Algoma District Fishing Maps

Looking for fishing distinations in Algoma District? Our app supports the following lake maps in Algoma District. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Lake / Marine Chart TitleScale
6J25 (White River)1:6000
6J29 (White River)1:6000
Achigan Lake1:12000
Adelaide Lake1:12000
Aframe Lake1:6000
Allenby Lake1:12000
Allen Lake1:6000
Alma Lake1:12000
Aloft Lake1:12000
Anita Lake1:6000
Anjigami Lake1:24000
Anvil Lake1:12000
Appleby Lake1:6000
Armitage Lake1:12000
Armour Lake1:6000
Army L.1:6000
Arnott Lake1:12000
Arthur Lake1:6000
Astonish Lake1:6000
Aubrey Lake1:24000
Audrey Lake1:6000
Awameg Lake1:6000
Axe Lake1:12000
Baby Lake1:6000
Bailey Lake1:6000
Baldhead Lake1:6000
Banana Lake1:6000
Bare Tent Lake1:6000
Bark Lake1:24000
Barr Lake1:6000
Bass Lake / Thurston Lake1:12000
Basswood Lake1:24000
Bauldry Lake1:6000
Bay Lake1:12000
Bayview Lake1:6000
Beak Lake1:12000
Bearhead Lake1:12000
Beaton Lake1:12000
Beaver Lake1:6000
Beilhartz Lake1:6000
Beishlag Lake / Fairy Lake1:6000
Belanger Lake1:6000
Bernard Lake1:6000
Berry Lake1:12000
Bevans Lake1:6000
Beyond Lake1:6000
Bierce Lake1:6000
Big Lake1:12000
Big Moon Lake1:12000
Big Rice Lake1:12000
Big Skunk Lake1:12000
Bijou Lake1:6000
Bilton Lake1:6000
Birch Lake1:6000
Birch Lake1:12000
Bittern Lake1:12000
Blackfish Lake1:12000
Black Trout Lake1:12000
Boat Lake1:6000
Bobowash Lake1:6000
Bogle Lake1:6000
Boice Lake1:6000
Bojack Lake1:6000
Boland Lake1:6000
Bolgers Lake1:6000
Bone Lake1:6000
Boss Lake1:6000
Bouck L. 211:6000
Boumage Lake1:12000
Boundary Lake1:12000
Boundary Lake A1:6000
Bound Lake1:12000
Bourinot Lake1:12000
Boyer Lake1:6000
Bremner Lake1:6000
Bridge Lake1:6000
Bridget Lake1:6000
Bright Lake1:24000
Brilliant Lake1:6000
Brock Lakes1:6000
Brown Lake1:6000
Brown Lake A1:6000
Brownlee Lake1:6000
Brunswick Lake1:24000
Buchanan Lake1:12000
Buck Lake1:6000
Buckshot Lake1:6000
Bukwaskeagog (Buck) Lake1:12000
Burden Lake1:6000
Burnfield Lake1:12000
Burnt Lake1:6000
Burnt Lake1:6000
Burrows Lake1:12000
Busch Lake1:6000
Byrnes Lake1:6000
Callahan Lake1:6000
Cameron Lake1:24000
Canoe Lake1:12000
Canoe Lake1:6000
Cantin Lake1:6000
Caribou Lake1:12000
Caribou Lake1:12000
Carpenter Lake1:12000
Carpenter Lake1:6000
Casselman's Lake1:12000
Castra Lake1:6000
Cataract Lake1:12000
Catfish Lake1:12000
Caysee Lake1:6000
Cedar Lake1:6000
Cedar Lake1:6000
Chalmers Lake Sault Ste Marie1:6000
Charette Lake1:6000
Chiblow Lake1:24000
Chipman Lake1:6000
Christie Lake1:6000
Christman L.1:6000
Chub Lake1:12000
Cinder Lake1:6000
Claim Lake1:6000
Claire Lake1:6000
Clara Lake1:6000
Clear Lake1:12000
Clearwater Lake1:6000
Closs Lake1:6000
Cobre Lake1:12000
Colette Lake1:6000
Conacher Lake1:12000
Constance Lake1:12000
Cooper Lake1:6000
Cooper Lake1:12000
Coppens Lake / Lake # 131:6000
Copper Lake1:12000
Copp Lake1:6000
Corine Lake1:12000
Cotton Lake1:6000
Crain Lake1:6000
Cranberry Lake1:12000
Crayfish Lake1:12000
Cree Lake1:6000
Crescent Lake1:6000
Crooked Lakes1:12000
Crouch Lake1:12000
Crozier Lake1:6000
Cruise Lake1:6000
Crystal Lake1:6000
Crystal Lake1:6000
Crystal Lake Wawa1:6000
Cumming's Lake1:12000
Curry Lake1:12000
Cypress Lake1:12000
Dad Lake1:6000
Daisy Mae Lake1:6000
Damn Lake1:6000
Danny Lake1:12000
Darragh Lake1:12000
Darrell Lake1:12000
Davis Lake1:6000
Dayohessarah Lake1:24000
Dead Otter Lake1:6000
Dean Lake1:12000
Deep Lake1:6000
Deil Lake (Devil's Lake)1:12000
Delink Lake1:12000
Delusion Lake1:6000
Depot Lake1:12000
Deresti Lake1:6000
Desayeux Lake1:6000
Deschamp Lake1:12000
Dewy Log Lake1:6000
Dick Lake1:12000
Dismal Lake1:6000
Distant Lake1:6000
Doc Greig Lake1:6000
Dodds Lake1:6000
Dog Lake1:24000
Dolan L.1:6000
Dollyberry Lake1:12000
Dossier Lake1:6000
Dubbelewe Lake1:12000
Dumbell Lake1:12000
Dunlop Lake1:24000
Duval Lake1:12000
Ear Lake1:6000
East Bull Lake + Little Bull Lake1:12000
East Caribou Lake1:12000
East Government Lake1:12000
Echo Lake1:6000
Elbow Lake1:12000
Elbow Lake1:12000
Elephant Lake1:6000
Elliot L.1:12000
Ellisam Lake Sault Ste Marie1:6000
Emerald Lake1:12000
Emil Lake1:6000
Emond Lake1:6000
Endikai Lake1:12000
Eric Lake1:6000
Esker Lake1:6000
Esnagi Lake1:24000
Esten Lake1:12000
Evans Lake1:6000
Evelyn Lake1:6000
Ezma Lake1:12000
Fern Lake1:12000
Fido Lake1:6000
Fillion L.1:6000
Finger Lake1:6000
Finn Lake1:6000
Finn Lake1:6000
Fish Lake1:6000
Flack Lake1:24000
Flag Lake1:6000
Flamingo Lake1:6000
Flanders Lake1:12000
Flying Goose Lake1:6000
Forge Lake1:6000
Foster Lake1:12000
Fournier Lake1:6000
Fox L.1:6000
Francis Lake A1:6000
Francois Lake1:6000
Franklin Lake1:6000
Franks Lake1:6000
Frater Lake1:6000
Friendly Lake / Round Lake1:6000
Fritz Lake 241:6000
Frying Pan Lake1:6000
Fungus Lake (White River)1:12000
Gagnon Lake1:6000
Gamitagama Lake1:12000
Gander Lake1:6000
Garden Lake1:12000
Gaunt Lake 121:6000
Gavor Lake1:12000
Gavor Lake1:12000
Gibberry Lake1:6000
Gibby Lake1:6000
Gib Lake1:12000
Gibson Lake1:12000
Gimlet Lake1:6000
Gladstone Lake1:6000
Glasgow Lake1:24000
Glenn L.1:6000
Goldie Lake1:12000
Goodlookin Lake1:6000
Gordon Lake1:12000
Goulais Lake1:12000
Government Lake1:12000
Graham Lake1:12000
Granary Lake1:12000
Grandeur Lake1:12000
Grant Lake1:12000
Grasett Lake1:6000
Gravel Lake1:6000
Gravelpit Lake1:6000
Graveyard Lake1:12000
Greenhorn Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:6000
Grey Trout Lake1:12000
Griffin Lake1:12000
Grindstone Lake1:6000
Grouse Lake1:6000
Gullbeak Lake1:12000
Gull Lake1:12000
Gunterman L. 191:6000
Gunterman L. 71:6000
Gusty Lake1:6000
Haken Lake1:12000
Hammer Lake1:12000
Hanes Lake1:12000
Harry Lake1:6000
Hart Lake A1:6000
Havilah Lake1:6000
Hawk Lake1:12000
Heal Lake1:6000
Helenbar Lake1:12000
Herbage Lake1:12000
Heyden Lake1:6000
Hiawatha Lake1:12000
Highland Lake1:6000
Hilltop Lake1:6000
Hobobunk Or Belle Lake1:6000
Hobon Lake1:12000
Homepayne Lake1:6000
Hook Lake # 271:6000
Horner Lake1:12000
Horseshoe Lake1:12000
Horseshoe Lake1:6000
Hough Lake1:12000
Howard Lake Sault Ste Marie1:6000
Huff Lake1:12000
Hugli Lake / Mountain Lake1:6000
Humberstone Lake1:6000
Huston Lake1:6000
Hyslop Lake1:6000
Indian Lake1:6000
Inlet Lake1:12000
Insect Lake1:6000
Iron Lake1:12000
Izaak Lake1:6000
Jarvis Lake1:6000
Jerrards Lake Vasiloff1:6000
Jet Lake1:6000
Jim Christ Lake1:6000
Jimmy Lake1:6000
Jobammageeshig Lake1:12000
Jubilee Lake1:6000
Junction Lake1:6000
Kabenung Lake1:12000
Kabinakagami Lake1:24000
Kabinakagamisis Lake1:24000
Kapuskasing Lake1:24000
Katzenbach Lake1:12000
Kaufman Lake1:6000
Kecil Lake1:12000
Keelor Lake1:12000
Kennedy Lake1:12000
Kenny Lake1:6000
Kenshoe Lake1:6000
Kindiogami Lake1:12000
Kings Lake1:12000
Kinniwabi Lake1:12000
Kinsman Pond1:6000
Kirkpatrick Lake1:24000
Klondyke Lakes1:12000
Knife Lake1:12000
Kwagama Lake1:12000
Kwinkwaga Lake1:24000
Labitiche Lake (Gull Lake)1:12000
Lac aux Sables1:24000
Lac de Zajac1:6000
La Cloche1:24000
Lake 17H-11:6000
Lake # 201:6000
Lake 2J 68 Bailloquet1:6000
Lake 621:6000
Lake 6-J-30 (White River)1:6000
Lake 8241:6000
Lake Hope1:6000
Lake In Algoma1:6000
Lake No 10, Foucault1:6000
Lake No 11, Sault Ste Marie1:6000
Lake No 17 Prescott1:6000
Lake No 1, Hoffman1:6000
Lake No 24 District 441:12000
Lake No 2 North Shore1:6000
Lake No 2 Sault Ste Marie1:6000
Lake No 3 Proctor1:6000
Lake No 44 Winkler1:6000
Lake No 4, Smilsky1:6000
Lake No 9 Jarvis1:6000
Lake Number 681:6000
Lake One1:6000
Lake Placid1:12000
Laker No. 171:6000
Lake Twentythree1:6000
Lands And Forests Lake No 781:12000
Lands And Forests Lake No 81:6000
Lang Lake1:12000
Lapworth Lake1:12000
Laurence Lake1:6000
Lauzon Lake1:24000
LaVerendrye Lake 51:6000
Lees Lake1:6000
Leishman Lake1:6000
Lelonde Lake1:6000
Lena Lake1:12000
Lepp Lake1:6000
Lewis Lake1:6000
Lillie Lake1:6000
Lillybet Lake1:12000
Little Basswood Lake1:12000
Little Cameron Lake1:12000
Little Cedar Lake1:6000
Little Chelsea Lake1:6000
Little Chiblow Lake1:12000
Little Dossier Lake1:6000
Little Duck Lake1:6000
Little La Cloche1:12000
Little Lafoe Lake1:6000
Little Moon Lake1:12000
Little Pickerel Lake1:12000
Little Quirke Lake1:12000
Little Rice Lake1:6000
Little Serpent Lake1:12000
Little Trout1:6000
Lizard Lake1:6000
Lobo Lake1:12000
Location Lake1:12000
Lola Lake1:12000
Lonely Lake1:12000
Long Lake1:6000
Loon Lake1:6000
Loon Lake1:6000
Loon Lake1:6000
Loon Lake (Lake No. 65)1:12000
Loonskin Lake1:12000
Lost Lake1:6000
Lost Loon Lake1:6000
Lovely Lake / Lake # 71:6000
Lower Island Lake1:6000
Lower Mace Lake1:12000
Lower Minnipuka Lake1:12000
Lower Ritchie Lake1:6000
Lucille Lake1:6000
Lucus Lake1:12000
Lyre Lake1:6000
Macgregor Lake1:6000
Madawanson Lake1:12000
Maguire Lake1:6000
Mamainse Lake1:12000
Manydace L.1:6000
Marsh Lake1:6000
Marshland Lake1:12000
Mashagama Lake1:12000
Matchinameigus Lake1:12000
Mathers L.1:12000
Matinenda Lake1:24000
Matthews Lake1:12000
May Lake1:12000
McCarrol Lake1:12000
McCarthy Lake1:12000
McCormick Lake1:12000
McEachern Lake1:6000
McEwen Lake1:12000
McEwing Lake1:12000
McGee Lake1:6000
McGiverin Lake1:12000
McMahon Lake1:12000
McMaster Lake1:6000
Meenach Lake1:6000
Megisan Lake1:12000
Megit Lake1:6000
Mellon Lake1:6000
Metivier Lake1:6000
Mewburn Lake1:12000
Michipicoten River1:6000
Mijinemungshing Lake1:12000
Mikel Lake1:6000
Mildred Lake1:6000
Mill Lake1:6000
Mink Lake1:6000
Minnipuka Lake1:12000
Minto Lake1:6000
Mirimoki Lake1:12000
Mishewawa Lake1:12000
Missinaibi Lake1:24000
Mitchell Lake1:6000
Mole Lake1:6000
Molybdenite Lake1:12000
Mom Lake1:6000
Mongoose Lake1:12000
Mons Lake1:12000
Montreal River1:24000
Moon Lake1:6000
Moonlight Lake1:12000
Moreland Lake1:6000
Mountain Ash Lake1:12000
Mount Lake1:12000
Mozhabong Lake1:24000
Mudhole Lake1:6000
Mud Lake1:6000
Murphy Lake1:6000
Murphy Lake1:6000
Myrtle Lake1:6000
Mystery Lake1:6000
Mystery Lake1:6000
Nagagami Lake1:24000
Nagagamisis Lake1:24000
Nameigos Lake1:24000
Narvik Lake1:6000
Navy Lake1:12000
Negwazu Lake1:24000
Nettleton Lake1:6000
Newcombe Lake1:12000
Nigick Lake1:12000
Norn Lake1:6000
Northland Lake1:12000
North Maskuti Lake1:12000
Norwalk Lake1:6000
Oba Lake1:24000
Obatanga Lake1:12000
Ogasiwi lake (Dalton)1:12000
Old Vienna Lake1:6000
Old Woman Lake1:12000
Ompa Lake1:6000
Opasatika Lake1:24000
Oscar Lake1:12000
Ouellette Lake1:12000
Oval Lake1:6000
Paint Lake1:6000
Paquette Lake1:6000
Pardee Lake1:6000
Parkinsons Pothole1:6000
Park Lake1:6000
Parks Lake1:6000
Pathfinder Lake1:12000
Patten Lake1:12000
Peak Lake1:12000
Pearl Lake1:6000
Peller Lake1:6000
Penelope Lake1:6000
Penelope Lake1:12000
Penelton Lake1:12000
Peshu Lake1:12000
Petauguin Lake1:12000
Phelbin Lake1:6000
Pickle Lake1:12000
Picnic Lake1:12000
Pike Lake1:6000
Pine Island Lake1:6000
Pinepark Lake1:6000
Pipe Lake1:6000
Pipe Lake1:6000
Pistol Lake1:6000
Plump Lake (Round Lake)1:6000
Poem Lake Sault Ste Marie1:6000
Pointing Lake1:6000
Point Lake1:6000
Pokei Lake1:24000
Popeye Lake1:6000
Porridge Lake1:6000
Portelance L.1:6000
Pour Lake1:6000
Powell Lake1:6000
Primeau Lake1:12000
Prospect Lake1:6000
Queminico Lake1:12000
Quimby Lake1:12000
Quinn Lake1:12000
Quintet Lakes1:12000
Quintet Lakes1:12000
Quirke Lake1:24000
Rabbit Blanket Lake1:6000
Rackey Lake1:6000
Radisson Lake1:6000
Rainbow Lake1:6000
Rainy Lake1:6000
Ranger Lake1:24000
Raven Lake1:6000
Rawhide Lake1:24000
Reception Lake1:12000
Red L.1:6000
Redpine Lake1:12000
Red Rock Lake1:12000
Reed Lake1:6000
Regal Lake1:6000
Reserve Lake1:12000
Rheaume Lake1:6000
Rioux Lake 101:6000
Rioux Lake 281:6000
Rioux Lake 351:6000
Rioux Lake 61:6000
Rita Lake1:6000
Ritchie Lake1:12000
River Lake1:6000
Robb Lake1:12000
Robertson Lake1:12000
Rochester Lake1:6000
Rock Lake1:24000
Rock Lake1:6000
Rock Lake1:6000
Rocky Island Lake1:24000
Rodge Lake1:12000
Roland Lake1:6000
Roller Lake1:6000
Roothouse Lake1:6000
Rosa Lake1:6000
Rosemarie Lake1:12000
Rossmere Lake1:12000
Rottier L.1:12000
Round / Wawigami Lake1:12000
Roussain Lake/Island Lake1:6000
Rufus Lake1:12000
Runaway Lake1:6000
Ruthie Lake1:12000
Ryan Lake1:6000
Rye Lake1:6000
Saddle Lake1:12000
Salvage Lake1:6000
Sam Lake1:6000
Samreid Lake1:12000
Sand Lake1:12000
Sandshore Lake1:12000
Saniga Lake1:6000
Saunders Lake1:6000
Saunders Lake1:12000
Sawbill Lake1:6000
Saymo Lake1:24000
Seabrook Lake1:12000
Second Lake1:6000
Selkirk Lake1:6000
Semiwite Lake1:12000
Sesabic Lake1:12000
Seymour Lake1:6000
Shaw Dam Lake1:6000
Shekak Lake1:12000
Shelden Lake1:12000
Shell Station Lake East1:6000
Shell Station Lake West1:6000
Sheriff Lake1:6000
Shikwamkwa Lake1:12000
Sider Lake1:6000
Sill Lake1:6000
Sinaminda Lake1:24000
Siren Lake1:12000
Skirl Lake1:12000
Skookum Lake1:6000
Sleith Lake1:12000
Slim Lake1:12000
Slipper Lake1:6000
Smilsky Lake 111:6000
Smilsky Lake 31:6000
Smokey Lake1:12000
Snare Lake1:6000
Souliere Lake1:6000
Soulier Lake1:12000
Souloup Lake1:6000
South Branch Lake1:12000
South Greenhill Lake1:12000
South Hammer Lake (White River)1:12000
South Lake1:6000
South Moosehorn Lake1:6000
Spider Creek1:12000
Spinweb Lake1:12000
Spruce Lake1:6000
Spur Lake1:6000
Square Lake1:6000
Starling Lake1:6000
Stewleen Lake1:6000
Stinson Lake1:6000
St. Julien Lake1:12000
Stover Lake1:6000
Strickland Lake1:12000
Strouth Lake1:6000
Strums Lake1:6000
Sturgeon Lake 331:6000
Sturgeon Lake 371:6000
Summers Lake1:12000
Summit Lake1:6000
Supple Lake1:6000
Sutherland Lake1:6000
Tarpaper Lake1:6000
Tarsan Lake1:6000
Teasdale L.1:12000
Tee Lake1:6000
Tee Lake1:6000
Tees Lake1:6000
Ten Mile Lake1:24000
That Mans Lake1:6000
The Other Mans Lake1:6000
Thom Lake1:6000
Thorp Lake1:6000
Three Loon L.1:6000
Tocheri Lake1:24000
Tomtit Lake1:12000
Toobee Lake1:12000
Toodee Lake1:12000
Toosee Lake1:6000
Tower Lake1:6000
Town Line Lake1:12000
Trap Lake1:6000
Trapper Lake1:6000
Trodd Lake #141:6000
Trotter Lake1:12000
Trout Lake1:12000
Trout Lake1:12000
Tukanee Lake1:12000
Turtle Lake1:12000
Twentythree Mile Lake1:6000
Twin Lakes / Hilton Lake1:6000
Underhill Lake1:6000
University Lake1:12000
Upper Cranberry Lake1:6000
Upper Grindstone Lake1:6000
Upper Island Lake1:12000
Upper Lola Lake1:12000
Upper Mace Lake1:12000
Upper Pancake Lake1:12000
Uranium Lake1:12000
Urquhart Lake1:6000
Usnac Lake1:12000
Vanhorn Lake1:6000
Vanreek Lake1:6000
Vasseau Lake1:6000
Vixen Lake1:6000
Wabigoon Lake1:6000
Wagong Lake1:12000
Wakomata Lake1:24000
Walton Lake1:6000
Wanamaker Lake1:6000
Ward Lake1:6000
Ward Lake1:6000
Waugush Lake1:6000
Wawa Lake (lac Wawa)1:12000
Weashkog L.1:6000
Weckstrom Lake1:6000
West Andre Lake1:12000
West Joco Lake / Sucker Lake1:6000
West Kabenung Lake 1:24000
West Larkin Lake1:12000
West Ritchie Lake1:6000
Whiskey Lake1:24000
White Birch Lake1:6000
Whitefish Lake1:24000
White River Lake1:6000
White Rock Lake1:6000
Wicksteed Lake1:12000
Wiley Lake1:6000
Wilkie Lake1:6000
Winchester Lake1:6000
Wing Lake1:6000
Woodosgoon Lake1:12000
Woodrow Lake1:6000
Wye Lake1:6000
Young Lake #151:6000
Zola Lake1:12000
Approaches to Smelter Bay Dock - Thessalon1:2500
Approaches to Trap Rock Dock - Bruce Mines1:2500
Bears Back Island to Clapperton Island1:10000
Cape Gargantua to\a Otter Head1:48000
Coppermine Point to Cape Gargantua1:37243
East Rous Island to Matheson Island1:10000
LaFarge Canada Wharf, Serpent Harbour1:4000
Saint Marys River - Neebish Island1:15000
St. Mars River - Detour Passage to Munuscong Lake;Detour Passage1:40000
St. Marys River - Head of Lake Nicolet to Whitefish Bay;Sault Ste. Marie1:40000
St. Marys River - Munuscong Lake to Sault Ste. Marie1:40000
Twyning Island Bridge1:5000
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