Mac ENC Chart Plotter / Mac Marine Navigation

i-Boating is available for Mac OS 10.12.0 or higher.  Most external GPS receivers (Bluetooth, USB, Serial etC) are supported as long as they support a serial port profile for Mac OS.


Install i-Boating Mac ENC Chart Plotter

Click on the link below to download the i-Boating application installer for macbook. Once downloaded click on it and follow the instructions to install it.


GPS Support in i-Boating for Mac OS

We have tested i-Boating Mac ENC plotter against several external GPS receivers - bluetooth, USB etc. Please download the version directly from the link above and verify it against your device.

  • External GPS receivers (USB, Bluetooth etc)
  • Any NMEA GPS stream over TCP/UDP 


AIS Support in Mac ENC Chartplotter

All AIS features supported in our iOS and Android version are supported for Mac OS as well. In addition to AIS data source over wifi, the Mac OS version is able to read AIS stream over external AIS receivers (USB, Bluetooth).

  • AIS over external USB / Bluetooth AIS receivers
  • AIS over wifi (TCP/UDP)

i-Boating Marine Navigation for Mac OS Features

  • GPS  Auto Follow with real time track overlay
  • Track Recording
  • AIS
  • Route Editing and Way Points
  • Custom Depth Shading, Depth offset and depth units
  • Route Assistance
  • Distance Bearing Tool
  • Change basemap to Street Maps or Satellite Imagery
  • Track / Route overlay and Animation
  • Share tracks as GPX files
  • Import GPX/KMZ Files