Wisconsin Fishing Maps

Here is the list of Wisconsin Lakes Maps available on iBoating : USA Marine & Fishing App. Marine charts app now supports multiple plaforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, MacBook, and Windows/PC based chartplotter. Available Fishing info on lake maps includes boat ramps, boat launches, fish attractor locations, fishing points, stream flowage lines, navigation buoys, fishing structure, hazards, depth areas & more. HD contour bathymetry is available on selected lake depth maps at no additional cost.
The Lake Navigation App provides advanced features of a Marine Chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading. Fishing spots, Relief Shading, Lake Temperature and depth contours layers are available in most Lake maps. Lake navigation features include advanced instrumentation to gather wind speed direction, water temperature, water depth, and accurate GPS with AIS receivers(using NMEA over TCP/UDP). Autopilot support can be enabled during ‘Goto WayPoint’ and ‘Route Assistance’. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Fishing Map NameScale
Ace In The Hole Lake1:3000
Ada Lake1:3000
Adams Lake1:3000
Adeline Lake1:3000
Afterglow Lake1:3000
Ahmeek Lake1:3000
Alabama Lake1:3000
Alder Lake1:6000
Alderley Millpond1:3000
Alexander Lake1:3000
Allequash Lake1:6000
Alma Lake1:3000
Alpine Lake1:3000
Altoona Lake1:6000
Alva Lake1:3000
Amacoy Lake1:6000
Ament Lake1:3000
Amherst Millpond1:3000
Amnicon Lake1:6000
Amy Bell Lake1:3000
Anderson Lake1:3000
Anderson Lake1:3000
Anderson Lake C1:3000
Anderson Lake D1:3000
Angelo Pond + Perch Lake1:3000
Angus Lake1:3000
Annabelle Lake1:3000
Anne Lake1:3000
Ann Lake1:3000
Anodanta Lake1:3000
Antler Lake1:3000
Anvil Lake1:6000
Apeekwa Lake1:3000
Apple Falls Flowage1:3000
Apple Lake1:3000
Apple River Flowage1:6000
Arbutus Lake1:12000
Arbutus Lake1:3000
Archibald Lake1:6000
Archibald Tower Springs1:3000
Arkdale Lake1:3000
Armour Lake1:6000
Armstrong Lake1:3000
Army Lake1:3000
Arrowhead Lake1:3000
Arrowhead Lake1:3000
Ashegon Lake1:3000
Ashippun Lake1:3000
Atkins Lake1:3000
Auburn Lake1:3000
Audie Lake1:3000
Augustine Lake1:6000
Auroraville Millpond1:3000
Austin Lake1:3000
Axhandle Lake1:3000
Bad River Slough1:6000
Bagley Flowage1:6000
Bailey Lake1:3000
Bailey Lake1:3000
Baker Lake1:3000
Baker Lake1:3000
Ballard Lake1:12000
Balsam Lake1:12000
Balsam Lake1:6000
Barber Lake1:6000
Barbo Lake1:3000
Bardon Lake1:6000
Bark Bay Slough1:3000
Barker Lake1:6000
Bark Lake1:3000
Barnes Lake1:3000
Barr Lake1:3000
Barron Flowage No 11:3000
Barton Pond1:3000
Bashaw Lake1:3000
Bass Bay Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:6000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:6000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:6000
Bass Lake1:6000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake1:3000
Bass Lake B1:3000
Bass Lake C1:3000
Bass Lake D1:3000
Bass Lake E1:3000
Bass Lake F1:3000
Bass Lake G1:3000
Bass Lake H1:3000
Bass Lake I1:3000
Bass Lake J1:3000
Bass Lake K1:3000
Bass Lakes1:3000
Bass Lakes1:3000
Bass Lakes1:3000
Basswood Lake1:3000
Bean Lake1:3000
Beans Lake1:3000
Bear Lake1:3000
Bear Lake1:3000
Bear Lake1:3000
Bear Lake1:12000
Bear Lake1:3000
Bear Lake1:3000
Bear Lake A1:3000
Bear Lake B1:3000
Bear Lake C1:6000
Bear Lake D1:6000
Bear Lake Royalton1:3000
Bear Paw Lake1:3000
Bearskin Lake1:6000
Bearskull Lake1:3000
Beartrack Lake1:3000
Bear Trap Lake1:6000
Beaulieu Lake1:3000
Beauregard Lake1:3000
Beaverdam Lake1:3000
Beaver Dam Lake1:6000
Beaver Dam Lake1:12000
Beaver Dam Lake1:12000
Beaver Lake1:3000
Beaver Lake1:3000
Beaver Lake1:3000
Beaver Lake1:3000
Beaver Lake1:3000
Beaver Lake1:6000
Beaver Lake1:3000
Beaver Lake A1:3000
Beaver Lake B1:3000
Beaver Lake C1:3000
Becker Lake1:3000
Beckman Lake1:3000
Beechwood Lake1:3000
Bellevue Lake1:3000
Bell Lake1:3000
Benach Lake1:3000
Benedict Lake1:3000
Benoit Lake1:6000
Bentley Lake1:3000
Bernice Lake1:3000
Berry Lake1:6000
Beverly Lake1:3000
Big Arbor Vitae Lake1:12000
Big Bass Lake1:3000
Big Bass Lake1:3000
Big Bear Lake1:3000
Big Beaver Lake1:3000
Big Blake Lake1:6000
Big Brook Lake1:3000
Big Buck Lake1:3000
Big Butternut Lake1:6000
Big Carr Lake1:3000
Big Cedar Lake1:6000
Big Crooked Lake1:6000
Big Cub Lake1:3000
Big Dardis Lake1:3000
Big Devil Lake1:3000
Big Doctor Lake1:3000
Big Dummy Lake1:3000
Big Eau Pleine Reservoir1:12000
Big Falls Flowage1:12000
Big Falls Pond1:3000
Big Island Lake1:3000
Big Kitten Lake1:6000
Big Lake1:3000
Big Lake1:6000
Big Lake1:6000
Big Lake1:12000
Big Moon Lake1:3000
Big Muskellunge Lake1:6000
Big Portage Lake1:12000
Big Quinnesec Falls Flowage1:12000
Big Roche A Cri1:3000
Big Round Lake1:12000
Big Saint Germain + Lake Content1:12000
Big Sand Lake1:12000
Big Sand Lake1:12000
Big Trade Lake1:6000
Big Twin Lake1:3000
Big Twin + Little Twin Lake1:3000
Bills Lake1:3000
Billy Boy Flowage + Radisson Flowage1:12000
Birch Island Lake1:6000
Birch Lake1:3000
Birch Lake1:3000
Birch Lake1:3000
Birch Lake1:12000
Birch Lake1:6000
Birch Lake, Harshaw1:3000
Birch Lake, Presque Isle1:12000
Birch Lake + Robinson Lake1:6000
Bird Lake1:3000
Bisanabi Lake1:3000
Bishop Lake1:6000
Bismarck Lake1:3000
Black + Beaver Lake1:3000
Black Brook Flowage1:3000
Black Dan Lake1:3000
Blackhawk Lake1:3000
Black Lake1:3000
Black Lake A1:3000
Black Oak Lake1:12000
Black River Flowage1:6000
Bladder Lake1:3000
Blaisdell Lake1:12000
Blass Lake1:3000
Blockhouse Lake1:6000
Blom Lake1:6000
Blueberry Lake1:6000
Bluegill Lake1:3000
Blue Gill Lake1:3000
Blue Lake1:6000
Blue Mountain Lake1:3000
Blue Spring Lake1:3000
Bob Lake1:3000
Boelter Lake1:3000
Bogbrook Lake1:3000
Bog Lake1:3000
Bog Lake B1:3000
Bohner Lake1:3000
Boiler Lake1:3000
Bolger Lake1:3000
Boltonville Millpond1:3000
Bond Lake1:6000
Bone Lake1:12000
Boner Lake1:3000
Bony Lake1:3000
Boos Lake1:3000
Booth Lake1:6000
Booth Lake1:3000
Boot Lake1:6000
Boot Lake1:6000
Boot Lake1:3000
Boot Lake1:3000
Boot Lake1:3000
Boot Lake A1:6000
Boris Lake1:3000
Bose Lake1:3000
Boulder Lake1:12000
Boulder Lake1:6000
Boundary Lake1:3000
Bowler Pond1:3000
Bradley Lake1:3000
Bradley Lake1:3000
Bragonier Lake1:3000
Brandenburg Lake1:3000
Brandy Lake1:3000
Breitzman Lake1:3000
Brekke Lake (Bestuk)1:3000
Bridge Lake1:12000
Briggs Lake1:3000
Brock Lake1:3000
Brown Deer Park Pond1:3000
Brown Lake1:3000
Brown Lake1:3000
Browns Lake1:6000
Bruce Lake1:3000
Brule River Flowage1:12000
Buck Lake1:3000
Buckskin Lake1:12000
Bucks Lake1:3000
Buffalo Lake1:12000
Buffalo Lake1:3000
Buffalo Lake1:3000
Bughs Lake1:3000
Bugle Lake1:3000
Bullet Lake1:3000
Bullhead Lake1:3000
Bullhead Lake1:3000
Bullhead Lake1:3000
Bullhead Lake A1:3000
Bullhead Lake B1:3000
Burd Lake1:3000
Burkhardt Mill Pond1:3000
Burlingame Lake1:3000
Burns Lake + Lake Placid1:6000
Burnt Wagon Lake1:3000
Burrows Lake1:6000
Buskey Bay1:3000
Butler Lake1:3000
Buttermilk Lake1:3000
Butternut Lake1:12000
Butternut Lake1:12000
Butternut Lake B1:3000
Butzke Lake1:3000
Byrd Lake1:3000
Cable Lake1:3000
Cable Lake + Wiley Lake1:6000
Cadotte Lake1:3000
Cadotte Lake1:6000
Caldron Falls Reservoir Lake1:12000
Caley Lake1:3000
Calkins Lake1:3000
Calkins North Lake1:3000
Camelia Lake1:3000
Camelot Lake1:6000
Cammerer Lake1:3000
Campbell Lake1:3000
Campbellsport Millpond1:3000
Camp Five Lake1:3000
Camp Four Lake1:3000
Camp Lake1:3000
Camp Lake1:6000
Camp Lake1:3000
Camp Lake1:3000
Camp Lake B1:3000
Camp One Lake1:3000
Camp Two Lake1:3000
Canthook Lake1:3000
Caroline Lake1:3000
Caroline Pond1:6000
Carpenter Lake1:6000
Carrol Lake + Madeline Lake1:6000
Carson Pond1:3000
Carstens Lake1:3000
Cary Pond1:3000
Casey Lake1:3000
Casey Lake1:6000
Castle Rock Lake1:12000
Cataract Pond1:3000
Catfish Lake1:12000
Catfish Lake1:3000
Catherine Lake1:3000
Cedar Grove Pond1:3000
Cedar Lake1:6000
Cedar Lake1:3000
Cedar Lake1:3000
Cedar Lake1:3000
Cedar Lake1:3000
Cedar Lake1:3000
Cedar Lake A1:3000
Cedar Lake B1:3000
Cedar Lake C1:3000
Center Lake1:3000
Chain Lake1:3000
Chain Lake B1:3000
Chain Lake + Echo Lake1:6000
Chain Lakes1:3000
Chain Lakes1:3000
Chain O Lakes King1:6000
Chalk Hill Flowage1:12000
Chelonia Lake1:3000
Chelsea Lake1:3000
Cheney Lake1:3000
Chequamegon Waters Flowage1:12000
Cherokee Lake1:6000
Chicken Crop Lake1:3000
Chicken Foot Lake1:3000
Chick + Turtle Lake1:3000
Chicog Lake1:3000
Chilton Millpond1:3000
Chinty Lake1:3000
Chip Lake1:3000
Chippanazie Lake1:3000
Chippewa Falls Flowage1:6000
Chippewa Lake A1:6000
Christy Lake1:3000
Chub Lake1:3000
Church Pine Lake1:3000
Chute Pond1:6000
Cincoe Lake1:3000
Circle Lily Lake1:6000
Cisco Lake1:3000
Clam Falls Flowage1:3000
Clam Lake1:6000
Clam River Flowage1:6000
Clara Lake1:3000
Clarke Lake1:3000
Clark Lake1:12000
Clawson Lake1:3000
Clay Lake1:3000
Clear Lake1:3000
Clear Lake1:3000
Clear Lake1:12000
Clear Lake1:3000
Clear Lake1:6000
Clear Lake1:3000
Clear Lake1:3000
Clear Lake A1:3000
Clear Lake B1:3000
Clear Lake C1:6000
Clear Lake + Chain Lake + Island Lake1:6000
Clear Lake D1:6000
Clear Lake E1:3000
Clearwater Lake1:6000
Cloud Lake1:3000
Cloverleaf Lake1:3000
Club Lake1:3000
Clyde Lake1:3000
Cochran Lake1:3000
Coffee Lake1:3000
Coffee Lake B1:3000
Coleman Lake1:6000
Collins Lake1:3000
Collins Lake1:3000
Colton Flowage1:3000
Columbus Lake1:12000
Como Lake1:12000
Comstock Lake1:3000
Comus Lake1:3000
Conners Lake1:3000
Connors Lake1:6000
Cooley Lake1:3000
Coon Fork Flowage1:3000
Coon Lake1:3000
Copper Lake1:3000
Cornell Flowage1:6000
Cornell Lake1:3000
Cosgrove Lake1:3000
County Line Lake,1:3000
Cox Hollow Lake 91:3000
Crab Lake1:12000
Cranberry Lake1:6000
Cranberry Lake1:3000
Cranberry Lake1:6000
Cranberry Lake1:3000
Cranberry Lake A1:6000
Cranberry Lake B1:3000
Cranberry Lake C1:3000
Crane and Chase Lake1:3000
Crane Lake1:6000
Crane Lake1:3000
Cravath Lake1:3000
Crescent Lake1:12000
Crooked Lake1:6000
Crooked Lake1:3000
Crooked Lake1:3000
Crooked Lake B1:3000
Crooked Lake C1:3000
Crooked Lake D1:3000
Crooked Lake E1:3000
Crooked Lake F1:3000
Crooked Lake G1:3000
Cross Lake1:3000
Crotty Lake1:3000
Crowley Flowage1:12000
Crystal Bog (Bog 27-2)1:3000
Crystal Lake1:3000
Crystal Lake1:3000
Crystal Lake1:6000
Crystal Lake1:3000
Crystal Lake1:6000
Crystal Lake B1:3000
Crystal Lake C1:3000
Crystal Lake D1:3000
Crystal Lake E1:3000
Crystal Lake F1:3000
Crystal Lake G1:3000
Cub Lake1:3000
Cull Lake1:3000
Currie Lake1:3000
Currier Lake1:3000
Curtis Lake1:3000
Curtis Lake1:3000
Curve Lake1:3000
Cycle Lake1:3000
Cyclone Lake1:3000
Dairyland Reservoir1:12000
Dam Lake1:3000
Dam Lake1:6000
Dana Pond, Bently1:3000
Dark Lake1:3000
Dark Lake A1:3000
Davis Lake1:3000
Day Lake1:12000
Day Lake1:3000
Deadman Lake1:3000
Dead Pike Lake1:6000
Deans Lake1:3000
Deep Lake1:3000
Deep Lake1:3000
Deep Lake B1:3000
Deep Lake C1:3000
Deep Wood Lake1:3000
Deer Lake1:3000
Deer Lake1:3000
Deer Lake1:6000
Deer Lake1:3000
Deer Lake1:6000
Deer Lake1:3000
Deer Lake1:3000
Deer Lake1:3000
Deer Lake B1:3000
Deer Lake C1:3000
Deer Lake D1:3000
Deer Print Lake1:3000
Delano Lake1:3000
Dells Lake1:3000
Dells Millpond (Rodell)1:3000
Dells Pond1:12000
Delmonte Lake1:3000
Delton Lake1:6000
Deneveu Lake1:3000
Derosier Lake1:3000
Des Moines Lake1:6000
Devils Lake1:3000
Devils Lake1:6000
Devils Lake1:6000
Diamond Lake1:6000
Diamond Lake1:3000
Diamond Lake1:3000
Diamond Lake B1:3000
Dickman Lake1:3000
Diene Lake1:3000
Dilley Lake1:3000
Dinger Lake1:3000
Dock Lake1:3000
Dog Lake + Big Lake1:6000
Dollar Lake1:3000
Dorothy Lake1:3000
Dowling Lake1:3000
Druid Lake1:3000
Drummond Lake1:3000
Duchien Lake1:3000
Duck Lake1:3000
Duck Lake1:3000
Duck Lake1:3000
Duck Lake + Otter Lake + Yellow Birch Lake1:6000
Dugan Lake1:3000
Dumke Lake1:3000
Dunham Lake1:6000
Dunn Lake1:3000
Duroy Lake1:6000
Dutch Hollow Lake1:3000
Dutchman Lake1:3000
Dvorak Lake1:3000
Dynamite Lake1:3000
Eagle Lake1:6000
Eagle Lake1:6000
Eagle Lake1:3000
Eagle Lake1:3000
Eagle Lake1:3000
Eagle Nest Flowage1:6000
Eagle Spring Lake1:6000
East Alaska Lake1:3000
East Davis Lake1:3000
East Eightmile Lake1:3000
East Horsehead Lake1:3000
East Mitchell Lake1:3000
Easton Lake1:3000
East Spring Lake1:3000
East Twin Lake1:3000
East Wilcox Lake1:3000
Eau Claire Flowage1:6000
Eau Claire River Flowage1:3000
Eau Galle Reservoir / Lake George1:3000
Ebert Lake1:3000
Echo Lake1:6000
Echo Lake1:3000
Echo Lake B1:3000
Echo Lake C1:3000
Edith Lake1:3000
Ehne Lake1:3000
Eland Pond1:3000
Elbow Lake1:6000
Eleva Pond1:3000
Elizabeth Lake1:12000
Elk Creek Lake1:3000
Elkhart Lake1:6000
Elk Lake1:6000
Ellison Lake1:3000
Ell Lake1:3000
Ellsworth Lake1:3000
Ellwood Lake1:3000
Elm Lake1:3000
Elna Lake1:3000
Emerald Lake1:3000
Emerson Lake1:3000
Emerson Lake Humbird Pond1:3000
Emily Lake1:3000
Emily Lake1:3000
Emma Lake1:6000
Emrick Lake1:3000
English Lake1:3000
English Lake1:6000
Ennis Lake1:3000
Enterprise Lake1:12000
Erler Lake1:3000
Esadore Lake1:3000
Escanaba Lake1:6000
Eska Lake1:3000
Esox Lake1:3000
Etter Lake1:3000
Eugene Lake1:3000
Eureka Lake1:3000
Europe Lake1:6000
Evans Lake1:3000
Evelyn Lake1:3000
Everett Lake1:3000
Evergreen Lake1:3000
Evergreen Lake1:3000
Evergreen Lake1:3000
Fairchild Pond1:3000
Falk Lake1:3000
Fall Creek Pond1:3000
Fallison Lake1:3000
Fanny Lake1:3000
Farr Lake1:3000
Favill Lake1:3000
Fawn Lake1:3000
Fawn Lake1:3000
Fawn Lake1:3000
Fawn Lake1:6000
Fay Lake1:6000
Fenner Lake1:3000
Fenton Lake1:3000
Finger Lake1:3000
Finley Lake1:3000
Firefly Lake1:3000
First Lake1:3000
Firth Lake1:3000
Fisher Lake1:6000
Fisher Lake1:3000
Fish Lake1:3000
Fish Lake1:3000
Fish Lake1:3000
Fish Lake1:6000
Fish Lake A1:3000
Fishtrap Lake1:6000
Fishtrap Lake B1:6000
Five Island Lake1:3000
Flanagan Lake1:3000
Flannery Lake1:3000
Flat Lake1:3000
Florence Lake1:3000
Florence Lake1:3000
Flynn Lake1:3000
Flynn Lake A1:3000
Foo Lake1:3000
Forest Lake1:12000
Forest Lake1:3000
Forest Lake A1:3000
Forestville Flowage 401:3000
Foster Lake1:3000
Foster Lake1:3000
Found Lake1:6000
Fountain Lake1:3000
Four Ducks Lake1:3000
Fourth Lake1:6000
Fowler Lake1:3000
Fox Lake1:24000
Fox Lake1:3000
Frank Lake1:3000
Franklin Lake1:12000
Franklin Lake B1:3000
Freedom Lakes1:3000
Frels Lake1:3000
Fremstadt Lake1:3000
French Lake1:3000
French Lake1:3000
Friedbauer Lake1:3000
Friendship Lake1:3000
Friess Lake1:3000
Frog Lake1:3000
Frog Lake B1:3000
Fuller Lake1:3000
Furbush Lake1:3000
Fur Farm Lake1:3000
Game Lake1:3000
Garth Lake1:3000
Garvin Lake1:3000
Gaslyn Lake1:3000
Gass Lake1:3000
Gates Lake1:3000
Gates Lake1:3000
Gem Lake1:3000
George Lake1:3000
George Lake1:12000
George Lake A1:3000
Gerber Lake1:3000
Getsey Lake1:3000
Ghost Lake1:6000
Ghost Lake A1:3000
Gibbs Lake1:3000
Gilas Lake1:3000
Gilbert Lake1:3000
Gilbert Lake1:3000
Gilbert Lake A1:3000
Gilmore Lake1:6000
Gilmore Lake1:6000
Giltners Lake1:3000
Glen Lake1:3000
Glenn Lake1:3000
Glisezinski Lake1:3000
Glocke Lake1:3000
Godfrey Lake1:3000
Golden Lake1:6000
Goodhal Lake1:3000
Goodman Lake1:3000
Goose Lake1:3000
Goose Lake1:3000
Goose Lake1:3000
Goose Lake1:3000
Goose Lake1:3000
Goose Lake A1:3000
Gooseneck Lake1:3000
Gordon Lake1:3000
Grand Lake Millpond1:6000
Grand Portage Lake1:3000
Grand Rapids Flowage + Upper Scott Flowage1:12000
Granger Lake1:3000
Granger Lake1:3000
Granite Lake1:3000
Grant Lake1:3000
Grass Lake1:3000
Grassy Lake1:6000
Greater Bass Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:3000
Green Lake1:3000
Green Lake1:3000
Green Lake1:3000
Green Lake1:12000
Grenquist Lake1:3000
Grimh Flowage1:12000
Grindstone Lake1:12000
Ground Hemlock Lake1:3000
Grover Lake1:3000
Gull Lake1:3000
Gull Lake1:6000
Gunlock Lake1:6000
Gurholt Lake1:3000
Gurno Lake1:3000
Haack Lake1:3000
Hahns Lake1:12000
Halfmoon Lake1:3000
Halfmoon Lake1:3000
Half Moon Lake1:6000
Half Moon Lake1:12000
Halfmoon Lake B1:3000
Halfway Lake1:3000
Halsey Lake1:12000
Halverson Lake1:3000
Ham Lake1:3000
Ham Lake1:3000
Ham Lake1:6000
Hammil Lake1:3000
Hancock Lake1:6000
Hanscom Lake1:3000
Hanson Lake1:3000
Happles Lake1:3000
Hardwood Lake1:3000
Harmon Lake1:3000
Harpt Lake1:3000
Harriet Lake1:3000
Harriet Lake1:3000
Harris Lake1:6000
Harrison Lake1:3000
Harris Pond Harrisville1:3000
Hartford Lake1:3000
Hart Lake + Lake Millicent + Twin Bear Lake1:6000
Hartlaub Lake1:3000
Hartman Lake1:3000
Hasbrook Lake1:6000
Hasmer Lake1:3000
Hatch Lake1:3000
Haugen Lake1:3000
Haugen Lake1:3000
Hawk Lake1:3000
Hay Lake1:3000
Hay Lake1:3000
Hay Lake B + Lake Delta1:6000
Hay Meadow Flowage No1:3000
Hayton Pond1:6000
Hayward Lake1:3000
Heidmann Lake1:3000
Helen Lake1:3000
Helmet Lake1:3000
Hemlock Lake1:3000
Hemlock Lake1:12000
Hemlock Lake A1:3000
Henderson Lake1:3000
Henneman Lake1:3000
Henrietta Lake1:3000
Henry Lake1:6000
Herby Lake1:3000
Heron Lake1:3000
Hewitt Lake1:3000
Hiawatha Lake1:3000
Hidden Lake1:3000
High Falls Reservoir1:12000
High Lake1:3000
High Lake1:12000
Highland Lake1:3000
High Life Lake1:3000
Hilbert Lake1:6000
Hilburn Pond1:3000
Hildebrand Lake1:3000
Hildur Lake1:3000
Hillis Lake1:3000
Hills Lake1:3000
Hills Lake1:3000
Himley Lake1:3000
Himple Lake1:3000
Hintz Lake, Krankrud1:3000
Hodge Lake1:3000
Hodstradt Lake1:3000
Hoinville Lake1:3000
Holcombe Flowage1:24000
Hollibar Lake1:3000
Holmes Lake1:3000
Homme Pond1:3000
Honey Lake1:3000
Hooker Lake1:3000
Hope Lake1:3000
Hope Lake1:3000
Horn Lake1:3000
Horsehead Lake1:6000
Horsehead Lake B1:6000
Horse Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake1:3000
Horseshoe Lake1:3000
Horseshoe Lake1:3000
Horseshoe Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake1:3000
Horseshoe Lake1:3000
Horseshoe Lake1:3000
Horseshoe Lake B1:3000
Horseshoe Lake C1:3000
Horseshoe Lake D1:3000
Horseshoe Lake E1:3000
Howe Lake1:3000
Howell Lake1:6000
Hulls Lake1:3000
Hultman Lake1:3000
Humboldt Park Pond1:3000
Hunter Lake1:3000
Hunter Lake1:3000
Hunters Lake1:3000
Ice House Lake1:3000
Ike Walton Lake1:12000
Inch Lake1:3000
Indianhead Flowage1:12000
Indian Lake1:3000
Indian Lake1:3000
Indian Lake1:6000
Indian Lake1:3000
Indian Lake1:3000
Interfalls Lake1:3000
Iola Lake1:6000
Irogami Lake1:6000
Iron Lake1:6000
Island Lake1:3000
Island Lake1:6000
Island Lake1:3000
Island Lake1:3000
Island Lake1:3000
Island Lake1:3000
Island Lake1:6000
Island Lake A1:6000
Jack Lake1:3000
Jack Pine Lake1:3000
Jacks Lake1:3000
Jackson Park Pond1:3000
Jacques Lake1:3000
Jag Lake1:3000
James Lake1:3000
Jeanstow Lake1:3000
Jennie Webber Lake1:6000
Jenny Lake1:3000
Jerms Lake1:3000
Jerome Lake1:3000
Jerry Lake1:3000
Jerry Lake1:3000
Jersey City Flowage1:6000
Jessie Lake1:3000
Jetzers Lake1:3000
Jim Lake1:3000
Johns Lake1:3000
Johns Lake1:3000
Johnson Falls Flowage1:3000
Johnson Lake1:6000
Johnson Lake1:3000
Johnson Lake1:3000
Johnsonville Pond1:6000
Jordan Lake1:6000
Jordan Pond1:3000
Joyce Lake1:3000
Julia Lake1:6000
Juneau Park Lagoon1:3000
Jungle Lake1:3000
Jute Lake1:3000
Kabol Lake1:3000
Kaine Lake1:3000
Kangaroo Lake1:12000
Karstaedt Lake1:3000
Kasbaum Lake1:3000
Kathan Lake1:6000
Katherine Lake1:12000
Kathryn Lake1:3000
Kating Lake1:3000
Katinka Lake1:3000
Kawaguesaga Lake1:12000
Kazmier Lake1:3000
Kekegama Lake1:3000
Keller Lake1:3000
Kelly Lake1:6000
Kelly Lake B1:3000
Kentuck Lake1:6000
Kern Lake1:3000
Kettle Lake1:3000
Kettle Moraine Lake1:6000
Keyes Lake1:3000
Kidd Lake1:3000
Kidney Lake1:3000
Kiezer Lake1:3000
Kilby Lake1:3000
King Lake1:3000
Kingsford Flowage1:12000
Kinney Lake1:3000
Kirby Lake1:3000
Kissiwick lake1:3000
Kleutch Lake1:3000
Knickerbocker Lake1:3000
Knights Lake1:3000
Knuteson Lake1:3000
Kohlhoff Lake1:3000
Koonz Lake1:3000
Korth + Bahr Lake1:3000
Kosciuszko Park Pond1:3000
Kreide Lake1:3000
Kroening Lake1:3000
Krohns Lake1:3000
Kusel Lake1:3000
Lac Courte Oreilles1:24000
Lac de Flambeau Chain1:12000
Lac Du Lune1:6000
Lac La Belle1:6000
Lac Sault Dore1:24000
Ladysmith Flowage1:12000
Lake Alice1:6000
Lake Arrowhead1:6000
Lake Beaver1:3000
Lake Belle View1:6000
Lake Beulah1:6000
Lake Bullhead1:3000
Lake Butte des Morts1:24000
Lake Chetac1:24000
Lake Chippewa1:24000
Lake Clair1:3000
Lake Clara1:3000
Lake Como1:3000
Lake Delavan 361:12000
Lake Denoon1:3000
Lake Desair1:3000
Lake Dexter 2101:6000
Lake Dubay1:12000
Lake Eau Claire1:12000
Lake Eau Galle1:6000
Lake Eleven1:3000
Lake Ellen1:3000
Lake Emery1:3000
Lake Emily1:3000
Lake Emily1:6000
Lake Five1:3000
Lake Four1:3000
Lake Galilee1:6000
Lake Geneva1:12000
Lake Geneva1:6000
Lake George1:3000
Lake Helane1:3000
Lake Huron1:3000
Lake Ivanhoe1:3000
Lake Julia1:6000
Lake Kathleen1:3000
Lake Keesus1:6000
Lake Kegonsa 4101:12000
Lake Kilesow1:3000
Lake Knotting1:3000
Lake Koshkonong1:12000
Lake Laura1:12000
Lake Laura1:3000
Lake Lenwood1:3000
Lake Lime1:3000
Lake Lizzy1:3000
Lake Lorraine1:3000
Lake Lucerne1:12000
Lake Lucerne1:3000
Lake Maria1:12000
Lake Mary1:6000
Lake Mary1:6000
Lake Mendota1:12000
Lake Menomin1:6000
Lake Minnesuing1:12000
Lake Mohawksin1:24000
Lake Monona1:12000
Lake Montanis1:6000
Lake Morris1:3000
Lake Munger1:3000
Lake Nagawicka 461:6000
Lake Namekagon1:12000
Lake Nancy1:6000
Lake Nebagamon1:12000
Lake Newman1:3000
Lake Nineteen1:3000
Lake Nokomis1:12000
Lake Nokomis1:3000
Lake Noquebay1:12000
Lake Of The Falls1:6000
Lake Of The Pines1:6000
Lake Of Woods1:3000
Lake Onalaska1:24000
Lake Owen1:6000
Lake Pesobic1:6000
Lake Poygan + Winneconne1:12000
Lake Poygan+Winneconne1:12000
Lake Redstone 301:6000
Lake Ree1:3000
Lake Ripley1:6000
Lake Rock No. 11:3000
Lake Ruth1:3000
Lake Salsich1:3000
Lake Seven1:3000
Lake Seventeen1:3000
Lake Shangrila1:3000
Lake Sharon1:3000
Lake Sherwood1:6000
Lakeside Lake1:3000
Lake Sinissippi1:12000
Lake Six1:3000
Lake Sixteen1:3000
Lake Sixteen1:3000
Lake Sugar1:3000
Lake Tahkodah1:3000
Lake Ten1:3000
Lake Thirty1:3000
Lake Thirty1:3000
Lake Thompson1:6000
Lake Three1:3000
Lake Tomah1:6000
Lake Twelve1:3000
Lake Wandawega1:3000
Lake Wazee1:3000
Lake Wingra1:6000
Lake Wisconsin1:12000
Lake Wissota1:24000
Landing Lake1:6000
Langer Lake1:3000
Lannon County Park Pond1:3000
Largon Lake1:3000
Larose Lake1:3000
Larrabee Lake1:3000
Larson Lake1:3000
Laura Lake1:3000
Lawrence Lake1:6000
Lawrence Lake1:3000
Lazy Island Lake1:3000
Lazy Lake Fall R Millpond1:3000
Leach Lake1:3000
Leader Lake1:3000
Lea Flowage Lea Lake1:6000
League Lake1:3000
Leda Lake1:3000
Lee Lake1:3000
Lee Lake1:3000
Leesome Lake1:3000
Legend Lake1:6000
Lehner Lake1:3000
Leigh Flowage1:6000
Leisure Lake1:3000
Leland Millpond1:3000
Lemon Lake1:3000
Leo Joerg Lake1:3000
Leopolis Pond1:6000
Lester Lake1:3000
Le Tourneau Lake1:3000
Lilly Lake1:3000
Lilly Lake1:3000
Lily Lake1:6000
Lily Lake1:3000
Lily Lake1:3000
Lily Lake1:3000
Lilypad Lake1:3000
Lincoln Lake1:3000
Lindquist Lake1:3000
Line Lake1:3000
Linie Lac1:3000
Lions Lake1:3000
Lipsett Lake1:6000
Little Arbor Vitae Lake1:6000
Little Bass Lake1:3000
Little Bass Lake1:3000
Little Bass Lake1:3000
Little Bass Lake1:3000
Little Bass Lake A1:3000
Little Bear Lake1:3000
Little Bear Lake1:3000
Little Bearskin Lake1:3000
Little Beaver Lake1:3000
Little Birch Lake1:3000
Little Butternut Lake1:3000
Little Butternut Lake1:3000
Little Cedar Lake1:6000
Little Chelsea Lake1:3000
Little Clam Lake1:3000
Little Cloud Lake1:3000
Little Crawling Stone Lake1:6000
Little Crooked Lake1:3000
Little Devil Lake1:3000
Little Dummy Lake1:3000
Little Elkhart Lake1:3000
Little Falls1:6000
Little Fork Lake1:6000
Little Friess Lake1:3000
Little Granite Lake1:3000
Little Green Lake1:12000
Little Horseshoe Lake1:3000
Little John Junior Lake1:3000
Little John Lake1:3000
Little Kekegama Lake1:3000
Little Lac Courte Oreilles1:6000
Little Lake1:3000
Little Long Lake1:3000
Little Maiden Lake1:3000
Little McGraw Lake1:3000
Little Mirror Lake1:3000
Little Moon Lake1:3000
Little Mud Lake1:3000
Little Mud Lake B1:3000
Little Muskego Lake1:12000
Little Newton Lake1:3000
Little Ole Lake1:3000
Little Pelican Lake1:3000
Little Pickerel Lake1:3000
Little Pigeon Lake1:3000
Little Pike Lake1:3000
Little Pine Lake1:3000
Little Pine Lake1:3000
Little Plummer Lake1:3000
Little Popple Lake1:3000
Little Rock Lake1:3000
Little Rose Lakes1:3000
Little Round Lake1:3000
Little Saint Germain Lake1:6000
Little Sand Lake1:6000
Little Sand Lake1:3000
Little Sand Lake1:3000
Little Sand Lake A1:3000
Little Simms Lake1:3000
Little Siskiwit Lake1:3000
Little Sissabagama Lake1:6000
Little Spider Lake1:6000
Little Star Lake1:6000
Little Star Lake1:3000
Little Star Lake A1:3000
Little Stone Lake1:6000
Little Stone Lake1:6000
Little Tomahawk Lake1:12000
Little Trade Lake1:3000
Little Trout Lake1:12000
Little Van Zile Lake1:3000
Little Wapato Lake1:3000
Little Wapoose Lake1:3000
Little Wood Lake1:3000
Little Yellow Lake1:6000
Logger Lake1:3000
Lone Stone Lake1:3000
Lone Wolf Lake1:3000
Long Lake1:24000
Long Lake1:12000
Long Lake1:3000
Long Lake1:3000
Long Lake1:12000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:3000
Long Lake1:3000
Long Lake1:3000
Long Lake1:3000
Long Lake B1:6000
Long Lake C1:3000
Long Lake D1:3000
Long Lake E1:3000
Long Lake F1:3000
Long Lake G1:3000
Long Lake H1:3000
Long Lake I1:3000
Long Lake J1:3000
Long Lake K1:6000
Long Lake L1:3000
Long Lake M1:6000
Long Lake N1:6000
Long Lake O1:6000
Long Lake P1:6000
Long Lake Q1:6000
Long Lake R1:3000
Long Lake S1:3000
Long Lake T1:3000
Long Lake U1:6000
Long Lake V1:3000
Long (Mud) Lake1:3000
Long Trade Lake1:3000
Loon Lake1:3000
Loon Lake1:3000
Loon Lake1:3000
Loon Lake1:3000
Loon Lake1:6000
Loon Lake1:3000
Loon Lake B1:3000
Loon Lake C1:3000
Loon Lake D1:3000
Loon Lake E1:3000
Loretta Lake/ Upper Brunet Flowage1:3000
Lost Beaver1:3000
Lost Canoe Lake1:6000
Lost Lake1:3000
Lost Lake1:6000
Lost Lake1:3000
Lost Lake1:3000
Lost Lake1:3000
Lost Lake1:3000
Lost Lake1:12000
Lost Lake A1:3000
Lost Lake B1:3000
Lotus Lake1:6000
Lovejoy Lake1:3000
Love Lake1:6000
Loveless Lake1:3000
Lowell Millpond1:6000
Lower Clam Lake1:6000
Lower Clam Lake1:6000
Lower Clear Lake1:3000
Lower Devils Lake1:3000
Lower Eau Claire Lake1:12000
Lower Genesee Lake1:3000
Lower Island Lake1:3000
Lower Jones Lake1:3000
Lower Kaubashine Lake1:3000
Lower Kimball Lake1:3000
Lower Little Marshall Lake1:3000
Lower McKenzie Lake1:3000
Lower Nashotah Lake1:3000
Lower Nemahbin Lake1:6000
Lower Ox Lake1:3000
Lower Park Falls Flowage1:12000
Lower Phantom Lake1:6000
Lower Pine Lake1:3000
Lower Post Lake1:12000
Lower Red Lake1:3000
Lower Sugarbush Lake1:3000
Lower Turtle Lake1:6000
Lower Two Sisters Lake1:3000
Lower Vermillion Lake1:3000
Lower Wapato Lake1:3000
Lower White River Pond1:3000
Lowes Lake1:3000
Lowland Lake1:3000
Loyhead Lake1:3000
Lucas Lake1:3000
Ludden Lake1:3000
Ludington Lake1:3000
Ludowissi Lake1:3000
Lulu Lake1:3000
Lulu Lake1:3000
Luna Lake1:3000
Lundgren Lake1:3000
Lund Lake1:3000
Lyman Lake1:6000
Lynch Lake1:3000
Lynx Lake1:12000
Machickanee Flowage1:6000
Mackaysee Lake1:6000
Mack Lake1:3000
Madden + Thompson Lakes1:3000
Magnor Lake1:6000
Maiden Lake1:6000
Mainline Lake1:3000
Mallalieu Lake1:6000
Mallard Lake1:3000
Malone Lake1:3000
Mamie Lake1:6000
Manawa Millpond1:6000
Manitowish Lake1:12000
Mann Lake1:6000
Manson Lake1:6000
Maple Lake1:6000
Marengo Lake1:3000
Margaret Lake1:3000
Marinuka Lake 1381:6000
Marion Millpond1:3000
Marl Lake1:3000
Marshall Lake1:3000
Marsh Miller Lake Mill Pond1:6000
Mars Lake1:3000
Martha Lake1:3000
Martha Lake1:3000
Mary + Adelaide + Helen + Yolanda + Rose Lake1:3000
Mary Jane Lake1:3000
Mary Jane Lake1:3000
Mary Lake1:3000
Mason Lake1:6000
Mason Lake1:3000
Matthews Lake1:6000
Maunesha Flowage1:3000
Mauthe Lake1:3000
Mayflower Lake1:3000
McAllister Lake1:3000
McArthur Lake1:3000
Mccann Lake1:6000
Mccarry Lake1:3000
McCarthy Lake1:3000
Mcclaine Lake1:3000
Mccloud Lake1:3000
McComb Lake1:3000
Mccormick Lake1:3000
Mcdill Pond1:6000
Mcdonald Lake1:3000
Mcgee Lake1:3000
Mcgee Lake1:3000
Mcginnis Lake1:3000
Mcgovern Park Pond1:3000
Mcgrath Lake1:3000
McGraw Lake1:3000
McKenzie Lake1:6000
Mckinley Lake1:3000
McKinley Lake1:3000
McLain Lake1:3000
Mclaren Lake1:3000
McLean Lake1:3000
Mcnaughton Lake1:3000
Mead Lake1:3000
Mead Lake1:6000
Meadow Lake1:3000
Meadows Lake1:3000
Mecan Springs1:3000
Meder Lake1:6000
Medicine + Laurel Lake1:6000
Mercer Lake1:3000
Mercer Lake B1:6000
Metcalf Lake1:3000
Metcalf Lake1:3000
Metonga Lake1:12000
Metzger Lake1:3000
Meyer Lake1:3000
Meyers Lake1:3000
Middle Eau Claire Lake1:12000
Middle Genesee Lake1:3000
Middle Kimball Lake1:3000
Middle McKenzie Lake1:6000
Middle Sugarbush Lake1:6000
Midge Lake1:3000
Midget Lake1:3000
Mid Lake1:12000
Mielke Lake1:3000
Mildred Lake1:3000
Miles Lake1:3000
Miles Lake1:3000
Miller Lake1:3000
Miller Lake1:3000
Miller Lake1:3000
Mill Pond1:3000
Mill Pond Lake1:3000
Mills Lake1:3000
Mineral Lake1:6000
Minister Lake1:3000
Minnow Lake1:3000
Minnow Lake1:3000
Minocqua Lake1:12000
Mirror Lake1:3000
Mirror Lake1:3000
Mirror Lake1:3000
Mirror Lake1:3000
Mirror Lake A1:3000
Mission Lake1:3000
Mission Lake1:3000
Mitchell Park Pond1:3000
Moccasin Lake1:3000
Moccasin Lake1:3000
Moelter Lake1:3000
Moen Lake1:6000
Monday Lake1:3000
Mondeaux Flowage1:6000
Monroe County Flowage1:12000
Montana Lake1:6000
Montello Cutoff1:6000
Monterey Millpond1:3000
Montgomery Lake1:3000
Moon Lake1:3000
Moon Lake1:3000
Moon Lake1:3000
Moon Lake B1:3000
Moon Lake C1:3000
Moose Lake1:3000
Moose Lake1:3000
Moose Lake1:6000
Moose Lake1:12000
Moose Lake A1:3000
Moquah Lake1:3000
Moraine Lake1:3000
Morgan Lake1:3000
Moshawquit Lake1:6000
Moss Lake1:3000
Motyka Lake1:3000
Muck Lake1:3000
Mud Hen Lake1:6000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake1:3000
Mud Lake #11:3000
Mud Lake A1:3000
Mud Lake B1:3000
Mud Lake C1:3000
Mud Lake, Cornell1:3000
Mud Lake D1:3000
Mud Lake E1:3000
Mud Lake F1:3000
Mud Lake G1:3000
Mud Lake H1:3000
Mud Lake I1:3000
Mud Lake + Pokegama Lake + Prairie lake + Tenmile Lake + Rice Lake + Lake Chetek1:12000
Mueller Lake1:3000
Mueller Lake1:3000
Mueller (Teek) Lake1:3000
Mukwonago Lake1:3000
Mullenhoff Lake1:3000
Mulligan Lake1:3000
Murphy Flowage1:3000
Murray Lake1:3000
Muskego Lake1:12000
Muskellunge Lake1:6000
Muskellunge Lake1:3000
Muskellunge Lake C1:3000
Muskellunge Lake D1:3000
Muskellunge Lake E1:6000
Muskie Lake1:3000
Muskie Springs Lake1:3000
Muskrat Lake1:3000
Musser Flowage1:6000
Myklebust Lake1:3000
Mystery Lake1:3000
Nelligan Lake1:3000
Nelson Lake1:3000
Nelson Lake1:3000
Nelson Lake1:12000
Neosho Mill Pond1:6000
Nepco Lake1:6000
Neshkoro Millpond1:12000
Neshonoc Lake 3901:6000
Nettie B Lake1:3000
New Fane Millpond1:3000
New Lisbon Lake1:6000
Newman Lake1:3000
New Richmond Flowage1:3000
Newton Lake1:3000
Nicaboyne Lake1:6000
Nice Lake1:3000
Nichols Lake1:3000
Nick Lake1:3000
Noble Lake1:3000
No Mans Lake1:3000
Nona Lake1:3000
Norby Lake1:3000
Norrie Lake1:3000
Northeast Lake1:3000
North Lake1:3000
North Lake1:6000
North Lake1:3000
North Lake1:3000
North Lake1:6000
North Lake1:6000
North Lake A1:3000
North Neva Lake1:3000
North Nokomis Lake1:12000
North of North Shattuck Lake1:3000
North Shattuck Lake1:3000
North Spirit Lake1:6000
North Turtle Lake1:6000
North Twin Lake1:3000
North Twin Lake1:3000
North Twin Lake1:3000
North Two Lakes1:3000
Norwood Lake1:3000
Nose Lake1:3000
Number Four Lake1:3000
Number One Lake1:3000
Number One Lake1:3000
Number Three Lake1:3000
Number Two Lake1:3000
Nut Lake1:3000
Nymphia Lake1:3000
Oak Creek Parkway Pond1:3000
Oak Lake1:3000
Oak Lake1:3000
Oakwood Lake1:3000
Oconomowoc Lake 871:6000
Oconto Falls Pond1:3000
Odd Lake1:3000
Ogdensburg Pond1:3000
Ogema Millpond1:3000
Okauchee Lake 851:6000
Old Abe Lake1:12000
Old Taylor Lake1:3000
Oliver Lakes1:3000
Oliver Lakes1:3000
Oliver Lakes1:3000
Oneida Lake1:6000
One Mile Lake1:3000
Oneonta Lake1:3000
Onimish Lake1:3000
Onland Lake1:3000
Oscar Jenny Lake1:3000
Ottawa Lake1:3000
Otter Lake Brown1:6000
Owl Lake1:3000
Owl Lake1:3000
Oxbow Lake1:6000
Paasch Lake1:3000
Pacwawong Spring1:3000
Paddock Lake1:3000
Pallette Lake1:3000
Palmer Lake1:12000
Papoose Lake1:6000
Paradise Lake1:3000
Parker Lake1:3000
Park Lake1:6000
Partridge Crop Lake1:6000
Partridge Crop Lake1:3000
Partridge Lake1:6000
Partridge Lake1:12000
Patrick Lake1:3000
Patsy Lake1:3000
Patten Lake1:6000
Patterson Lake1:3000
Pauls Lake1:3000
Paulys Lake1:3000
Pauto Lake1:3000
Pavlas Lake1:3000
Paya Lake1:3000
Payment Lake1:3000
Payne Lake1:3000
Peanut Lake1:3000
Pear Lake1:3000
Pearl Lake1:3000
Pearson Lake1:3000
Pecor Lake1:3000
Pelican Lake1:6000
Pelican Lake1:24000
Pella Pond1:6000
Pell Lake1:3000
Pence Lake1:3000
Penny Lake1:3000
Pensaukee Lakes1:3000
Peppermill Lake1:3000
Perch Lake1:3000
Perch Lake1:3000
Perch Lake1:3000
Perch Lake1:3000
Perch Lake1:3000
Perch Lake A1:3000
Perch Lake B1:3000
Perry Lake1:3000
Person Lake1:3000
Peshtigo Flowage1:6000
Petenwell Lake1:24000
Peters Lake1:3000
Peterson Lake1:3000
Peterson Lake1:3000
Peterson Lake1:3000
Peufald Lake1:3000
Pewaukee Lake 27.61:12000
Phantom Lake1:3000
Phantom Lake1:3000
Phipps Flowage + Pacwawong Lake1:6000
Phipps Spring1:3000
Physa Lake1:3000
Pickerel Lake1:3000
Pickerel Lake1:3000
Pickerel Lake1:3000
Pickerel Lake1:3000
Pickerel Lake1:3000
Pickerel Lake1:3000
Pickerel Lake1:6000
Pickerel Lake1:12000
Pickerel Lake1:3000
Pickerel Lake1:6000
Pickerel Lake1:3000
Pickerel Lake B1:3000
Picnic Lake1:3000
Picture Lake1:3000
Pier Lake1:6000
Pigeon Lake1:3000
Pigeon Lake1:3000
Pigeon Lake1:3000
Pike Lake1:12000
Pike Lake1:6000
Pike Lake B1:3000
Pike Lake C1:3000
Pike Lake D1:3000
Pike Lake E1:3000
Pine Lake1:6000
Pine Lake1:3000
Pine Lake1:6000
Pine Lake1:12000
Pine Lake1:3000
Pine Lake1:3000
Pine Lake1:6000
Pine Lake1:3000
Pine Lake1:3000
Pine Lake1:3000
Pine Lake1:3000
Pine Lake B1:3000
Pine Lake C1:3000
Pine Lake D1:3000
Pine Lake E1:6000
Pine Lake F1:3000
Pine Lake Hh1:3000
Pine Ridge Lake1:3000
Pine River Flowage1:6000
Pioneer Lake1:12000
Pipe Lake1:6000
Pixley Flowage1:12000
Placid Twin Lakes1:3000
Placid Twin (North) Lake1:3000
Plainfield Lake1:3000
Planning Lake1:3000
Planorbis Lake1:3000
Plate Lake1:3000
Pleasant Lake1:3000
Pleasant Lake1:6000
Pleasant Lake1:3000
Pleasant Lake1:3000
Plum Lake1:12000
Plummer Lake1:6000
Pokegama Lake1:6000
Pokegama Lake1:6000
Polack Lake1:3000
Pole Lake1:3000
Pond Lake1:3000
Pond Lake1:3000
Poplar Lake1:3000
Poplar River Pond1:3000
Popple Lake1:3000
Popple Lake1:3000
Popple Point Lake1:3000
Poquettes Lake1:3000
Porcupine Lake1:3000
Port Arthur Flowage1:12000
Porters Lake1:3000
Poskin Lake1:3000
Postle + Bell1:3000
Potato Lake1:12000
Potato Lake B1:6000
Potter Flowage1:6000
Potter Lake1:3000
Potters Lake1:3000
Powers Lake1:6000
Preemption Creek Pond1:3000
Presque Isle Lake1:12000
Pretty Lake1:3000
Price Lake1:3000
Price Lake1:3000
Price Lake1:3000
Priest Lake1:3000
Prinel Lake1:3000
Prong Lake1:3000
Puckaway Lake1:12000
Pulaski Lake1:3000
Punch Lake1:3000
Purdy Lake1:3000
Quartz Lake1:3000
Quill Lake1:3000
Quimette Lake1:3000
Rabe Lake1:3000
Radigan Flowage1:3000
Rainbow Flowage1:12000
Rainbow Lake1:3000
Rainbow Springs Lake1:3000
Ramsdell Lake1:3000
Randall Lake1:6000
Random Lake1:3000
Range Line Lake1:3000
Rassmusson Lake1:3000
Rathke/Radtke Lake1:3000
Raven Lake1:3000
Razorback Lake1:6000
Reagon Lake1:3000
Red Cedar Lake1:24000
Red Cedar Lake1:6000
Red Ike Lake1:3000
Red Lake B1:3000
Red Lake C1:6000
Reed Lake1:3000
Reisner Lake1:3000
Reservoir Pond1:6000
Rest Lake1:12000
Rheinhardt Lake1:3000
Rhinelander Flowage / Boom Lake1:24000
Rib Lake1:6000
Rice Lake A1:3000
Rice Lake B1:3000
Rice Lake C1:3000
Rice Lake D1:3000
Richardson Lake1:3000
Richter Lake1:3000
Riley Lake1:3000
Riley Lake1:3000
Riley Lake1:3000
Riley Lake1:6000
Ripley Lake1:3000
Ripley Lake B1:3000
Ritter Lake1:3000
Riverdale Flowage1:6000
Road Lake1:3000
Roberts Lake1:6000
Robinson Lake1:3000
Robinson Lake1:3000
Rock Dam Lake1:3000
Rock Lake1:3000
Rock Lake1:12000
Rock Lake1:3000
Rock Lake1:3000
Rockland Lake1:3000
Rock No 21:3000
Rockville Flowage1:6000
Rocky Ridge Lake1:3000
Roedecker Lake1:3000
Roger Lake1:3000
Roger Lake No1:3000
Rogers Lake1:3000
Rogers Lake1:3000
Roland Lake1:3000
Rolling Stone Lake1:6000
Rollofson Lake1:3000
Rome Mill Pond1:6000
Rooney Lake1:6000
Roothouse Lake1:3000
Rosebush / White Rapids Flowage1:12000
Rose Lake1:3000
Rost Lake1:3000
Round Lake1:3000
Round Lake1:12000
Round Lake1:3000
Round Lake1:3000
Round Lake1:3000
Round Lake1:3000
Round Lake1:6000
Round Lake1:3000
Round Lake1:3000
Round Lake1:6000
Round Lake A1:3000
Round Lake B1:3000
Round Lake C1:3000
Round Lake D1:3000
Roxy Pond1:3000
Ruby Lake1:3000
Rush Lake1:3000
Rush Lake1:3000
Ruskin Lake1:3000
Rusk Lake1:3000
Sackett Lake1:3000
Sailor Creek Flowage1:3000
Sailor Lake1:3000
Saint Croix Flowage1:12000
Saint Croix Flowage1:12000
Saint Croix River1:24000
Saint Johns Lake1:3000
Salem Lake1:3000
Sand Bar Lake1:3000
Sand Lake1:3000
Sand Lake1:6000
Sand Lake1:6000
Sand Lake1:6000
Sand Lake1:6000
Sand Lake1:12000
Sand Lake1:3000
Sand Lake1:3000
Sand Lake1:3000
Sand Lake1:3000
Sand Lake B1:6000
Sand Lake C1:3000
Sand Lake D1:3000
Sand Lake E1:6000
Sandstone Flowage1:6000
Sandy Beach Lake1:3000
Saratoga Lake1:6000
Sauntrys Pocket Lake1:3000
Sawyer Lake1:3000
Sawyer Lake1:3000
Saylesville Millpond1:3000
Scattered Rice Lake1:6000
Scattering Rice Lake1:6000
Schisel Lake1:3000
Schlecht Lake1:3000
Schnur Lake1:3000
School House1:12000
Schoolhouse Lake1:3000
School Section Lake1:3000
School Section Lake1:3000
School Section Lake1:3000
Scotchman Lake1:3000
Scott Lake1:3000
Scott Lake1:3000
Scott Lake1:3000
Scout Lake1:3000
Scout Lake B1:3000
Scovils Lake1:3000
Scuppernong Creek Pond1:3000
Sea Lion Lake1:3000
Seal Lake1:3000
Second Lake1:6000
Second Small Lake1:3000
Section Corner1:3000
Section Ten Lake1:3000
Section Thirty Lake1:3000
Seidel Lake1:3000
Seitz Lake1:3000
Senn Lake1:3000
Setting Lake1:3000
Seven Island Lake1:3000
Sevenmile Lake1:12000
Shabodock Lake1:3000
Shadow Lake1:3000
Shannon Lake1:3000
Shawano Lake1:12000
Shay Lake1:3000
Shay Lake1:3000
Shea Lake1:3000
Sheboygan Falls Quarry1:3000
Sheboygan Quarry1:3000
Shell Lake1:24000
Shepard Lake1:3000
Sheridan Park Pond1:3000
Sherwood Lake 151:6000
Shishhebogama Lake1:12000
Shoe Lake1:3000
Shoe Lake1:3000
Shoto Lake1:6000
Sidie Hollow Lake1:3000
Siemer Lake1:3000
Silver Bass Lake1:3000
Silver Bass + Sunfish Lake1:3000
Silver Lake1:3000
Silver Lake1:3000
Silver Lake1:3000
Silver Lake1:3000
Silver Lake1:3000
Silver Lake1:3000
Silver Lake1:3000
Silver Lake1:3000
Silver Lake1:6000
Silver Lake1:6000
Silver Lake1:3000
Silver Lake1:6000
Silver Lake1:6000
Silver Lake B1:3000
Silver Lake C1:3000
Silver Lake D1:3000
Silver Lake E1:3000
Silver Lake, Kenosha1:12000
Silver Lake Paradise Valley1:3000
Silverthorn Lake1:3000
Simms Lake1:3000
Simpson Lake1:3000
Siskiwit Lake1:6000
Sissabagama Lake1:12000
Skunk Lake1:3000
Sleepy Eye1:6000
Slim Creek Flowage1:3000
Slim Lake1:3000
Small Bass Lakes1:3000
Smith Lake1:6000
Smith Lake1:3000
Smith Lake1:3000
Smith Lake1:3000
Smith Lake1:3000
Smokey Lake1:3000
Snag Lake1:3000
Snag Lake1:3000
Snake Lake1:3000
Snipe Lake1:3000
Snipe Lake1:3000
Snipe Lake1:6000
Snoose Lake1:3000
Snowden Lake1:3000
Snowshoe Lake1:3000
Snyder Lake1:3000
Solberg Lake1:6000
Somers Lake1:3000
Somo Lake1:6000
South Harper Lake1:3000
South Lake1:3000
South Riley Lake1:3000
South Shattuck Lake1:3000
South Turtle Lake1:6000
South Twin Lake1:3000
South Twin Lake1:3000
South Twin Lake1:3000
South Two Lakes1:6000
Sparkling Lake1:6000
Spauldings Pond1:3000
Spectacle Lake1:3000
Spence Lake1:3000
Spencer Lake1:3000
Spencer Lake1:3000
Spider Lake1:3000
Spider Lake1:12000
Spider Lake1:6000
Spider Lake1:3000
Spider Lake1:6000
Spider Lake1:12000
Spider Lake B1:3000
Spider Lake C1:3000
Spider Lake D1:3000
Spillerberg Lake1:3000
Spirit Lake1:3000
Spirit Lake1:6000
Spirit Lake1:6000
Spirit River Flowage1:12000
Spooner Lake1:12000
Spot Lake1:3000
Spring Lake1:3000
Spring Lake1:3000
Spring Lake1:3000
Spring Lake1:3000
Spring Lake1:3000
Spring Lake1:3000
Spring Lake1:3000
Spring Lake1:3000
Spring Lake1:3000
Spring Lake1:3000
Spring Lake1:3000
Spring Lake A1:3000
Spring Lake B1:3000
Spring Lake C1:3000
Spring Lake D1:3000
Spring Lake E1:3000
Spring Lake F1:3000
Spring Lake G1:3000
Spring Lake Hh1:3000
Springville Pond1:3000
Spruce Lake1:3000
Spruce Lake1:3000
Spruce Lake1:3000
Spruce Lake1:3000
Spur Lake1:3000
Spur Lake1:3000
Square Lake1:3000
Squash Lake1:6000
Squaw Lake1:12000
Squaw Lake1:6000
Squaw Lake1:3000
Squaw Lake1:3000
Squirrel Lake1:12000
Stanley Lake1:3000
Staples Lake1:6000
Star Lake1:6000
Star Lake1:3000
Star Lake1:3000
Star Lake1:3000
Star Lake + Little Star Lake1:12000
Statenaker Lake1:3000
Stearns Lake1:6000
Steele Lake1:3000
Steelhead Lake1:3000
Stella Lake1:6000
Stenson Lake1:3000
Stevens Lake1:6000
Stewart Lake1:3000
Stoltenburg Lake1:3000
Stone Lake1:6000
Stone Lake1:6000
Stone Lake1:3000
Stone Lake1:12000
Stormy Lake1:6000
Storrs Lake1:3000
Stratton Lake1:3000
Street Lake1:3000
Strum Lake Crystal1:3000
Stump Lake1:6000
Sturgeon Falls Flowage1:12000
Sugar Bush Lake1:3000
Sugar Camp Lake1:6000
Sugar Lake1:3000
Sugar Maple Lake1:3000
Summit Lake1:6000
Sunfish Lake1:3000
Sunfish Lake1:3000
Sunfish Lake1:3000
Sunset Lake1:3000
Sunset Lake1:3000
Sunset Lake1:3000
Superior Lake1:3000
Surprise Lake1:3000
Swamp Lake1:6000
Swamp Lake B1:6000
Swamsauger Lake1:3000
Swan Lake1:3000
Swan Lake1:6000
Swanson Lake1:3000
Swede Lake1:3000
Swede Lake1:3000
Sweeny Lake1:3000
Sweet Lake1:3000
Swift Lake1:3000
Sy Lake1:3000
Sylvan Lake1:3000
Tabor Lake1:3000
Tahoe Lake1:3000
Tainter Lake1:12000
Tallman Lake1:3000
Tamarack Lake1:3000
Tamarack Lake1:3000
Tamarack Lake1:3000
Tamarack Lake1:3000
Tambling Lake1:3000
Tank Lake1:3000
Tank Lake1:3000
Tarbert Lake1:3000
Tarrant Lake1:3000
Taylor Lake1:3000
Taylor Lake1:3000
Teacup Lake1:3000
Tea Lake1:3000
Teal Flowage1:3000
Teal Lake + Lost Land Lake1:24000
Teal River Flowage1:12000
Tenderfoot Lake1:6000
Third Lake1:6000
Third Lake1:3000
Thirty Three Lake1:3000
Thomas Lake1:3000
Thompson Lake1:3000
Thornapple Flowage1:12000
Thorne Lake1:3000
Thorn Lake1:3000
Three Johns Lake1:3000
Thunder Lake1:3000
Tichigan Lake1:6000
Tiger Cat Flowage1:6000
Tilden Mill Pond1:3000
Tilleda Pond1:3000
Tilly Lake1:3000
Timms Lake1:3000
Timms Lake1:3000
Tomahawk Lake1:3000
Tomahawk Lake1:24000
Tomahawk Lake A1:3000
Tombeau Lake1:3000
Tom Doyle Lake1:3000
Tomoe Lake1:3000
Toothpick Lake1:3000
Torrey Lake1:3000
Totagatic Flowage1:6000
Totagatic Lake1:6000
Towanda Lake1:3000
Tower Lake1:3000
Town Corner Lake1:3000
Townline Lake1:3000
Townline Lake1:3000
Town Line Lake1:3000
Townline Lake + Big Stone Lake + Planting Ground Lake + Big Fork Lake + Long Lak1:12000
Townsend Flowage1:6000
Tozer Lake1:3000
Tracy Lake1:3000
Trail Lake1:3000
Tranus Lake1:3000
Travers Lake1:3000
Tree Lake1:3000
Trego Lake1:12000
Trilby Lake1:3000
Triple Lake North1:3000
Triple Lakes1:3000
Triple Lake West1:3000
Tripp Lake Trapp1:3000
Trout Bog (Bog 12-15)1:3000
Trout Lake1:3000
Trout Lake1:12000
Trout Lake1:3000
Trout Lake1:3000
Trow Lake (Merrillan Pond)1:3000
Trump Lake1:3000
Tub Lake1:3000
Tucker Lake1:3000
Tug Lake1:3000
Tuma Lake1:3000
Turner Lake + Amik Lake + Round Lake + Pike Lake1:6000
Turtle Flambeau Flowage1:12000
Turtle Lake1:3000
Turtle Lake1:3000
Turtle Lake1:3000
Turtle Lake1:3000
Tuscobia Lake1:3000
Tuttle Lake1:6000
Twentysix Lake1:6000
Twin Falls Flowage1:12000
Twin Island Lake1:3000
Twin Lake1:3000
Twin Lake1:3000
Twin Lake East1:3000
Twin Lakes1:3000
Twin Lakes1:3000
Twin Lakes1:3000
Twin Lakes1:3000
Twin Lakes1:3000
Twin Lakes1:3000
Twin Lakes1:24000
Twin Lakes1:3000
Twin Lakes1:3000
Twin Lakes1:3000
Twin Lakes B1:3000
Twin Lakes C1:3000
Twin Lakes F1:3000
Twin Lakes G1:3000
Twin Lake (South)1:3000
Twin Lakes West1:3000
Twin Lake West1:3000
Twin Valley Lake1:6000
Two Axe Lake1:3000
Two Boys Lake1:3000
Two Deer Lake1:3000
Two Island Lake1:3000
Two Sisters Lake1:6000
Two Sisters Lakes1:3000
Underwood Lake1:3000
Unnamed 11384001:3000
Unnamed 25796001:3000
Unnamed 25811001:3000
Unnamed 25829001:3000
Un-named Lake1:3000
Unnamed Lake1:3000
Upper Buckatabon Lake1:6000
Upper Clam Lake1:3000
Upper Devils Lake1:3000
Upper Eau Claire Lake1:12000
Upper Genesee Lake1:3000
Upper Gresham Lake1:6000
Upper Island Lake1:3000
Upper Jones Lake1:3000
Upper Kaubashine Lake1:3000
Upper Kelly Lake1:3000
Upper Kimball Lake1:3000
Upper Mud Lake1:12000
Upper Mud Lake1:12000
Upper Nashotah Lake1:3000
Upper Nemahbin Lake1:6000
Upper Park Falls Flowage1:6000
Upper Post Lake1:12000
Upper Range Lake1:3000
Upper Red Lake1:3000
Upper Saint Croix Lake1:12000
Upper Spring Lake1:3000
Upper Sugarbush Lake1:3000
Upper Turtle Lake1:6000
Upper Twin Lake1:3000
Upper Vermillion Lake1:3000
Upper Wapato Lake1:3000
Upper Waterman Lake1:3000
Upson Lake1:3000
Utica Lake1:3000
Valley Lake1:3000
Valley Lake1:3000
Vandercook Lake1:3000
Van Vliet Lake1:6000
Van Zile Lake1:3000
Venison Lake1:3000
Venison Spring1:3000
Venus Lake1:3000
Vern Wolf Lake1:3000
Veterans Memorial Park Pond1:3000
Vetting Lake1:3000
Vincent Lake1:3000
Viola Lake1:6000
Virgin Lake1:6000
Virgin Lake A1:3000
Voltz Lake1:3000
Wabigon Lake1:3000
Wadley Lake1:3000
Wagner Lake1:3000
Waldo Mill Pond1:3000
Wallace Lake1:3000
Wanoka Lake1:3000
Wapogasset Lake1:12000
Wapoose Lake1:3000
Warner Lake1:3000
Warvet Lake1:3000
Washington Lake1:3000
Washington Park Pond1:3000
Water Power Lake1:3000
Waubee Lake1:3000
Waubeesee Lake1:3000
Waupee Flowage1:3000
Waupee Lake1:3000
Wausau Lake1:24000
Wazeda Lake1:3000
Wazeecha Lake1:3000
Webb Lake1:6000
Webb Lake1:3000
Weber Lake1:3000
Weeks Lake East1:3000
Weeks Lakes1:3000
Weirgor Lake1:3000
Wellington Lake1:3000
Wescott Lake1:3000
West Alaska Lake1:3000
West Bass Lake1:3000
West Davis Lake1:3000
West Horsehead Lake1:3000
West Lake1:3000
West Lake1:3000
Westphall Lake1:3000
West Spring Lake1:3000
West Twin Lake1:3000
West Wilcox Lake1:3000
Weyauwega Lake1:6000
Weyers Lake1:3000
Whalen Lake1:3000
Wheeler Lake1:6000
White Ash Lake1:3000
White Ash Lake1:3000
White Bass Lake1:3000
White Birch Lake1:3000
White Birch Lake1:3000
White Clay Lake1:6000
White Deer Lake1:3000
Whitefish Lake1:6000
Whitefish Lake A1:3000
White Lake1:3000
White Lake1:6000
White Lake1:12000
White Lake B1:3000
White Potato Lake1:12000
White River Flowage1:3000
White Sand Lake1:6000
Whiteside Lake1:3000
White Water Lake1:12000
Whitnall Park Pond1:3000
Wichser Lake1:3000
Wildcat Lake1:6000
Wilderness Lake1:3000
Wild Goose Lake1:3000
Wild Rice Lake1:6000
Wild Rose Pond1:3000
Wildwood Lake1:3000
Wilke Lake1:3000
Wilkerson Lake1:3000
Williams Lake1:3000
Willow Lake1:6000
Willow Reservoir1:12000
Wilson Lake1:3000
Wilson Lake1:3000
Wilson Lake1:3000
Wilson Lake1:3000
Wilson Lake B1:6000
Wilson Park Pond1:3000
Windfall Lake1:3000
Windfall Lake1:3000
Windigo Lake1:6000
Wind Lake1:6000
Windowpane Lake1:3000
Wind Pudding Lake1:3000
Wintergreen Lake1:3000
Winter Lake + Price Flowage1:6000
Wisconsin River Flowage1:24000
Wisconsin River Flowage1:6000
Wishbone Lake1:3000
Witches Lake1:3000
Withrow Lake1:3000
Witters Lake1:3000
Wolf Lake1:3000
Wolf Lake1:3000
Wolf Lake1:3000
Wolf Lake1:3000
Wolf Lake1:3000
Wolf Lake1:3000
Wolf Lake A1:3000
Wolf River b/w Butte and Winnecone1:12000
Wolf River b/w Poygan and Partridge1:24000
Wolf River Pond1:12000
Woodbury Lake1:3000
Wood Lake1:6000
Wood Lake1:3000
Wood Lake1:3000
Worcester Lake1:3000
Worden Lake1:3000
Wyocena Millpond1:3000
Yechout Lake1:3000
Yellow Lake1:12000
Yellow River Flowage1:6000
Yellowstone Lake1:6000
Yoekel Lake1:3000
Young Lake1:3000
Zarling Lake1:3000
Zielke Lake1:3000