New York Fishing Maps

Here is the list of New York Lakes Maps available on iBoating : USA Marine & Fishing App. Marine charts app now supports multiple plaforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, MacBook, and Windows/PC based chartplotter. Available Fishing info on lake maps includes boat ramps, boat launches, fish attractor locations, fishing points, stream flowage lines, navigation buoys, fishing structure, hazards, depth areas & more. HD contour bathymetry is available on selected lake depth maps at no additional cost.
The Lake Navigation App provides advanced features of a Marine Chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading. Fishing spots, Relief Shading, Lake Temperature and depth contours layers are available in most Lake maps. Lake navigation features include advanced instrumentation to gather wind speed direction, water temperature, water depth, and accurate GPS with AIS receivers(using NMEA over TCP/UDP). Autopilot support can be enabled during ‘Goto WayPoint’ and ‘Route Assistance’. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Fishing Map NameScale
Adirondack Lake1:3000
Alder Lake1:6000
Allen Lake1:3000
Almond Lake1:3000
Amawalk Reservoir1:6000
Ann Lee Pond1:3000
Arctic Lake1:6000
Arnold Lake1:3000
Artist Lake1:6000
Ashokan Reservoir1:12000
Ash Pond1:3000
Augur Lake1:12000
Ballston Lake1:6000
Barnum Pond1:3000
Basswood Pond1:3000
Bear Lake1:6000
Bear Pond1:3000
Bear Pond1:3000
Beaverdam Pond1:3000
Beaver Lake1:6000
Belmont Lake1:3000
Benz Pond1:3000
Berrymill Pond1:6000
Big Burnt Lake1:12000
Big Moose Lake1:6000
Big Pond1:6000
Big Reed Pond1:6000
Bills Pond1:3000
Blackfoot Pond1:3000
Black Lake1:24000
Black Pond1:3000
Black River Pond1:6000
Blake Falls Reservoir1:6000
Bloodsucker Pond1:3000
Blue Mountain Lake1:6000
Blydenburgh Lake1:3000
Bog Brook Reservoir1:6000
Bog River Flow1:12000
Boyd Corners Reservoir1:3000
Bradley Brook Reservoir1:3000
Bradley Lake1:3000
Brantingham Lake1:12000
Brant Lake1:6000
Brooktrout Lake1:3000
Buckingham Lake1:3000
Buck Pond1:3000
Buck Pond1:3000
Bug Lake1:3000
Bullhead Pond1:6000
Burden Lake1:12000
Burp Lake1:3000
Butterfield Lake1:12000
Canaan Lake1:6000
Canada Lake1:6000
Canadarago Lake1:12000
Canadice Lake1:6000
Canandaigua Lake1:12000
Cannonsville Reservoir1:12000
Canopus Lake1:6000
Carry Falls Reservoir1:24000
Carry Pond1:3000
Case Lake1:12000
Casterline Pond1:3000
Cayuta Lake1:12000
Cazenovia Lake1:6000
Cedar Lake1:3000
Cedar Pond1:3000
Cellar Pond1:3000
Central Park Lake1:3000
Chadwick Lake1:6000
Chain Ponds1:3000
Chautauqua Lake1:24000
Chazy Lake1:6000
Chenango Lake1:6000
Chodikee Lake1:3000
Chub Lake1:6000
Chub Lake1:3000
Clear Lake1:3000
Clear Lake1:6000
Clear Lake A1:3000
Clear Pond1:3000
Colgate Lake1:6000
Collins Lake1:6000
Conesus Lake1:12000
Conley Line Pond1:3000
Connery Pond1:6000
Constable Pond1:3000
Copake Lake1:6000
Cossayuna Lake1:6000
Cracker Pond1:3000
Cranberry Lake1:12000
Crooked Lake1:6000
Crooked Lake1:3000
Cropsey Pond1:3000
Cross River Reservoir1:6000
Croton Falls Reservoir1:6000
Crumhorn Lake1:6000
Crystal Lake1:3000
Crystal Lake1:6000
Crystal Lake A1:3000
Crystal Lake B1:3000
Crystal Lake Sixtown Pond1:3000
Cuba Lake1:6000
Curtis Pond1:3000
Deep Lake1:3000
Deep Pond1:6000
Deer Pond1:3000
Delta Lake1:24000
De Ruyter Reservoir1:12000
Desert Pond1:3000
Diana Pond1:3000
Dismal Pond1:3000
Divers Lake1:3000
Diverting Reservoir1:3000
Dog Pond1:3000
Douglas Pond1:3000
Dryden Lake1:6000
Dry Timber Lake1:3000
Duck Lake1:6000
Duck Pond1:3000
Dunham Reservoir1:6000
Dyken Pond1:6000
Eagle Lake1:6000
Eagles Nest Lake1:3000
East Branch Reservoir1:6000
East Caroga Lake1:6000
East Masonville Pond1:3000
East Pond1:3000
East Sidney Lake1:3000
Eaton Brook Reservoir1:12000
Echo Lake1:6000
Effley Falls Pond1:6000
Eighth Lake1:6000
Emerald Lake1:3000
Erie Canal1:24000
Evergreen Lake1:3000
Evies Pond1:3000
Featherstonhaugh Lake1:6000
Ferris Lake1:3000
Fifth Creek Pond1:3000
Findley Lake1:12000
First Pond1:24000
Fish Creek Ponds1:3000
Fish Pond1:3000
Five Falls Reservoir1:6000
Follensby Clear Pond1:12000
Follensby Jr Pond, Toad Pond, Slush Pond1:6000
Follensby Pond1:6000
Forked Lake1:6000
Fort Pond1:3000
Fourth Binnewater Lake1:3000
Fourth Lake1:12000
Fourth Lake1:3000
Francis Lake1:3000
Franklin Falls Flow1:12000
Freeport Reservoir1:6000
Fresh Pond1:6000
Friends Lake1:6000
Fulton Chain Of Lakes1:12000
Gal Pond1:3000
Genegantslet Lake1:6000
Gilbert Lake1:3000
Glass Lake1:3000
Glen Lake1:6000
Glenwood Lake1:3000
Goey Pond1:6000
Goodyear Lake1:12000
Gooseneck Lake1:3000
Grass Lake1:12000
Grass Pond1:3000
Great Sacandaga Lake1:12000
Green Lake1:6000
Green Lake A1:3000
Green Lake B1:3000
Green Lake State Park1:6000
Green Pond1:3000
Green Pond1:3000
Greenwood Lake1:6000
Gregg Lake1:3000
Guilford Lake1:6000
Gull Lake1:3000
Gull Lakes1:3000
Halfmoon Pond1:3000
Hampton Manor Lake1:3000
Harris Lake1:6000
Harwood Lake1:3000
Hatch Lake1:6000
Hawk Pond1:3000
Haymarsh Ponds1:3000
Hemlock Lake1:6000
Hempstead Lake1:3000
Hessian Lake1:6000
Hidden Lake1:3000
Higby Twin Ponds1:3000
High Falls Pond1:6000
Highland Lake1:3000
High Pond1:3000
Higley Falls Reservoir1:6000
Hitchins Pond1:3000
Hoel Pond1:6000
Hog Pond1:3000
Honeoye Lake1:6000
Honk Lake1:6000
Horn Lake1:3000
Horseshoe Lake1:6000
Huckleberry Pond1:3000
Huggins Lake1:6000
Hundred Acre Pond1:3000
Hunns Lake1:6000
Hyde Lake1:6000
Ice Pond1:3000
Indian Lake1:12000
Indian Lake1:3000
Indian Lake1:3000
Indian Mountain Pond1:3000
Indian River Lake1:6000
Iron Mine Pond1:3000
Iroquois Lake1:6000
Island Pond1:6000
Jabe Pond1:3000
Jakes Pond1:3000
Jamesville Reservoir1:6000
Java Lake1:3000
Jerseyfield Lake1:12000
Kayuta Lake1:12000
Kensico Reservoir1:6000
Kettle Pond1:3000
Keuka Lake1:12000
Kinderhook Lake1:12000
Kirk Lake1:3000
Kissena Lake1:6000
Kiwassa Lake1:6000
Knapps Lake1:6000
Lake Alice / Waterport Reservoir1:6000
Lake Anawanda1:6000
Lake Askoti1:6000
Lake Bonaparte1:6000
Lake Clear1:6000
Lake Cohasset1:6000
Lake Colby1:12000
Lake Colden1:3000
Lake Como1:6000
Lake Eaton1:6000
Lake Flower1:6000
Lake George1:12000
Lake Gilead1:3000
Lake Gleneida1:3000
Lake Huntington1:3000
Lake Kushaqua1:12000
Lake Lauderdale1:3000
Lake Lila1:12000
Lake Luzerne1:3000
Lake Neatahwanta1:12000
Lake Of The Woods1:3000
Lake Ozonia1:6000
Lake Peekskill1:3000
Lake Placid1:12000
Lake Pleasant1:6000
Lake Ronkonkoma1:3000
Lake Salubria1:3000
Lake Sebago1:12000
Lake Skannatati1:6000
Lake Stahahe1:6000
Lake Superior1:3000
Lake Taghkanic1:3000
Lake Te Ata1:6000
Lake Tiorati1:12000
Lake Washington1:6000
Lake Welch1:6000
Lamoka Lake1:12000
Laurel Lake1:6000
Lebanon Reservoir1:6000
Ledge Pond1:6000
Lennon Ponds1:3000
Lewey Lake1:6000
Lily Lake1:3000
Lilypad Ponds1:3000
Limekiln Lake1:12000
Lime Lake1:3000
Lincoln Pond1:6000
Little Chief Pond1:3000
Little Crooked Lake1:3000
Little Long Pond1:3000
Little Pine Lake1:3000
Little Pine Pond1:3000
Little Salmon Lake1:3000
Littles Lake1:3000
Little Sodus Bay1:6000
Little Woodhull Lake1:3000
Little York Lake1:3000
Long Lake1:12000
Long Lake1:3000
Long Pond1:6000
Long Pond1:6000
Long Pond A1:3000
Long Pond B1:3000
Looking Glass Pond1:3000
Loomis Ponds1:3000
Loon Hollows Pond1:3000
Loon Lake1:6000
Loon Lake1:6000
Lost Lake1:3000
Lost Pond1:3000
Lower Beech Ridge Pond1:3000
Lower Browns Tract Pond1:3000
Lower Cascade Lake1:6000
Lower Cassadaga Lake + Upper Cassadaga Lake + Middle Cassadaga Lake1:6000
Lower Chateaugay Lake1:6000
Lower Lake1:6000
Lower Leland Pond1:6000
Lower Rhoda Lake1:3000
Lower Saranac Lake1:12000
Lower Sister Lake1:3000
Lower Sixmile Creek reservoir1:3000
Lower South Pond1:3000
Lower St Regis Lake1:12000
Lyon Lake1:3000
Madison Reservoir1:12000
Mahopac Lake1:12000
Mallet Pond1:3000
Mariaville Lake1:3000
Marratooka Lake1:6000
Massapequa Reservoir1:3000
Massawepie Lake1:12000
Mastens Lake1:6000
Meacham Lake1:6000
Meco Lake1:3000
Merriam Lake1:3000
Middle Branch Reservoir1:6000
Middle Saranac Lake1:6000
Middle South Pond1:3000
Mill Brook Reservoir1:6000
Mill Pond1:3000
Millsite Lake1:12000
Minor Lakes Trib to Three Mile Cr Wshed1:3000
Mirror Lake1:3000
Mohansic Lake1:6000
Mongaup Falls Reservoir1:6000
Mongaup Pond1:3000
Monument Lake1:3000
Moon Lake1:12000
Moon Lake Ny B1:6000
Moose Pond1:6000
Moreau Lake1:3000
Morgan Lake1:3000
Morningside Lake1:6000
Moshier Ponds1:3000
Moss Lake1:6000
Mountain Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:12000
Mud Pond1:3000
Muir Pond1:3000
Muscoot Reservoir1:12000
Muskrat Pond1:3000
Nanticoke #131:3000
Nathaniel Cole County Park Pond1:3000
Neversink Reservoir1:6000
New Albion Lake1:3000
Newcomb Lake1:12000
New Croton Reservoir1:12000
Nicks Lake1:6000
North Pond1:3000
Northrup Lake1:3000
North Sandy Pond1:24000
North South Lake1:3000
Norwood Reservoir1:6000
Oakland Lake1:6000
Onteora Lake1:6000
Ore Pit Pond1:3000
Oscawana Lake1:6000
Oseetah Lake1:6000
Osgood Pond1:12000
Oswego Pond1:3000
Otisco Lake1:12000
Otsego Lake1:12000
Otter Lake1:6000
Otter Pond1:3000
Oven Lake1:3000
Owasco Lake1:12000
Panther Lake1:6000
Panther Pond1:3000
Paradox Lake1:6000
Patchogue Lake1:6000
Payne Lake1:6000
Peaked Mountain Lake1:3000
Pelcher Pond1:3000
Pelton Pond1:3000
Pepacton Reservoir1:12000
Pepperbox Pond1:3000
Perch Pond1:6000
Pharaoh Lake1:6000
Piercefield Flow1:12000
Pigeon Lake1:3000
Pine Meadow Lake1:6000
Pine Pond1:3000
Pine Pond1:6000
Piseco Lake1:12000
Pleasant Lake1:12000
Pleasant Lake1:6000
Pocantico Lake1:6000
Pocket Ponds1:3000
Polliwog Pond1:3000
Poolville Pond1:6000
Portaferry Lake1:6000
Potter Pond1:3000
Prospect Park Lake1:6000
Pudding Street Pond1:3000
Putnam County Park Pond1:3000
Putnam Pond1:6000
Queechy Lake1:6000
Rainbow Falls Reservoir1:12000
Raquette Lake1:12000
Red House Lake1:6000
Red Lake1:12000
Rensselaer Lake1:6000
Rich Lake1:6000
Riley Ponds1:3000
Rio Reservoir1:12000
Rock Lake1:3000
Rock Lake1:3000
Rockland Lake1:6000
Rollins Pond1:6000
Rondout Reservoir1:6000
Round Lake1:6000
Round Lake1:6000
Round Lake B1:6000
Round Lake (Green Lake State Park)1:3000
Round Pond1:3000
Round Pond1:6000
Rudd Pond1:3000
Rushford Lake1:12000
Russian Lake1:3000
Sacandaga Lake1:6000
Salmon Lake1:3000
Salmon River Reservoir1:24000
Sand Lake1:3000
Sand Pond1:3000
Saratoga Lake1:12000
Schaghticoke Reservoir + Valley Falls Reservoir1:12000
Schoharie Reservoir1:6000
Schroon Lake1:12000
Second Pond1:6000
Second Pond B1:6000
Shallow Pond1:3000
Shandelee Lake1:6000
Shaver Pond1:6000
Silver Lake1:6000
Silver Lake1:3000
Silver Lake A1:3000
Silver Mine Lake1:6000
Sitz Pond1:3000
Sixberry Lake1:6000
Sixth + Seventh Lake1:6000
Skaneateles Lake1:12000
Sky Lake1:6000
Slang Pond1:3000
Sleepy Hollow Lake1:6000
Slender Pond1:3000
Slim Pond1:3000
Snyder Lake1:3000
Snyders Lake1:3000
Soda Pond1:3000
Soft Maple Reservoir1:12000
Song Lake1:6000
South Colton Reservoir1:6000
South Lake1:6000
South Pond1:6000
South Pond1:3000
South Pond1:6000
South Sandy Pond1:12000
Spectacle Pond1:6000
Spitfire Lake1:12000
Sprague Pond1:3000
Spring Lakes1:6000
Squash Pond1:3000
Stark Falls Reservoir1:12000
Star Lake1:3000
Steinmetz Lake1:3000
Stewart Lake1:3000
Stewarts Bridge Reservoir1:6000
Stillwater Pond1:6000
Stillwater Reservoir1:12000
Stissing Pond1:6000
Stoney Pond1:3000
Stony Lake1:6000
Stony Pond1:3000
Streeter Fishpond1:3000
Streeter Lake1:6000
St Regis Pond1:6000
Sturgeon Pool1:6000
Sucker Lake1:6000
Summit Lake1:3000
Summit Lake1:3000
Summit Pond1:3000
Sunday Lake1:3000
Sunshine Pond1:3000
Swan Lake1:6000
Swinging Bridge Reservoir1:12000
Sylvan Lake1:6000
Sylvia Lake1:12000
Tackawasick / Tsatsawassa Lake1:3000
Taylor Pond1:6000
Thirteenth Lake1:12000
Thompsons Lake1:3000
Tied Lake1:3000
Titicus Reservoir1:6000
Tivoli Lake1:3000
Toad Pond1:3000
Tomhannock Reservoir1:12000
Tooley Pond1:6000
Toronto Reservoir1:12000
Torpy Pond1:6000
Trout Lake1:6000
Trout Lake1:12000
Trout Lake1:3000
Trout Pond1:3000
Tully Lake1:12000
Tupper Lake1:12000
Turtle Pond1:3000
Tuscarora Lake1:12000
Twin Lakes1:3000
Twin Ponds1:3000
Twitchell Lake1:3000
Union Falls Flow1:6000
Unnamed pond near Curtis1:3000
Upper Beech Ridge Pond1:3000
Upper Cascade Lake1:6000
Upper Chateaugay Lake1:12000
Upper Cohasset Lake1:6000
Upper Leland Pond1:3000
Upper Saranac Lake1:12000
Upper South Pond1:3000
Upper St Regis Lake1:12000
Upper Twin Lake1:6000
Upton Lake1:6000
Van Cortlandt Lake1:6000
Walker Lake1:3000
Walton Lake1:3000
Waneta Lake1:12000
Waneta Lake, Rockland1:6000
Wappinger Lake1:6000
Warners Lake1:6000
Washington Park Lake1:6000
Weed Mines Pond1:3000
Weller Pond1:6000
West Branch Reservoir1:6000
West Caroga Lake1:6000
West Pond1:3000
Whaley Lake1:12000
Whey Pond1:6000
White Lake1:12000
White Lake A1:6000
White Pond1:6000
Whitney Point Lake1:6000
Wilber Lake1:6000
Wilder Pond1:3000
Wildwood Lake1:6000
Williams Lake1:3000
Willys Lake1:3000
Wolf Lake1:3000
Wolf Lake1:3000
Wolf Pond1:3000
Woodhull Lake1:6000
Wright Lake1:6000
Yellow Lake1:12000