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Modern Android devices(OS 4.4 or higher)

i-Boating Vector Charts App(OS 4.4 or higher)
We support all Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Asus, Google Pixel devices

Windows 7 and higher

Windows 64-bit installer

Windows 32-bit installer

Mac OS (OS 10.12.0 or higher)

i-Boating For Mac OS (OS 10.12. 0 or higher)
We support all Macbooks running OS 10.12 or higher

We support almost all BlackBerry® devices. These include TorchTM, StormTM, BoldTM, TourTM, CurveTM, PearlTM. We support all devices running BlackBerry OS version 4.2 and above. If you don't see your Blackberry listed here, please contact us here, we will update the list.

Blackberry has a TOUCH screen

Blackberry does **NOT** have a touch screen

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