Nautical Charts App - Demo Videos

Watch videos illustrating features of the nautical charts app. Its the only app to offer voice activate route assistance (selected devices only - iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Windows, MacOS, QNX based devices). Click here to Purchase Marine Charts App.

We have created a set of video tutorials for i-Boating

i-Boating: Download Offline Marine charts

i-Boating: Creating New WayPoints

i-Boating: App Settings

i-Boating: Auto Routing

i-Boating: Manual Route Editing

i-Boating: Marine Weather Forecasts


Gps Nautical Charts for iPhone and iPad



Gps Nautical Charts for Android Phone/Tablet and QNX based devices



Gps Nautical Charts for  Blackberry Phone


Gps Nautical Charts is the first marine navigation blackberry app to offer fully offline GPS marine charts.