Massachusetts Fishing Maps

Here is the list of Massachusetts Lakes Maps available on iBoating : USA Marine & Fishing App. Marine charts app now supports multiple plaforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, MacBook, and Windows/PC based chartplotter. Available Fishing info on lake maps includes boat ramps, boat launches, fish attractor locations, fishing points, stream flowage lines, navigation buoys, fishing structure, hazards, depth areas & more. HD contour bathymetry is available on selected lake depth maps at no additional cost.
The Lake Navigation App provides advanced features of a Marine Chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading. Fishing spots, Relief Shading, Lake Temperature and depth contours layers are available in most Lake maps. Lake navigation features include advanced instrumentation to gather wind speed direction, water temperature, water depth, and accurate GPS with AIS receivers(using NMEA over TCP/UDP). Autopilot support can be enabled during ‘Goto WayPoint’ and ‘Route Assistance’. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Fishing Map NameScale
Aaron River Reservoir1:6000
Althea Lake1:3000
Ames Long Pond1:3000
Arcadia Lake1:3000
Ashfield Pond1:3000
Ashland Reservoir1:6000
Ashley Lake1:3000
Ashmere Lake1:6000
Ashumet Pond1:3000
Asnacomet Pond1:6000
Auburn / Webster Elk Lodge Lake1:3000
Baddacook Pond1:3000
Badluck Lake1:3000
Baker Pond1:3000
Baldpate Pond1:3000
Bare Hill Pond1:6000
Barkers Pond1:3000
Barrett Pond1:3000
Barrett Pond1:3000
Bartlett Pond1:3000
Benedict Pond1:3000
Benton Pond1:3000
Berry Pond1:3000
Big Alum Pond1:6000
Big Pond1:6000
Big Sandy Pond1:3000
Billington Sea1:6000
Blackmore Pond1:3000
Blood Pond1:3000
Blueberry Pond1:3000
Boons Pond1:6000
Brigham Pond1:3000
Brookhaven Lake1:3000
Brookline Reservoir1:3000
Browning Pond1:3000
Buckley Dunton Lake1:3000
Buck Pond1:3000
Burrage Pond - Lower Reservoir1:3000
Burrage Pond - Upper Reservoir1:6000
Carbuncle Pond1:3000
Center Pond1:3000
Chapin Haviland Pond1:3000
Charge Pond1:3000
Chauncy Lake1:6000
Chebacco Lake1:3000
Cheshire Reservoir1:6000
Chicopee Reservoir1:3000
Cleveland Pond1:3000
Cliff Pond1:3000
College Pond1:3000
Congamond Lakes1:6000
Cook Pond1:3000
Coonamessett Pond1:3000
Copicut Reservoir1:6000
Cranberry Meadow Pond1:3000
Cranberry Pond1:3000
Crocker Pond1:3000
Crooked Pond1:3000
Crow Hills Pond1:3000
Crystal Lake1:3000
Crystal Shores Conservation Area Lake1:3000
Dark Brook Lake1:3000
Dean Pond1:3000
Dearth hill pond1:3000
Deep Pond1:3000
Demond Pond1:6000
Dennis Pond1:3000
Doane Pond1:3000
Duck Pond1:3000
Dug Pond1:3000
Dyer Pond1:3000
Eames Pond1:3000
East Lake1:6000
East Waushacum Pond1:3000
Eddy Pond1:3000
Ezekiel Pond1:3000
Factory Hollow Pond1:3000
Fall Brook Reservoir1:3000
Falls Pond1:3000
Farm Pond1:3000
Fayville Park Lake1:6000
Fearing Pond1:3000
Field Pond1:3000
Fitchburg Reservoir1:3000
Fivemile Pond1:3000
Five Mile Pond1:3000
Flax Pond1:3000
Flint Pond1:6000
Flint Pond1:3000
Forest Lake1:3000
Forge Pond1:3000
Forge Pond1:3000
Fort Pond1:3000
Fresh Pond1:3000
Furnace Pond1:3000
Garretts Pond1:3000
Gaston Pond1:3000
George H Nichols Reservoir1:3000
Gleason Pond1:3000
Glen Charlie Pond1:3000
Goose Pond1:3000
Goose Pond1:6000
Great Herring Pond1:6000
Great Pond1:3000
Great Pond1:3000
Greenwater Pond1:3000
Grews Pond1:3000
Gull Pond1:3000
Halfway Pond1:6000
Hallockville Pond1:3000
Hamblin Pond1:3000
Hamilton Reservoir1:6000
Hardwick Pond1:3000
Hastings Pond1:3000
Hathaway Ponds1:3000
Heald Pond1:3000
Heart Pond1:3000
Herring Pond1:3000
Herring Pond1:3000
Higgins Pond1:3000
Higgins Pond1:3000
Hinckleys Pond1:3000
Holland Pond1:3000
Hopedale Pond1:3000
Hopkinton Reservoir1:3000
Horn Pond1:3000
Horseleech Pond1:3000
Horse Pond1:3000
Hoxie Pond1:3000
Hulberts Pond1:3000
Indian Lake1:6000
Island Pond1:3000
Jacobs Pond1:3000
Jamaica Pond1:3000
Jenkins Pond1:3000
Johns Pond1:6000
Kendall Pond1:3000
Kinnacum Pond1:3000
Knops Pond1:3000
Lake Archer1:3000
Lake Attitash1:6000
Lake Buel1:6000
Lake Cochichewick1:6000
Lake Cochituate1:6000
Lake Denison1:3000
Lake Gardner1:3000
Lake Garfield1:6000
Lake George1:3000
Lake Lashaway1:6000
Lake Lorraine1:3000
Lake Mattawa1:3000
Lake Nippenicket1:6000
Lake Pearl1:6000
Lake Pentucket1:3000
Lake Quannnapowitt1:6000
Lake Quinsigamond1:6000
Lake Ripple1:3000
Lake Rohunta1:6000
Lake Rohunta N.B.1:6000
Lake Sabbatia1:6000
Lake Saltonstall1:3000
Lake Warner1:3000
Lake Watatic1:3000
Lake Whalom1:3000
Lake Wyola1:6000
Laurel Lake1:3000
Laurel Lake1:3000
Lawrence Pond1:3000
Leadmine Pond1:3000
Leverett Pond1:3000
Little Alum Pond1:3000
Little Chauncy Pond1:3000
Little Cliff Pond1:3000
Little Herring Pond1:3000
Little Long Pond1:3000
Little Pond1:3000
Little Sandy Pond1:3000
Long Pond1:6000
Long Pond1:3000
Long Pond1:3000
Long Pond1:3000
Long Pond1:6000
Long Pond1:6000
Long Pond A1:3000
Long Pond (Rutland)1:6000
Long Sought For Pond1:3000
Loon Pond1:3000
Lout Pond1:3000
Lovells Pond1:3000
Lower Spectacle Pond1:3000
Manchaug Pond1:6000
Mansfield Pond1:3000
Maquan Pond1:3000
Mares Pond1:3000
Marys Pond1:3000
Mascuppic Lake1:3000
Mashpee Pond1:6000
Massapoag Lake1:6000
Mauserts Pond1:3000
McKinstry Pond1:3000
Merino Pond1:3000
Metacomet Lake1:3000
Micajah Pond1:3000
Mill Pond1:3000
Mill Pond1:3000
Moore Lake1:3000
Moosehorn Pond1:3000
Moulton Pond1:3000
Mystic Lake1:6000
Nabnasset Pond1:3000
Newfield Pond1:3000
Nine Mile Pond1:3000
Nipmack Pond1:3000
Northeast Pond1:3000
North Pond1:3000
North Pond1:3000
Norton Reservoir1:6000
Norwich Pond1:3000
Nutting Lake1:3000
Oldham Pond1:6000
Onota Lake1:6000
Otis Reservoir1:6000
Packard Pond1:3000
Paradise Pond1:3000
Pelham Lake1:3000
Pentucket Pond Outlet Reservoir1:3000
Pequot Pond1:3000
Peters Pond1:3000
Pilgram Lake1:3000
Pimlico Pond1:3000
Piney Run Lake1:6000
Plainfield Pond1:3000
Pleasant Pond1:3000
Plunkett Reservoir1:3000
Pomps Pond1:3000
Ponkapoag Pond1:3000
Pontoosuc Lake1:6000
Pratt Pond1:3000
Quaboag Pond1:6000
Quacumquasit Pond1:6000
Queen Lake1:3000
Reservoir Pond1:6000
Richmond Pond1:6000
Roaring Brook Reservoir1:3000
Robbins Pond1:3000
Rock Pond1:3000
Rocky Pond1:3000
Round Pond (East)1:3000
Round Pond (West)1:3000
Ryder Pond1:3000
Sampson Pond1:6000
Santuit Pond1:3000
Scargo Lake1:3000
Scarsboro Pond1:3000
Sheep Pond1:3000
Shubael Pond1:3000
Silver Lake1:3000
Silver Lake1:6000
Singletary Pond1:6000
Slough Pond1:3000
Sluice Pond1:3000
Snipatuit Pond1:6000
Snow Pond1:3000
Southeast Pond1:3000
South Watuppa Pond1:6000
Spectacle Pond1:3000
Spectacle Pond1:3000
Spot Pond1:6000
Spy Pond1:6000
Stetson Pond1:3000
Stiles Pond1:3000
Stillwater Pond1:3000
Stockbridge Bowl1:6000
Stoddard Pond1:3000
Sudbury Reservoir1:6000
Sugden Reservoir1:3000
The Quag1:3000
Tispaquin Pond1:3000
Tully Pond1:3000
Turtle Pond1:3000
Upper Artichoke Reservoir1:3000
Upper Millpond1:6000
Upper Mystic Lake1:3000
Upper Naukeag Lake1:6000
Upper Spectacle Pond1:3000
Vinica Pond1:3000
Wachusett Reservoir1:12000
Wakeby Pond1:6000
Walden Pond1:3000
Walker Pond1:3000
Wallum Lake1:6000
Ward Pond1:3000
Watershops Pond1:3000
Watson Pond1:3000
Webster Lake1:6000
Wequaquet Lake1:6000
Westfield Reservoir1:3000
West Monponsett Pond1:6000
West Waushacum Pond1:3000
Whitehall Pond1:3000
Whitehall Reservoir1:6000
White Island Pond1:6000
White Pond1:3000
Whiting Pond1:3000
Whitmanville Reservoir1:3000
Whitney Pond1:3000
Wickaboag Pond1:6000
Williams Pond1:3000
Windsor Lake1:3000
Windsor Pond1:3000
Winnecunnet Pond1:3000
Woodman Pond1:3000
Wyman Pond1:3000
Yokum Pond1:3000
York Lake1:3000