Haliburton District Fishing Maps

Looking for fishing distinations in Haliburton District? Our app supports the following lake maps in Haliburton District. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Lake / Marine Chart TitleScale
Adams Lake1:6000
Algonquin Park Lake / Whitefish Lake1:12000
Allen Lake1:12000
Austin Lake1:6000
Avery's Lake1:6000
Band Lake1:6000
Bark Lake1:12000
Barnum Lake1:6000
Basshaunt Lake1:6000
Bat Lake1:6000
Beanpole Lake1:6000
Bear Lake1:12000
Bear Lake1:24000
Beech Lake1:12000
Beer Lake1:6000
Benoir Lake1:12000
Bentshoe Lake1:6000
Big Brother Lake1:6000
Big Hawk Lake1:12000
Big Trout Lake1:12000
Billings Lake1:12000
Bitter Lake1:6000
Bivouac Lake1:6000
Blackcat Lake1:6000
Black Lake1:6000
Black Lake1:6000
Blue Hawk Lake1:6000
Blue Lake1:6000
Blue Lake1:6000
Bluepaint Lake1:6000
Bob Lake1:12000
Boshkung Lake1:12000
Boundary Lake1:6000
Bow Lake1:6000
Brady Lake1:12000
Bright Lake1:6000
Buckskin Lake1:6000
Buckskin Lake1:6000
Burdock Lake1:6000
Bushwolf Lake1:6000
Camp Lake1:6000
Canning Lake1:12000
Cedar Lake1:6000
Centre Lake1:12000
Charcoal Lake / Burnt Lake1:6000
Cinder Lake1:12000
Clayton Lake1:6000
Clean Lake1:12000
Clear Lake / Buller Lake1:6000
Clement Lake1:6000
Clinto Lake1:12000
Coburn Lake1:6000
Cockle Lake1:6000
Cod Lake1:6000
Coleman Lake1:6000
Cope Lake1:6000
Copper Lake1:6000
Cranberry Lake1:6000
Crown Creek1:6000
Crown Lake1:12000
Cruiser Lake1:6000
Dagger Lake1:6000
Davis Lake1:12000
Deer Lake1:12000
Delphis Lake1:6000
Denna Lake1:6000
Depot Lake1:6000
Diamond Lake A1:12000
Dixie Lake A1:6000
Dog Lake1:6000
Drag Lake1:24000
Duck Lake1:6000
Eagle Lake1:12000
East Galipo Lake1:6000
East Jeannie Lakes1:6000
East Lake1:6000
East Lake1:6000
East Paint Lake1:6000
Eels Lake1:24000
Eiler Lake1:6000
Elephant Lake1:24000
Esson Lake1:12000
Eyre Lake1:6000
Farm Bay Lake1:6000
Farquhar Lake1:12000
Fletcher Lake1:12000
Fortescue Lake1:6000
Fourcorner Lake1:12000
Galeairy Lake1:24000
German Lake1:6000
Glamor Lake1:12000
Glennie Lake1:6000
Gooderham Lake1:12000
Goodwin Lake1:6000
Grace Lake1:12000
Grass Lake1:6000
Green Canoe Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:12000
Guilford Lake1:6000
Gull Lake1:24000
Haas Lake1:6000
Haliburton Lake1:24000
Halls Lake1:12000
Harburn Lake1:6000
Hardings Lake1:6000
Harvey Lake1:6000
Havelock Lake1:12000
Hay Lake1:12000
Head Lake1:6000
Hindon Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake1:12000
Horseshoe Lake / Rustyshoe Lake1:6000
Hosiery Lake1:6000
Hudson Lake1:6000
Hurricane Lake1:6000
Hurst Lake1:6000
Ike's Pond1:6000
Johnson Lake1:12000
Jordan Lake1:6000
Kabakwa Lake1:12000
Kashagawigamog Lake1:12000
Kelly Lake1:12000
Kennisis Lake1:24000
Kimball Lake1:12000
Kingscote Lake1:12000
Klaxon Lake1:6000
Koshlong Lake1:12000
Kushog Lake1:12000
Lake of Bays1:24000
Lake St. Nora1:12000
Leaf Lake1:6000
Limburner Lake1:6000
Lipsy Lake1:6000
Little Birchy Lake1:6000
Little Black Lake1:6000
Little Bob Lake1:6000
Little Bob Lake1:12000
Little Boshkung Lake1:12000
Little Buckhorn Lake1:6000
Little Cameron Lake1:6000
Little Dudmon Lake1:6000
Little East Lake1:6000
Little Echo Lake1:6000
Little Esson Lake1:6000
Little Glamor Lake1:6000
Little Gull Lake1:6000
Little Harburn Lake1:6000
Little Hawk Lake1:12000
Little Kennisis Lake1:12000
Little Otter Lake1:6000
Livingstone Lake1:12000
Lochlin Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Pond1:6000
Loon Lake1:12000
Louie Lake1:6000
Lower Cardiff Lake1:6000
Lower Crane Lake1:6000
Lower Fletcher Lake (Skin)1:6000
Lower Paudash Lake1:12000
Lower Welch Lake1:6000
Lowry Lake1:6000
Macdonald Lake1:12000
Madawaska Lake1:12000
Maple Lake1:6000
Maple Lake1:12000
Marsden Lake1:12000
McCue Lake1:6000
McFadden Lake1:6000
Millichamp Lake1:6000
Millward Lake1:6000
Minden Lake1:6000
Minnicock Lake1:6000
Miskwabi Lake1:12000
Monck Lake1:12000
Monmouth Lake1:6000
Moore Lake1:12000
Moore Lake1:6000
Moose Lake1:12000
Morrow Lake1:6000
Mountain Lake1:12000
Mountain Lake1:6000
Mouse Lake1:6000
Nehemiah Lake1:6000
Niger Lake1:6000
No-Name Lake1:6000
North Lake1:6000
North Pigeon Lake1:6000
Nugget Lake1:6000
Nunikani Lake1:12000
Oblong Lake1:12000
One Island Lake1:6000
Otterhead Lake1:6000
Oxtongue Lake1:12000
Park Lake1:6000
Paudash Lake1:12000
Pauper Lake1:6000
Pelaw Lake1:6000
Percy Lake1:12000
Pine Lake1:12000
Poker Lake1:6000
Poorhouse Lake1:6000
Portage Lake1:6000
Powderhorn Lake1:6000
Pusey Lake1:6000
Raddan Lake1:6000
Ragged Lake1:12000
Rainbow Lake1:6000
Rainy Lake1:6000
Raven Lake1:12000
Red Pine Lake1:12000
Redstone Lake1:24000
Ronald Lake1:6000
Ross Lake1:6000
Salerno Lake1:12000
Saranack Lake1:6000
Scrabble Lake1:12000
Sheldon Lake1:6000
Sherborne Lake1:12000
Shoelace Lake1:6000
Silent Lake1:12000
Silver Buck Lake1:6000
Silver Doe Lake1:6000
Slipper Lake1:6000
Snap Lake1:6000
South Beaver Lake1:6000
South Jean Lake1:6000
South Lake1:12000
South McDonald Lake1:6000
South Portage Lake1:6000
South Wildcat Lake1:12000
Soyers Lake1:12000
Spar Lake1:6000
Speckled Trout Lake1:6000
Spider Lake1:6000
Sprat Lake1:6000
Spruce Lake1:12000
Stocking Lake1:6000
Stormy Lake1:12000
Straggle Lake1:12000
Sunken Lake (Crane)1:6000
Sward Lake1:6000
Tedious Lake1:6000
Thompson Lake1:6000
Thumb Lake1:6000
Tingey Lake1:6000
Tory Lake1:6000
Troutspawn Lake1:12000
Twelve Mile Lake1:12000
Two Islands Lake1:6000
Upper Cardiff Lake1:6000
Upper Crane Lake1:6000
Upper Redstone Lake1:6000
Wallace Pond Sherborne1:6000
Welch Lake1:6000
West Lake1:6000
White Lake1:12000
White Trout Bay1:6000
Wilbermere Lake1:6000
Wilbur Lake1:6000
Wildcat Lake1:12000
Wiley's Lake1:6000
Wolf Lake1:6000
Wolf Lake1:12000
Wolfsbane Lake1:6000
Wren Lake + + Little Wren Lake1:6000
Yankton Lake1:6000
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