lake1:6000
Loon Lake1:6000
Loon Lake1:6000
Loon Lake1:6000
Loon Lake1:12000
Loon Lake1:6000
Loon Lake (Lake No. 65)1:12000
Loonskin Lake1:12000
Loontail Lake1:12000
Lorimer Lake1:12000
Lorne Lake1:12000
Lorne Lake1:12000
Lorne Lake1:12000
Lorrain Lake1:12000
Lorry Lake1:6000
Lost Bay1:12000
Lost Dog Lake1:6000
Lost Lake1:12000
Lost Lake1:6000
Lost Lake1:6000
Lost Lake1:6000
Lost Lake1:12000
Lost Lake1:6000
Lost Loon Lake1:6000
Loucks Lake1:6000
Loucks Lake1:6000
Loughborough Lake1:24000
Lough Garvey1:6000
Louie Lake1:6000
Louisa Lake1:12000
Lount Lake1:24000
Lovely Lake / Lake # 71:6000
Lovering Lake1:12000
Lower Aitken Lake1:6000
Lower Beverly Lake1:12000
Lower Cardiff Lake1:6000
Lower Crane Lake1:6000
Lower Deception Lake1:12000
Lower Fletcher Lake (Skin)1:6000
Lower Fry Lake1:6000
Lower Hay Lake1:12000
Lower Hay Lake1:12000
Lower Island Lake1:6000
Lower Mace Lake1:12000
Lower Manitou Lake1:24000
Lower Matagamasi Lake1:12000
Lower Minnipuka Lake1:12000
Lower Paudash Lake1:12000
Lower Prairie Bee Lake1:12000
Lower Raven Lake1:6000
Lower Ritchie Lake1:6000
Lower Ross Lake1:12000
Lower Scott + Upper Scott Lake1:12000
Lower Shebandowan Lake1:24000
Lower Twin Lake1:24000
Lower Welch Lake1:6000
Low Lake1:6000
Lowney Lake1:6000
Lowry Lake1:12000
Lowry Lake1:6000
Low Water Lake1:12000
Loxton Lake1:6000
Loyst Lake1:6000
Lucille Lake1:6000
Lucky Lake1:12000
Lucus Lake1:12000
Lucy Lake1:12000
Lue Lake1:6000
Lukinto Lake1:12000
Lulu Lake1:6000
Lulu Lake1:6000
Lumby Lake1:6000
Lupus Lake1:6000
Luther Lake1:12000
Luther Lake1:24000
Lynch Lake1:6000
Lyndhurst Lake1:6000
Lyne Lake1:12000
Lynn Lake1:6000
Lynx Lake1:6000
Lynx Lake1:12000
Lyre Lake1:6000
Macauley Lake1:12000
Macauley Lake (Sudbury)1:12000
Macdonald Lake1:12000
Macdonald Lake1:6000
MacDowell Lake1:24000
Macfie Lake1:6000
Macgregor Lake1:6000
Machesney Lake1:6000
Mackauoy Lake1:6000
Mackie Lake1:12000
Macutagon Lake1:12000
Madalaine Lake1:12000
Madawanson Lake1:12000
Madawaska Lake1:12000
Madden Lake1:24000
Maggie Lake1:12000
Maggotte Lake1:12000
Magnetic Lake1:6000
Maguire Lake1:6000
Mahzenazing Lake1:12000
Maika Lake1:12000
Mair Lake1:6000
Majata Lake1:12000
Makami Lake1:12000
Makobe Lake1:24000
Makokibatan Lake1:24000
Malachi Lake1:24000
Malaher Lake1:12000
Malborne Lake1:6000
Malcolm Lake1:12000
Mallet Lake1:6000
Mall Lake1:6000
Malloch Lake1:6000
Mallock Lake1:6000
Maloney Lake1:6000
Mamainse Lake1:12000
Mamakwash Lake1:24000
Mameigwess Lake1:24000
Mameigwess Lake1:24000
Manion Lake1:24000
Manitou Lake1:24000
Manitou Lake1:12000
Manitouwaba Lake1:12000
Manitouwabing Lake1:24000
Manning Lake1:12000
Mann Lake1:6000
Manydace L.1:6000
Maple Lake1:12000
Maple Lake1:6000
Maple Lake1:6000
Maple Lake1:12000
Maple Lake1:6000
Maple Lake A1:12000
Marble Lake1:12000
Marceau Lake1:6000
March Hare Lake1:6000
Margaret (Clear) Lake1:6000
Margaret Lake1:6000
Margaret Lake1:12000
Margot Lake1:24000
Marguerite Lake1:6000
Maria Lake1:24000
Marie Lake1:6000
Marina Lake1:6000
Marion Lake1:12000
Marion Lake1:6000
Mark Lake1:12000
Marks Lake1:6000
Marks Lake1:12000
Marmion Lake1:24000
Marquette Lake1:12000
Marsden Lake1:12000
Marshall Lake1:24000
Marshall Lake1:6000
Marsh Lake1:12000
Marsh Lake1:6000
Marshland Lake1:12000
Marten Camp Lake1:6000
Marten Lake1:24000
Martindale Pond1:12000
Martineau Lake1:6000
Martin Lake1:12000
Martison Lake1:12000
Marty's Lake1:6000
Mary Lake1:6000
Mary Lake1:24000
Marys Lake1:24000
Marys Lake1:6000
Mashagama Lake1:12000
Maskara Lake1:12000
Maskinonge Lake1:24000
Matagamasi lake1:24000
Matchinameigus Lake1:12000
Mather Lake1:12000
Mathers L.1:12000
Matinenda Lake1:24000
Matson Lake1:6000
Matson Lake1:6000
Mattagami Lake1:24000
Matthews Lake1:12000
Mattowacka Lake1:6000
Maurice Lake Yarrow1:6000
Mawley Lake1:12000
Mawn Lake1:12000
Max Lake1:12000
Maxwell Lake1:6000
Mayflower Lake1:6000
May Lake1:6000
May Lake1:12000
Maynard Lake1:24000
Mayo Lake1:12000
McAree Lake1:24000
McBean Lake1:12000
McCallum's Pond1:6000
McCarrol Lake1:12000
McCarthy Lake1:12000
Mccausland Lake1:6000
McConnell Lake1:12000
McConnell Lake1:12000
McCormick Lake1:12000
McCowan Lake1:6000
McCoy Lake1:24000
McCraney Lake1:12000
McCreary Lake1:6000
McCue Lake1:6000
Mccullough Lake1:6000
McDonald Lake1:6000
McEachern Lake1:6000
McEachern Lake1:12000
McEdwards Lake1:6000
McEwen Lake1:12000
McEwen Lake1:12000
McEwing Lake1:12000
McFadden Lake1:6000
McFarlane Lake1:12000
Mcfie Lake1:6000
McGee Lake1:6000
McGee Lake1:6000
McGiverin Lake1:12000
McGown Lake1:12000
McGrindle Lake1:12000
McGuire Lake1:6000
McInnes Lake1:24000
McIntosh Lake1:12000
McIntyre Lake1:24000
McKay Lake1:12000
McKay Lake1:24000
Mckecknie Lake1:6000
McKellar Lake1:12000
McKenna Lake1:6000
McKenzie Lake1:6000
McKenzie Lake1:12000
McKenzie Lake1:12000
McKeown Lake1:6000
Mclander Lake1:6000
Mclaurin Lake1:6000
McLaurin Lake1:12000
McLeish Lake1:12000
McLeister Lake1:12000
McLennan Lake1:6000
McLeod Lake1:12000
McMahon Lake1:12000
McMaster Lake1:6000
McMaster Lake1:12000
McMullen Lake1:12000
Mcnab Lake1:6000
Mcnish Lake1:6000
McNutt Lake1:6000
McPhail Lake1:24000
McPhail Lake1:12000
Mcquillan Lake1:6000
McSourley Lake1:6000
McVicar Lake1:24000
McWade Lake1:12000
Mcwhirter Lake / Stoney Lake1:6000
Meach Lake1:6000
Meadow Lake1:6000
Medcalf Lake1:24000
Medicine Lake1:12000
Medora Lake1:6000
Meekin Lake1:12000
Meenach Lake1:6000
Meen Lake1:24000
Megisan Lake1:12000
Megit Lake1:6000
Meilleur Lake1:6000
Melema Lake1:12000
Melgund Lake1:24000
Mellon Lake1:6000
Melville Pond1:6000
Memoir Lake1:12000
Menet Lake1:6000
Mephisto Lake1:12000
Mercer Lake1:6000
Mercutio Lake1:24000
Merpaw Lake1:12000
Mesomikenda Lake1:24000
Meta + Ara Lakes1:24000
Methuen Lake1:12000
Metivier Lake1:6000
Mewburn Lake1:12000
Michel Lake1:12000
Michipicoten River1:6000
Michiwakenda Lake1:12000
Mickle Lake1:12000
Middle Lake1:6000
Middle Roland Lake1:6000
Middle Shanty Lake1:6000
Middle Stetham Lake1:12000
Midland Park Lake1:12000
Midway Lake1:6000
Midway Lake1:12000
Mijinemungshing Lake1:12000
Mikel Lake1:6000
Mildred Lake1:6000
Mile Lake1:6000
Mile Lake1:12000
Mile Lake1:12000
Miller Lake1:6000
Miller Lake1:12000
Miller Lake1:6000
Millichamp Lake1:6000
Milligan Lake1:6000
Mill Lake1:6000
Mill Lake1:6000
Mill Lake1:12000
Mills Lake1:12000
Millward Lake1:6000
Miminiska Lake1:24000
Minchin Lake1:24000
Minden Lake1:6000
Minisinakwa Lake + Pensyl Creek1:24000
Miniss Lake1:24000
Ministic Lake1:12000
Mink Lake1:12000
Mink Lake1:6000
Mink Lake1:12000
Minnehaha Lake1:12000
Minnicock Lake1:6000
Minnipuka Lake1:12000
Minnitaki Lake1:24000
Minnow Lake1:6000
Minnow Lake1:6000
Minnow Lake1:6000
Minnow Lake1:6000
Minto Lake1:6000
Mirimoki Lake1:12000
Misfit Lake1:6000
Mishap Lake1:6000
Mishewawa Lake1:12000
Mishi Lake1:12000
Miskwabi Lake1:12000
Missinaibi Lake1:24000
Missisa Lake1:24000
Mississagagon Lake1:12000
Mississagua Lake1:12000
Mississippi Lake1:24000
Mississippi (Lamonte to Blakeney)1:12000
Mistango Lake1:12000
Mistinikon Lake1:24000
Mistry Lake1:6000
Misty Lake1:12000
Mitchell Lake1:6000
Moar Lake1:24000
Moccasin Lake1:6000
Moccasin Lake1:6000
Moffat Lake1:6000
Moffat Lake1:6000
Mohan Lake1:6000
Moira Lake1:12000
Mojikit Lake1:24000
Mole Lake1:6000
Molybdenite Lake1:12000
Mom Lake1:6000
Monahan Lake1:6000
Monck Lake1:12000
Monday Lake1:6000
Mongoose Lake1:12000
Monkshood Lake1:6000
Monmouth Lake1:6000
Mons Lake1:12000
Montreal River1:24000
Montreuil Lake1:12000
Montreuil Lake1:6000
Montrose Lake 21:6000
Montrose Lake 371:6000
Moon Lake1:6000
Moon Lake1:6000
Moon Lake1:6000
Moonlight Lake1:12000
Moonshine Lake1:6000
Moore Lake1:12000
Moore Lake1:6000
Moor Lake1:6000
Moose Lake1:6000
Moose Lake1:6000
Moose Lake1:12000
Moose Lake1:12000
Moose Lake Corkill1:6000
Mooseskull Lake1:6000
Moraine Lake1:12000
Moreland Lake1:6000
Morgan Lake1:6000
Morgan Lake1:12000
Morris Lake1:24000
Morrison Lake1:12000
Morrow Lake1:6000
Morrow Lake1:6000
Mosque Lake1:12000
Mosquitoe Lake1:12000
Moss Lake1:12000
Mossy Lake1:6000
Moth Lake1:12000
Mott Lake1:6000
Moulton Lake1:6000
Mountain Ash Lake1:12000
Mountain Lake1:6000
Mountain Lake1:12000
Mountain Lake1:12000
Mountain Lake1:6000
Mountain Lake1:12000
Mountain Lake1:12000
Mountain Lake Burleigh1:6000
Mount Lake1:24000
Mount Lake1:12000
Mouse Lake1:6000
Mouse Lake1:12000
Mousseau Lake1:6000
Mousseau Lake1:6000
Mousseau Lake1:6000
Mowat Lake1:6000
Mowbray Lake1:6000
Moyle Lake1:6000
Mozhabong Lake1:24000
Mubwayaka Lake1:6000
Mudhole Lake1:6000
Mud L.1:6000
Mud Lake1:6000
Mud Lake1:6000
Mud Lake1:6000
Mud Lake1:12000
Muldrew Lake + Lower Muldrew1:12000
Muldrew Lakes (North and South)1:12000
Munro Lake1:12000
Murfitt Lake1:12000
Murphy Lake1:6000
Murphy Lake1:6000
Murphy Lake1:6000
Murphys Lake1:6000
Musgrave Lake1:12000
Muskasenda Lake1:12000
Muskoka + Rosseau + Joseph1:24000
Muskosung Lake1:12000
Muskrat Lake1:24000
Muskrat Lake1:12000
Muskrat Lake1:12000
Musselman Lake1:6000
Myers Lake1:6000
Myrt Lake1:12000
Myrtle Lake1:6000
Mystery Lake1:6000
Mystery Lake1:6000
Nabakwasi Lake1:24000
Nabemakoseka Lake1:12000
Naboloe Lake, Butt1:6000
Nagagami Lake1:24000
Nagagamisis Lake1:24000
Nagasin Lake1:12000
Nahma Lake1:6000
Naiscoot Lake1:12000
Nalla Lake1:6000
Namakootchie Lake1:6000
Nameiben Lake1:12000
Nameigos Lake1:24000
Nameless Lake1:6000
Nansen Lake1:6000
Narraway Lake1:12000
Narrows Pond1:12000
Narvik Lake1:6000
Navy Lake1:12000
Nayowin Lake, Burrows1:6000
Neannin Lake, Burrows1:6000
Neawagank Lake1:24000
Neelands Lake1:6000
Negwazu Lake1:24000
Nehemiah Lake1:6000
Nellie Lake1:6000
Nelson Lake1:6000
Nelson Lake1:6000
Nelson Lake1:12000
Nelson Lake1:12000
Nemegosenda Lake1:24000
Nemegos Lake1:12000
Nemeigusabins Lake1:12000
Nepahwin Lake1:12000
Nepewassi Lake1:24000
Neshin Lake1:12000
Nesting Lake1:12000
Net Lake1:12000
Nettie Lake1:6000
Nettleton Lake1:12000
Nettleton Lake1:6000
Neville Lake1:12000
Newberry Lake1:6000
Newcombe Lake1:12000
Newell Lake1:6000
Nibinamik Lake1:24000
Nickleby Lake1:12000
Niger Lake1:6000
Night Hawk Lake1:24000
Nigick Lake1:12000
Ninegee Lake1:6000
Nine Lake1:6000
Nine Mile Lake1:12000
Nine Mile Lake1:12000
Ninth Lake1:12000
Niobe Lake1:12000
Nisbet Lake1:6000
Niven Lake1:12000
Nixon Lake1:6000
Nixon Lake, Anstruther1:6000
Noble Lake1:12000
Nogies Lake1:6000
No Man Lake1:6000
No-Name Lake1:6000
Nonigose Lake1:6000
Norah Lake1:6000
Nora Lake1:24000
Nordland Lake1:6000
Norlock Lake1:6000
Norman Lake1:6000
Norn Lake1:6000
Norris Lake1:12000
Norse Lake1:12000
Northern Light Lake1:24000
North Fowl Lake1:24000
North Hodgins Lake (Blueberry Lake)1:12000
North Lake1:24000
North Lake1:6000
North Lake A1:6000
Northland Lake1:12000
North Maskuti Lake1:12000
North McCrea Lake1:12000
North Moonbeam Lake1:6000
North Oak Lake1:6000
North Pencil Lake1:6000
North Pigeon Lake1:6000
Northpoint Lake1:12000
North Rathbun Lake1:6000
North Sandbank Lake1:12000
North Scot Lake1:12000
North Spirit Lake1:24000
North Sylvia Lake1:6000
North Tea Lake1:24000
North Twin Lake1:6000
North Washagami Lake1:24000
North Whalen Lake1:12000
Northwind Lake1:24000
Norwalk Lake1:6000
Norway Lake1:12000
Norway Lake1:6000
Norway Lake1:12000
Norway Lake1:6000
Norway Lake1:12000
Nosebonsing lake1:24000
Nowlan Lake1:6000
Nugget Lake1:6000
Nungesser Lake1:24000
Nunikani Lake1:12000
Nybergs Lake1:6000
Nydia Lake1:12000
Nyilas Lake1:6000
Nym Lake1:24000
Oak Lake1:12000
Oak Lake1:24000
Oak Lake1:6000
Oastler Lake1:12000
Oates #3 Twp Lake1:6000
Obabika Lake1:24000
Oba Lake1:24000
Obaskaka Lake1:24000
Obatanga Lake1:12000
Oblong Lake1:12000
Obobka Lake1:12000
Obonga Lake1:24000
O'Brien Lake1:6000
O'Connell Lake1:6000
Octopus Lake1:6000
Oderkirk Lake1:6000
Odlum Lake1:24000
Off Lake1:12000
Ogahalla Lake1:12000
Ogasiwi lake (Dalton)1:12000
Ogoki Lake1:24000
Ogoki Reservoir1:24000
Oke Lake1:12000
Okiniada Lake1:12000
Old Man Lake1:12000
Old Man Lake1:12000
Old Mans Lake1:12000
Old Shoes Lake1:24000
Old Squaw Lake1:6000
Old Vienna Lake1:6000
Old Woman Lake1:12000
Olga Lake1:12000
Oliver Lake1:24000
Oliver Lake1:12000
Olmstead Lake1:6000
Olsen Lake1:12000
O'Meara Lake1:12000
Ompa Lake1:6000
Onamakawash Lake1:24000
Onaman Lake1:24000
Onaping Lake1:24000
O Neill Lake1:6000
One Island Lake1:6000
One Mile Lake1:12000
One Sided Lake1:12000
Oneside Lake1:24000
Oneside Lake1:6000
Onion Lake1:12000
Opasatika Lake1:24000
Opasquia Lake1:24000
Opeepeesway Lake1:24000
Opikeigen Lake1:24000
Opinnagau Lake1:24000
Opinnagua River1:24000
Ord Lake + Moose Lake1:24000
Orient Lake1:6000
Oriole Lake1:6000
Orono Lake1:24000
Orr Lake1:12000
Oscar Lake1:12000
Osemigwemowin Lake1:12000
Oshawong Lake1:12000
Oskawe Lake1:12000
O Sullivan1:24000
Otatakan Lake1:24000
Otherside Lake1:6000
Otterhead Lake1:6000
Otter Lake1:6000
Otter Lake1:12000
Otter Lake1:6000
Otter Lake1:6000
Otter Lake1:6000
Otter Lake A1:12000
Otterson Lake1:6000
Otty Lake1:12000
Otukamamoan Lake1:24000
Ouellette Lake1:12000
Ouse Lake1:6000
Outpost Lake1:6000
Oval Lake1:6000
Oval Lake1:6000
Overhill Lake1:6000
Owens Lake 101:6000
Owens Lake 121:6000
Owens Lake 91:6000
Owlet Lake1:12000
Owl Lake1:6000
Oxaline Lake1:12000
Oxbend Lake / Sandox Lake1:6000
Oxbow Lake1:12000
Oxtongue Lake1:12000
Pace Lake1:12000
Paddy Lake1:6000
Paddy Lake Duff1:6000
Paddys Lake1:6000
Paguchi Lake1:24000
Pagwachuan Lake1:24000
Paint Lake1:12000
Paint Lake1:6000
Paisley Lake1:6000
Pakashkan Lake1:24000
Pakhoan Lake1:12000
Pakoawaga Lake1:12000
Pakwash Lake1:24000
Palangio Lake1:6000
Palgrave Pond1:6000
Pal Lake1:6000
Pallet Lake1:6000
Pallet Lake Duff1:6000
Palmerston Lake1:12000
Palsen Lake1:24000
Panache Lake1:24000
Panagapka Lake1:6000
Panet Lake1:6000
Pan Lake1:12000
Panther Lake1:6000
Papaonga Lake1:24000
Papineau Lake1:12000
Papineau Lake1:12000
Paquette Lake1:6000
Paradise Lake1:12000
Paradise Lake1:6000
Para Lake1:12000
Pardee Lake1:6000
Parissien Lake1:6000
Parkhill Lake1:12000
Parkhurst Lake1:6000
Parkinsons Pothole1:6000
Park Lake1:6000
Park Lake1:6000
Park Lake1:6000
Park Lake (Dalhousie)1:6000
Parks Lake1:24000
Parks Lake1:6000
Parting Lake1:12000
Partridge Lake1:6000
Partridge Lake1:12000
Partridge Lake1:12000
Pascal Lake1:6000
Pasha Lake1:12000
Pashkokogan Lake1:24000
Pass Lake / Sibley Lake1:6000
Pathfinder Lake1:12000
Pat Lake1:6000
Pat Lake1:6000
Patten Lake1:12000
Patterson Lake1:12000
Patty Lake1:6000
Paudash Lake1:12000
Paudash Lake1:12000
Paugh Lake1:12000
Paul Lake1:6000
Paulson Lake1:6000
Pauper Lake1:6000
Peach Lake1:6000
Peak Lake1:12000
Peanut Lake1:6000
Pearce Lake1:12000
Pearce Lake 121:6000
Pearceley Lake1:6000
Pearce No. 341:6000
Pearkes Lake1:6000
Pearl Lake1:6000
Pearl Lake1:6000
Pearl Lake1:6000
Pebonishewi Lake1:24000
Peeagwon Lake1:24000
Peg Lake1:12000
Pelaw Lake1:6000
Pelican Lake1:6000
Pelican Lake1:24000
Pelicanpouch Lake1:24000
Peller Lake1:6000
Penassen Lakes1:12000
Penassi Lake1:24000
Pencil Lake1:12000
Penelope Lake1:6000
Penelope Lake1:12000
Penelton Lake1:12000
Peninsula Lake1:12000
Pennick Lake1:6000
Perch Lake1:6000
Perch Lake1:6000
Perch Lake1:12000
Percy Lake1:6000
Percy Lake1:12000
Perrault Lake1:24000
Perron Lake1:6000
Perry Lake1:12000
Pershick Lake1:6000
Peshu Lake1:12000
Petauguin Lake1:12000
Pete Lake1:6000
Peter Lake1:12000
Peterlong Lake1:24000
Peterson Lake1:6000
Peterson Lake1:6000
Peterwhite Lake1:6000
Pevensey Lake1:12000
Peyton Lake1:6000
Phelbin Lake1:6000
Philcot Lake1:12000
Philip Lake1:12000
Philips Lake1:6000
Picard Lake1:6000
Pickerel Lake1:12000
Pickerel Lake1:12000
Pickerel Lake (Dryden)1:12000
Pickering Lake1:6000
Pickle Lake1:12000
Pickle Lake1:24000
Pickwick Lake (Fort Frances)1:12000
Picnic Lake1:12000
Pidlubney L.1:6000
Pierre Lake1:24000
Pigeon Lake / Hanmer Lake1:6000
Pig Lake1:6000
Piglet Lake1:6000
Pigment Lake1:12000
Pike Lake1:12000
Pike Lake1:6000
Pike Lake1:12000
Pikie Lake1:6000
Pikwans Lake1:12000
Pilot Lake1:12000
Pine Island Lake1:6000
Pine Lake1:6000
Pine Lake1:6000
Pine Lake1:12000
Pine Lake1:12000
Pine Lake1:12000
Pine Lake1:6000
Pine Lake Kenning1:6000
Pinepark Lake1:6000
Pintail Lake1:6000
Pipe Lake1:6000
Pipe Lake1:6000
Pipe Lake1:12000
Pipe Lake1:6000
Pishnecka Lake1:12000
Pistol Lake1:6000
Pistol Lake1:6000
Pitangikum Lake1:24000
Plant Lake1:12000
Plateau Lake1:12000
Pleasant Lake1:6000
Pleasant Lake1:6000
Pledger Lake1:24000
Plum Lake1:6000
Plump Lake (Round Lake)1:6000
Plunge Lake1:6000
Pluto (McGonigal) Lake1:12000
Poem Lake Sault Ste Marie1:6000
Pogamasing Lake1:24000
Pointing Lake1:6000
Point Lake1:12000
Point Lake1:6000
Pokei Lake1:24000
Poker Lake1:6000
Pole Lake1:6000
Poleline Lake1:6000
Pollock Lake1:6000
Polly Lake1:12000
Polyanthus Lake1:6000
Polzin Lake1:12000
Pomfrey Lake1:6000
Pond Lake1:6000
Pond Lake1:6000
Pond Mills1:6000
Ponsford Lake1:6000
Ponsford Lake1:6000
Ponyshoe Lake1:6000
Poohbah Lake1:24000
Pooh Lake1:6000
Poole Lake1:6000
Poorhouse Lake1:6000
Popeye Lake1:6000
Poppy Lake1:12000
Populus Lake1:24000
Porcupine Lake1:12000
Porcupine Lake1:6000
Porcus Lake1:12000
Porridge Lake1:6000
Portage Lake1:12000
Portage Lake1:6000
Portage Lake1:6000
Portelance L.1:6000
Porter Lake1:6000
Poshkokagan Lake1:24000
Postagoni Lake1:12000
Pothole Lakes1:6000
Potier Lake1:12000
Potspoon Lake1:12000
Potter Lake1:12000
Potvin Lake1:6000
Potvin Lake1:6000
Pour Lake1:6000
Poverty Lake1:6000
Poverty Lake1:12000
Powderhorn Lake1:6000
Powell Lake1:6000
Prairie Bee Lake1:24000
Pratt Lake1:12000
Prelate Lake1:12000
Premier Lake1:12000
Premier Lake1:12000
Press Lake1:24000
Preston Lake1:6000
Priam Lake1:12000
Primeau Lake1:12000
Pringle Lake1:12000
Pringle Lake1:24000
Pringle Lake1:12000
Pritchard Lake1:6000
Proctor Lake1:24000
Professor Lake1:6000
Prospect Lake1:6000
Prospect Lake1:6000
Proulx Lake1:12000
Proulx Lake1:6000
Provoking Lake1:12000
Prud Homme Lake1:6000
Prune Lake1:12000
Puffball Lake1:6000
Pulling Lake1:6000
Purdom Lake1:12000
Pusey Lake1:6000
Pusher Lake1:12000
Puslinch Lake1:12000
Quackenbush Lake1:6000
Queer Lake1:6000
Queer Lake1:12000
Queminico Lake1:12000
Quimby Lake1:12000
Quinn Lake1:6000
Quinn Lake1:12000
Quintet Lakes1:12000
Quintet Lakes1:12000
Quirke Lake1:24000
Rabbit Blanket Lake1:6000
Rabbit Lake1:24000
Rabbit Lake1:6000
Racine Lake1:24000
Rackey Lake1:6000
Raddan Lake1:6000
Radisson Lake1:6000
Radisson Lake1:12000
Raft Lake1:12000
Raft Lake1:12000
Ragged Lake1:12000
Raggy Lake1:6000
Raglan White Lake1:12000
Rainbow Lake1:6000
Rainbow Lake1:6000
Rainbow Lake1:6000
Raindrop Lake1:6000
Rain Lake1:12000
Rainy Lake1:6000
Rainy Lake1:6000
Ramey Lake / Charlie Lake1:6000
Ramsden Lake1:12000
Ramsey Lake1:12000
Randall Lake1:6000
Ranger Lake1:24000
Rankin Lake1:12000
Rathbun Lake1:12000
Rathwell Lake1:6000
Rat Lake1:6000
Rat Lake1:6000
Rattail Lake1:6000
Rattrays Lake1:6000
Rauen Lake1:12000
Raven lake1:12000
Raven Lake1:6000
Raven Lake1:12000
Rawhide Lake1:24000
Rawn Reservoir1:12000
Rawson Lake1:12000
Raynar Lake1:12000
Rayville Lake1:6000
Rebecca Lake1:12000
Reception Lake1:12000
Redbark Lake1:6000
Red Bark Lake1:6000
Red Deer Lake1:24000
Red Deer Lake1:12000
Red Deer Lake Laurier1:6000
Redhead Lake1:6000
Redhead Lake1:12000
Redhorse Lake1:12000
Red Horse Lake1:12000
Red L.1:6000
Red Lake1:24000
Red Lake1:6000
Red Paint Lake1:12000
Redpath Lake1:24000
Redpine Lake1:12000
Red Pine Lake1:12000
Redpine Lake Reaume1:6000
Red Rock Lake1:12000
Red Squirrel Lake1:12000
Redstone Lake1:24000
Reeb Lake1:24000
Reed Lake1:6000
Regal Lake1:6000
Reguley Lake1:6000
Reid Lake1:12000
Relief Lake1:12000
Remi Lake1:24000
Renwick Lake1:12000
Reserve Lake1:12000
Restoule Lake1:24000
Reta Lake1:12000
Return Lake1:6000
Reynar Lake1:12000
Reynolds Lake1:12000
Rheaume Lake1:6000
Rheaume Lake1:24000
Rib Lake1:12000
Rice Lake1:24000
Richard Lake1:6000
Richardson Lake1:12000
Richardson Lake1:12000
Riddell Lake1:6000
Riley Lake1:12000
Ril Lake1:12000
Rinker Lake1:12000
Rioux Lake 101:6000
Rioux Lake 281:6000
Rioux Lake 351:6000
Rioux Lake 61:6000
Rita Lake1:6000
Ritchie Lake1:12000
Ritchie Lake1:12000
River Lake1:6000
Road Lake1:6000
Robbie Burns Lake1:12000
Robbie Lake1:6000
Robb Lake1:12000
Robertson Lake1:6000
Robertson Lake1:12000
Robin Lake1:6000
Robin Lake1:6000
Robinson Lake1:6000
Robinson Lake1:6000
Robinson Lake1:6000
Roblin Lake1:6000
Robson Lake / Clarkes Lake1:6000
Rochester Lake1:6000
Rock Lake1:24000
Rock Lake1:6000
Rock Lake1:6000
Rock Lake1:6000
Rock Lake A1:6000
Rock Lake (Cox)1:12000
Rocky Island Lake1:24000
Rocky Lake, Proudfoot1:6000
Rodd Lake1:6000
Roddy L.1:12000
Roderick Lake1:24000
Roderick Lake1:12000
Rodge Lake1:12000
Roko Lake1:6000
Roland Lake1:6000
Roland Lake1:6000
Roller Lake1:6000
Roll Lake1:6000
Rollo Lake1:12000
Rolufs Lake1:6000
Rome Lake1:12000
Ronald Lake1:6000
Roney Lake1:6000
Rongie Lake1:6000
Roosevelt Lake1:6000
Roothouse Lake1:6000
Rope Lake1:12000
Rosa Lake1:6000
Rosamond Lake1:12000
Rose Lake1:12000
Rose Lake1:6000
Rosemarie Lake1:12000
Rosina Lake1:12000
Roslyn Lake1:12000
Ross Lake1:6000
Ross Lake1:12000
Ross Lake1:6000
Rossmere Lake1:12000
Rottier L.1:12000
Round Island Lake1:12000
Round Lake1:24000
Round Lake1:6000
Round Lake1:6000
Round Lake1:12000
Round Lake1:12000
Round Lake1:24000
Round Lake Peterborough1:6000
Round Schooner Lake1:12000
Round / Wawigami Lake1:12000
Rous Lake1:12000
Roussain Lake/Island Lake1:6000
Rousseau Lake1:12000
Route Lake1:24000
Rowan Lake1:24000
Rowes Lake1:6000
Royal Lake1:12000
Ruby Lake1:6000
Rudge Lake1:12000
Ruebottom Lake1:6000
Rufus Lake1:12000
Rugby Lake1:24000
Rumsay Lake1:12000
Runaround Lake Peterborough1:6000
Runaway Lake1:6000
Running Lake1:12000
Runway Lake1:12000
Rupert Lake1:6000
Rushbay Lake1:12000
Rushbrook Lake1:12000
Rush Lake1:24000
Ruthie Lake1:12000
Ruth Lake1:6000
Ruth-Roy Lake1:6000
Rutter Lake1:12000
Ryan Lake1:6000
Ryan Lake1:6000
Ryan Lake1:6000
Rye Lake1:6000
Sabawi Lake1:12000
Saddle Lake1:12000
Saganash Lake1:24000
Salerno Lake1:12000
Salmon Lake1:6000
Salmon Lake1:12000
Salmon Trout Lake1:12000
Salvage Lake1:6000
Salvelinus Lake1:6000
Sam Lake1:6000
Sam Lake1:6000
Sam Martin Lake1:12000
Samreid Lake1:12000
Samuelson Lake1:12000
Sandbank Lake1:24000
Sandbar Lake1:24000
Sandbeach Lake1:12000
Sandford Lake1:24000
Sandison Lake1:12000
Sand Lake1:6000
Sand Lake1:12000
Sand Lake1:6000
Sand Lake1:12000
Sand Lake1:12000
Sand Lake1:12000
Sandplain Lake1:6000
Sandshore Lake1:12000
Sandstone Lake1:12000
Sandstrum Lake1:6000
Sandy Creek1:12000
Sandy Lake1:12000
Sandy Lake1:48000
Sandy Lake1:12000
Sandy Lake1:6000
Saniga Lake1:6000
Santoy Lake1:24000
Saranack Lake1:6000
Sassenach Lake1:12000
Sauerbrei Lake1:12000
Saunders Lake1:12000
Saunders Lake1:6000
Sausage Lake1:12000
Savanne Lake1:12000
Savoy Lake1:12000
Sawbill Lake1:6000
Sawhorse Lake1:6000
Saw Lake1:6000
Sawmill Lake1:6000
Sawyer Lake1:6000
Saymo Lake1:24000
Scaler Lake1:12000
Scattergood Lake1:12000
Scaup Lake1:6000
Schavens Lake/Shavings Lake1:6000
Schist Lake1:12000
Schistose Lake1:12000
Schmeiler Lake1:6000
Schou Lake1:12000
Scotch Lake1:24000
Scotties Lake, Kelvin1:6000
Scott Lake1:6000
Scott Lake1:6000
Scrabble Lake1:12000
Scraggy Lake1:12000
Scully Lake1:6000
Seabrook Lake1:12000
Seach Lake1:12000
Seagram Lake1:12000
Seagram Lake1:12000
Seagrave Lake1:24000
Seagull Lake1:6000
Seahorse Lake1:6000
Seaton Lake 111:6000
Seaton Lake 121:6000
Sebright Bay1:6000
Second Lake1:6000
Second Lake, Ermatinger1:6000
Secord's Pond1:6000
Secret Lake1:6000
Secret Lake1:12000
Seeseep Lake1:24000
Seguin Lake1:12000
Selkirk Lake1:6000
Selwyn Lake1:6000
Semiwite Lake1:12000
Semple Lake1:12000
Sensenbrenner Lake1:6000
Serene Lake1:12000
Serpentine Lake1:6000
Serviss Lake1:12000
Sesabic Lake1:12000
Sesekinika Lake1:12000
Setting Net Lake1:24000
Seven Mile Lake1:6000
Seymour Lake1:6000
Shabomeka High1:12000
Shabu Lake1:12000
Shabumeni River1:12000
Shabumeri River (Eler Lake)1:12000
Shacabac Lake1:12000
Shack Lake1:12000
Shack Lake1:12000
Shackleton Lake1:12000
Shaco Lake1:12000
Shad Lake1:6000
Shadow Lake1:12000
Shadow Lake1:6000
Shadowmere Lake1:6000
Shafton Lake1:12000
Shagamu Lake1:24000
Shallow Lake1:6000
Shallow Lake #21:6000
Shamattawa Lake1:24000
Shanguish Lake1:12000
Shannon Lake1:24000
Shanty Lake1:6000
Shanty Lake1:6000
Sharbot Lake1:24000
Shark Lake1:6000
Sharp Lake1:6000
Sharp Lake1:12000
Sharpstone Lake1:24000
Sharpstone Lake + + Berens River + Stout Lake1:24000
Shawanabis Lake1:24000
Shawanaga Lake1:12000
Shaw Dam Lake1:6000
Shawenegog Lake1:12000
Shaw Lake1:6000
Sheba Lake1:6000
Sheba Lake 251:6000
Shebandowan Lakes1:24000
Sheffield Long Lake1:12000
Sheila L.1:12000
Shekak Lake1:12000
Shelden Lake1:12000
Sheldon Lake1:6000
Sheldrake Lake1:12000
Shellbrook Lake1:12000
Shell Station Lake East1:6000
Shell Station Lake West1:6000
Sherborne Lake1:12000
Sheriff Lake1:6000
Sherry Lake1:6000
Shikwamkwa Lake1:12000
Shillabeer Lake1:12000
Shillington Lake1:12000
Shiner Lake1:6000
Shingwak Lake1:24000
Shining Falls Lake1:24000
Shippagew Lake1:12000
Shoelace Lake1:6000
Shoe Lake1:6000
Shoe Lake Moncrieff1:6000
Shoepack Lake1:6000
Shoofly Lake1:12000
Shrimp Lake1:6000
Sider Lake1:6000
Sigh Lake1:12000
Sigs Lake1:6000
Silcox Lake1:24000
Silent Lake1:12000
Sill Lake1:6000
Siloam Pond1:6000
Silver Buck Lake1:6000
Silverclaim Lake1:6000
Silver Creek1:6000
Silver Doe Lake1:6000
Silver Lake1:12000
Silver Lake1:6000
Silver Lake1:6000
Silver Lake1:6000
Silver Lake1:24000
Silver Lake1:6000
Silver Lake1:6000
Silver Lake1:6000
Silver Lake A1:6000
Silver Lake B1:12000
Silver Sand Lake1:6000
Simpson Lake1:6000
Sims Lake1:12000
Sinaminda Lake1:24000
Sinclair Lake1:24000
Singapore Lake1:12000
Siren Lake1:12000
Sisco Lake1:6000
Sitches Lake1:6000
Six Mile Lake1:24000
Six Mile Lake1:24000
Skeleton Lake1:24000
Skeleton Lake (Bayly)1:12000
Skirl Lake1:12000
Skookum Bay1:6000
Skookum Lake1:6000
Skootamatta Lake1:24000
Skorban Lake1:6000
S Lake1:6000
Slant Lake1:6000
Sleeper Green Lake1:6000
Sleep Lake1:12000
Sleith Lake1:12000
Slim Jim Lake1:12000
Slim Lake1:12000
Slipper Lake1:6000
Slipper Lake1:6000
Smiley Lake1:12000
Smilsky Lake 111:6000
Smilsky Lake 31:6000
Smith Lake1:6000
Smith Lake1:6000
Smith Lake1:12000
Smock Lake1:6000
Smoke Lake1:12000
Smokey Lake1:12000
Smoky Lake1:12000
Smoothrock Lake1:24000
Smoothwater Lake1:24000
Smudge Lake1:6000
Smye Lake1:12000
Smyth Lake1:12000
Snair Lake1:6000
Snakeskin Lake1:6000
Snap Lake1:6000
Snare Lake1:12000
Snare Lake1:6000
Snowfall Lake1:6000
Snowflake Lake1:12000
Snowflake Lake1:6000
Snyder Lake1:6000
Soldier Lake1:6000
Somme Lake1:6000
Sophies Lake Burleigh1:6000
Sorrell Lake1:6000
Souliere Lake1:6000
Soulier Lake1:12000
Souloup Lake1:6000
Source Lake1:12000
Southbear Lake1:6000
South Beaver Lake1:6000
South Branch Lake1:12000
South Coleman / Walter Lake1:6000
South Crook Lake1:6000
South Fallingsnow East Lake1:6000
South Fallingsnow West Lake1:6000
South Greenhill Lake1:12000
South Hammer Lake (White River)1:12000
South Jean Lake1:6000
South Kindred Lake (Unnamed L.)1:6000
South Lake1:6000
South Lake1:12000
South Lake1:12000
South McDonald Lake1:6000
South Moosehorn Lake1:6000
South Odin Lake1:6000
Southpine Lake1:6000
South Portage Lake1:6000
South Portage Lake1:6000
South Quinn Lake1:6000
South Scot Lake1:12000
South Tasso Lake1:6000
South Tower Lake1:6000
South Trout Lake1:12000
South Wapageisi Lake1:12000
South Wildcat Lake1:12000
Sowden Lake1:24000
Soyers Lake1:12000
Sparkling Lake1:24000
Sparks Lake1:6000
Spar Lake1:6000
Sparrow Lake1:6000
Speckled Trout Lake1:6000
Spectacle Lakes1:6000
Spence Lake1:12000
Spence Lake1:12000
Spider Creek1:12000
Spider Lake1:6000
Spine Lake1:12000
Spinweb Lake1:12000
Splitrock Lake1:12000
Spot Lake1:6000
Sprat Lake1:6000
Spree Lake1:12000
Spring Lake1:6000
Spring Lake1:12000
Spring Lake1:6000
Spring Lake A1:6000
Spring Lake B1:6000
Springpole Lake1:24000
Springwater Lake1:24000
Spruce Lake1:6000
Spruce Lake1:24000
Spruce Lake1:12000
Spur Lake1:6000
Square Lake1:6000
Square Lake (Southon Lake)1:12000
Squeers Lake1:12000
Stackpool Lake1:6000
Staley Lake1:6000
Stalker Lake1:6000
St. Amand Lake1:12000
St Andrews Lake1:6000
St. Andrews Lake1:6000
Stans Lake1:6000
St. Anthony Lake1:12000
Stanzhikimi Lake1:12000
Star Lake1:12000
Star Lake1:12000
Star Lake Alexandra1:6000
Starling Lake1:6000
Starnes Lake1:12000
Starvation Lake Bragg1:12000
St. Charles Lake1:6000
St. Edmunds Lake 101:6000
Steele Lake1:6000
Steenburg Lake1:12000
Steep Rock Lake1:12000
Stephen Lake1:12000
Stephens Lake1:6000
Stetham Lake1:12000
Stevenson Lake1:6000
Stevenson Lake1:6000
Stewart Lake1:6000
Stewart Lake1:6000
Stewart Lake1:12000
Stewart Lake1:12000
Stewleen Lake1:6000
Stilwell Lake1:12000
Stinson Lake1:6000
St. Julien Lake1:12000
St Leonard Lake1:12000
St Louis Lake1:6000
Stocking Lake1:6000
Stoco Lake1:12000
Stones Lake1:6000
Stoney Lake1:6000
Stony Lake1:12000
Stoplog Lake1:6000
Stormer Lake1:12000
Storm Lake1:6000
Storm Lake1:12000
Stormy Lake1:12000
Stormy Lake1:24000
Stormy Lake 1:12000
Stoughton Lake1:12000
Stout Lake1:6000
Stout Lake1:24000
Stover Lake1:6000
Straddlebug Lake1:6000
Straggle Lake1:12000
Straight Shore Lake1:6000
Strathdee Lake1:6000
Stratton Lake1:12000
Straw Lake1:12000
Streich Lake1:6000
Strickland Lake1:12000
Stringer Lake1:12000
Stringer Lake / Fosters Lake1:6000
Strouth Lake1:6000
Strums Lake1:6000
St. Thomas Reservoir1:6000
Stull Lake1:12000
Stump + High Falls Lake1:12000
Sturge Lake1:24000
Sturgeon Lake1:24000
Sturgeon Lake 331:6000
Sturgeon Lake 371:6000
Sucker Lake1:12000
Sucker Lake1:12000
Sugar Lake1:12000
Sugar Lake1:12000
Sullivan Lake1:6000
Summers Lake1:12000
Summit Lake1:6000
Summit Lake1:6000
Sunbow Lake1:12000
Sunday Lake1:6000
Sunday Lake1:6000
Sundial Lake1:12000
Sunken Lake (Crane)1:6000
Sun Lake1:12000
Sunlight Lake1:24000
Sunny Lake1:6000
Sunny Lake1:6000
Sunova Lake1:6000
Sunset Lake1:6000
Sunshine Lake Corkhill1:6000
Sup Lake1:12000
Supple Lake1:6000
Supply Lake1:6000
Surprise Lake1:6000
Surprise Lake1:6000
Surprise Lake1:12000
Surveyor Lake1:6000
Susanne Lake1:6000
Sutherland Lake1:6000
Sutton Lake1:24000
Suzuki Lake Beulah1:6000
Suzy Lake1:6000
Swallow Lake1:12000
Swan Lake1:12000
Swanson Lake1:6000
Sward Lake1:6000
Sweaks Pond1:6000
Sweet Lake1:12000
Sweezy Lake1:6000
Swillie Lake1:6000
Swimit Lake1:12000
Switzer Lake1:12000
Swordfingal Lake1:6000
Sword Lake1:12000
Sydenham Lake1:12000
Sydney Lake1:24000
Tadpole Lake1:12000
Tahill Lake1:6000
Talbot Lake1:12000
Talon Lake1:24000
Tanamakoon Lake1:12000
Tank Lake1:6000
Tarpaper Lake1:6000
Tarrison Lake B1:6000
Tarsan Lake1:6000
Tartan Lake1:6000
Tasso Lake1:12000
Tatachikapika Lake1:12000
Taylor Lake1:6000
Tea Lake1:12000
Tea Lake1:6000
Teal Lake1:6000
Teasdale L.1:12000
Tease Lake1:12000
Tedious Lake1:6000
Tee Lake1:6000
Tee Lake1:6000
Tee Lake1:6000
Teesdale Lake1:6000
Tees Lake1:6000
Teesquare Lake1:6000
Teeter Ass Lake1:6000
Teetzel Lake 151:6000
Teetzel Lake 51:6000
Telfer Lake1:12000
Tenho Lake1:6000
Ten Mile Lake1:6000
Ten Mile Lake1:24000
Tennants Pond1:6000
Tenth Lake1:6000
Tepee Lake1:6000
Terminal Lake1:6000
Tern Lake1:6000
Terrace Bay (White River)1:12000
Thaddeus Lake1:24000
That Mans Lake1:6000
The Crank1:6000
The Other Mans Lake1:6000
Theresa Lake1:12000
Thieving Bear Lake1:12000
Thirteen Island Lake1:12000
Thirty Island Lake1:12000
This Man Lake1:12000
Thom Lake1:6000
Thompson Lake1:6000
Thompson Lake1:6000
Thompson Lake1:6000
Thornbury Lake1:12000
Thorp Lake1:6000
Threecorner Lake1:24000
Three Island Lake1:12000
Three Legged Lake1:12000
Three Loon L.1:6000
Three Mile Lake1:24000
Three Mile Lake1:12000
Three Mile Lake1:6000
Three Mile Lake A1:12000
Three Mile Lake B1:6000
Threetrails Lake1:6000
Thumb Lake1:6000
Thunder Lake1:6000
Thunder Lake1:24000
Thunder Lake1:6000
Tide Lake1:24000
Tigger Lake1:6000
Tilden Lake1:12000
Tilia Lake1:12000
Tilton Lake1:6000
Timber Lake1:12000
Tim Lake1:6000
Tim Lake1:12000
Timmus Lake1:6000
Tingey Lake1:6000
Titmarsh Lake1:24000
Toad Lake1:24000
Tocheri Lake1:24000
Tomahawk Lake1:12000
Tomasina Lake1:6000
Tom Lake1:6000
Tom Smith Lake1:12000
Tom Thomson Lake1:12000
Tomtit Lake1:12000
Tonakela Lake1:6000
Tony Lake1:12000
Toobee Lake1:12000
Toodee Lake1:12000
Tooey Lake1:6000
Toor Lake1:6000
Toosee Lake1:6000
Tooth Lake1:6000
Toronto Lake1:24000
Torrance Lake1:12000
Tory Lake1:6000
Tory Lake1:6000
Totten Lake1:6000
Tower Lake1:6000
Tower Lake1:6000
Tower Lake A1:6000
Tower Lake / Chapleau Lake / Lake # 141:6000
Town Line Lake1:12000
Traill Lake1:6000
Trap Lake1:6000
Trap Lake1:12000
Trapline Lake1:12000
Trapnarrows Lake1:24000
Trapper Lake1:6000
Tremble Lake1:6000
Triangle Lake1:6000
Triangle Lake1:12000
Triangular Lake1:24000
Tricorn Lake1:6000
Trident Lake1:12000
Triple Lake1:6000
Trodd Lake #141:6000
Trotter Lake1:12000
Trotter Lake1:6000
Troutbait Lake1:6000
Trout Creek1:6000
Troutfly Lake1:12000
Troutfly Lake1:24000
Trout L.1:6000
Trout Lake1:12000
Trout Lake1:12000
Trout Lake1:12000
Trout Lake1:48000
Trout Lake1:12000
Trout Lake1:12000
Trout Lake1:24000
Trout Lake1:6000
Trout Lake1:12000
Trout Lake1:12000
Trout Lake1:24000
Troutspawn Lake1:12000
Truax Lake1:12000
Trump Lake1:12000
Tuesday Lake (Unnamed L.)1:6000
Tukanee Lake1:12000
Tuktegweik Lake1:12000
Tulleys Pond1:6000
Tupman Lake1:12000
Turkey Lake1:6000
Turkey Lake1:12000
Turtle lake1:24000
Turtle Lake1:6000
Turtle Lake1:6000
Turtle Lake1:12000
Turtle Lake1:12000
Turtle Lake1:12000
Turtle Lake1:6000
Turtlepond Lake1:6000
Tutu Lake1:12000
Twain Lake1:12000
Twelve Lake1:6000
Twelve Mile Lake1:12000
Twenty Minute Lake1:6000
Twentythree Mile Lake1:6000
Twinhouse Lake1:12000
Twin Lakes1:6000
Twin Lakes1:6000
Twin Lakes / Hilton Lake1:6000
Twin Mountain Lake1:6000
Twinredblox Lake1:6000
Twintoor Lakes1:6000
Twist Lake1:12000
Two Island Lake1:12000
Two Islands Lake1:6000
Two River Lake1:24000
Tyne Lake1:6000
Tyrell Lake1:12000
Tyson Channel1:6000
Tyson Lake1:24000
Ukalet Lake1:6000
Umfreville Lake1:24000
Unamed lake betweem Cranebill and Lilypond lakes1:6000
Underhill Lake1:6000
Uneven Lake1:24000
Unexpected Lake1:24000
Union Lake1:12000
University Lake1:12000
Unknown Lake1:6000
Unnamed 141:6000
Unnamed Lake1:6000
Unnamed Lake # 341:6000
Unnamed Lake, Beulah1:6000
Unnamed Lake North Kawartha1:6000
Unnamed Lake Paxton1:6000
Unnamed Lake Proudfoot1:6000
Upper Beverley Lake1:12000
Upper Cardiff Lake1:6000
Upper Cranberry Lake1:6000
Upper Crane Lake1:6000
Upper Grassy Lake1:12000
Upper Grindstone Lake1:6000
Upper Hunters Lake1:6000
Upper Island Lake1:12000
Upper Kaogomok Lake1:12000
Upper Kasasway Lake1:12000
Upper Kawa Lake1:6000
Upper Lola Lake1:12000
Upper Mace Lake1:12000
Upper Mazinaw Lake1:24000
Upper Medicine Stone Lake1:24000
Upper One Island Lake1:6000
Upper Oxbow Lake1:6000
Upper Pancake Lake1:12000
Upper Partridge Lake1:6000
Upper Raven Lake1:6000
Upper Redstone Lake1:6000
Upper Rideau River1:24000
Upper Rock Lake1:6000
Upper Shebandowan Lake1:24000
Upper Slate Lake1:12000
Upper Twin Lake1:12000
Upper Twin Lake1:24000
Upper Wapesi Lake1:12000
Uranium Lake1:12000
Urbach Lake1:6000
Urquhart Lake1:6000
Usnac Lake1:12000
Valiant Lake1:6000
Vandenbrooks Lake1:12000
Vanessa Lake1:12000
Vanhorn Lake1:6000
van Nostrand Lake1:6000
Van Nostrand Lake1:12000
Vanreek Lake1:6000
Varty Lake1:12000
Vasseau Lake1:6000
Vedette Lake1:12000
Venetian Lake1:24000
Vermilion Lake1:24000
Verner Lake1:6000
Veronica Lake1:12000
Verte Lake Duff1:6000
Vickers Lake1:24000
Vick Lake1:12000
Victoria Lake1:6000
Victoria Lake1:24000
Victoria Lakes 31:6000
Vincent Lake1:24000
Vincent Lake/Hooker Lake1:6000
Vista Lake1:24000
Vista Lake (Twist Lake)1:12000
Vivid Lake1:12000
Vixen Lake1:6000
V Lake Mayo Twp1:6000
Volks Lake1:12000
Voltaire Lake1:12000
Vrooman Lake1:6000
Wababimiga Lake1:24000
Wabagishik Lake1:12000
Wabakimi Lake1:24000
Wabaskang Lake1:24000
Wabicock Lake1:6000
Wabigoon Lake1:6000
Wabigoon River1:12000
Wabikoba Lake1:12000
Wabikon Lake1:12000
Wabun Lake1:6000
Wachusk Lake1:24000
Wade Lake1:6000
Wadsworth Lake1:12000
Wagner Lake1:6000
Wagong Lake1:12000
Wahwashkesh Lake1:24000
Wakami Lake1:24000
Wakomata Lake1:24000
Walden Lake1:12000
Walker Lake1:6000
Walker Lake1:12000
Walker Lake1:6000
Walkom Lake1:12000
Wallace Lake1:6000
Wallace Pond Sherborne1:6000
Walleye Lake (Kenora)1:12000
Walmsley Lake1:12000
Walotka Lake1:12000
Walton Lake1:6000
Wanamaker Lake1:6000
Wanamaker Lake1:6000
Wanapitei Lake1:24000
Wanatangua Lake1:6000
Wanzatika Lake1:12000
Waonga Lake1:12000
Wapageisi Lake1:24000
Wapesi Lake1:24000
Wapikopa Lake1:24000
Warclub Lake1:12000
Ward Lake1:6000
Ward Lake1:6000
War Eagle Lake1:12000
Warner Lake1:6000
Warner Lake1:12000
Warpats Lake1:6000
Warwick Lake1:24000
Wasaksina Lake1:12000
Waseosa Lake1:12000
Washagami Lake1:12000
Washagomis Lake1:24000
Washa Lake1:6000
Wasicho Lake1:12000
Wasp Lake1:6000
Watabeag Lake1:24000
Watch Lake1:12000
Waterclear Lake1:6000
Waterfall Lake1:12000
Waterford Ponds1:12000
Waterford Ponds1:6000
Waterford Ponds (Bass Lake)1:6000
Waterford Ponds (Crusher Pond)1:6000
Waterford Ponds (Indian Pond)1:6000
Waterhouse Lake1:6000
Waterhouse Lake1:12000
Waterloo Lake1:12000
Watersnake Lake1:12000
Watson Lake1:12000
Watt Lake1:6000
Wauchope Lake1:12000
Waugush Lake1:6000
Wavell Lake1:24000
Wavy Lake1:12000
Wawa Lake (lac Wawa)1:12000
Wawa Lakes1:12000
Wawang Lake1:24000
Waweig Lake1:24000
Waweya Lake1:6000
Wawiashkashi Lake1:12000
Wawong Lake1:24000
Waxatike Lake1:12000
Weagamow Lake1:24000
Weagamow Lake1:12000
Weagamow Lake1:24000
Weasel Lake Valin1:6000
Weashkog L.1:6000
Weaver Lake1:24000
Weckstrom Lake1:6000
Wedge Lake1:6000
Weed Lake1:6000
Wee Lake1:6000
Weese Lake1:24000
Wee Trout Lake1:6000
Weewullee Lake1:6000
Wegg Lake1:24000
Welch Lake1:6000
Weller Lake1:12000
Wenasaga Lake1:24000
Wendigo Lake1:6000
Wendigo Lake1:12000
Wenebegon Lake1:24000
Weslemkoon Lake1:24000
Wesleyan Lake1:24000
Wesley Lake1:12000
West Andre Lake1:12000
Westaway Lake1:6000
West Bass Lake1:6000
West Chain Lake Mayo1:6000
West Ermine Lake1:6000
West Harry Lake1:12000
West Headstone Lake1:6000
West Huronian Lake1:6000
West Jackfish Lake1:24000
West Joco Lake / Sucker Lake1:6000
West Kabenung Lake 1:24000
West Lacasse Lake1:12000
West Lake1:24000
West Lake1:6000
West Larkin Lake1:12000
West Macdonalds Lake1:6000
Westmeath Lake 11:6000
West Neely Lake1:12000
West Norway Lake1:6000
Westover Lake1:12000
West Pennock1:6000
Westport Sand Lake1:12000
West Quinn Lake1:6000
West Ritchie Lake1:6000
West Shining Tree Lake1:12000
West Smith Lake1:6000
West Trump Lake1:6000
West Twin Lake1:6000
Westward Lake1:6000
West Windigoostigwan Lake1:12000
Whalen Lake1:12000
Whalley Lake1:12000
Whalsom Lake1:12000
Whetstone Lake1:6000
Whirlpool Lake1:6000
Whiskeyjack Lake1:6000
Whiskeyjack Lake1:6000
Whiskey Lake1:24000
Whistle Lake1:12000
White Bark Lake1:6000
Whitebirch Lake1:6000
White Birch Lake1:6000
Whiteduck Lake1:6000
Whitefish Lake1:6000
Whitefish Lake1:12000
Whitefish Lake1:12000
Whitefish Lake1:24000
Whitefish Lake1:24000
White Granite Lake1:6000
White Lake1:12000
White Lake1:24000
White Lake1:12000
White Lake1:24000
White Mountain Bay1:6000
Whitemud Lake1:24000
White Otter Lake1:12000
White Otter Lake1:24000
White Pine Lake1:6000
White Pine Lake1:12000
White River Lake1:6000
White Rock Lake1:6000
Whitesand Lake1:12000
Whitespruce Lake1:6000
Whitestone Lake1:12000
Whitestone Lake1:24000
White Trout Bay1:6000
Whitney Lake1:6000
Whitson Lake1:12000
Whoopy Island Lake / Sunny cove1:24000
Whopper Lake1:6000
Whyte Lake1:6000
Wickett Lake1:6000
Wicklow Lake1:6000
Wicksteed Lake1:12000
Wicksteed Lake1:24000
Wideman Lake1:6000
Widgeon Lake1:6000
Widgeon Lake A1:6000
Widgeon Lake Proudfoot1:6000
Wife Lake1:6000
Wig Lake1:12000
Wigwasan Lake1:12000
Wigwasikak Lake1:12000
Wilbermere Lake1:6000
Wilber (Mud) Lake1:12000
Wilbur Lake1:6000
Wilcox Lake1:24000
Wilcox Lake1:6000
Wilcox Lake1:6000
Wildcat Lake1:12000
Wilder Lake1:6000
Wildgoose Lake1:24000
Wild Lake1:12000
Wiley Lake1:6000
Wiley's Lake1:6000
Wilkie Lake1:6000
Willard Lake1:12000
Williams Lake1:6000
Williams Lake1:24000
Willis Lake1:24000
Williston Lake1:12000
Willow Lake1:6000
Wilson Lake1:12000
Wilson Lake1:12000
Wilson Lake1:12000
Wilson Lake1:6000
Wilson Lake1:6000
Wiltse Lake1:12000
Winchester Lake1:6000
Windigokan Lake1:12000
Windigo Lake1:12000
Windigoostigwan Lake1:24000
Windsor Lake1:24000
Windy Lake1:24000
Windy Lake1:6000
Wine Lake1:6000
Wingiskus Lake1:24000
Wing Lake1:6000
Winisk Lake1:48000
Winnange Lake1:24000
Wintering Lake1:24000
Wintering Lake1:24000
Winter Lake1:6000
Wish Lake1:6000
Withington Lake1:12000
Wizard Lake1:12000
Wolf Camp Lake1:6000
Wolfe Lake1:24000
Wolfe Lake1:6000
Wolf L.1:6000
Wolf Lake1:12000
Wolf Lake1:6000
Wolf Lake1:12000
Wolf Lake1:6000
Wolf Lake1:12000
Wolf Lake1:12000
Wolf Lake1:6000
Wolf Lake1:12000
Wolfsbane Lake1:6000
Wolverton Lake1:6000
Woman Lake1:24000
Wood Lake1:12000
Wood Lake1:6000
Woodosgoon Lake1:12000
Woodrow Lake1:6000
Worth Lake1:12000
Wreck Lake1:6000
Wrench Lake1:6000
Wren Lake1:6000
Wren Lake + + Little Wren Lake1:6000
Wright's Lake1:6000
Wrights Lake1:6000
Wunnummin Lake1:24000
Wuskwi Lake1:6000
Wyder Lake1:12000
Wye Lake1:6000
Wylie Lake1:6000
Wylie Lake1:6000
Wyse Lake1:6000
Yankton Lake1:6000
Yantha Lake1:6000
Yapp Lake1:12000
Yellowhammer Lake1:12000
Yeo Lake1:12000
Yoke Lake1:12000
Young Lake1:6000
Young Lake1:12000
Young Lake1:12000
Young Lake #151:6000
Your Lake1:12000
Yoyo Lake1:6000
Yuill Lake1:6000
Zadi Lake1:12000
Zeller Lake1:12000
Zelneys Lake1:6000
Zinger Lake1:12000
Zola Lake1:12000
6J29 (White River)1:6000
163, L.1:6000
6J25 (White River)1:6000