Washington Fishing Maps

Here is the list of Washington Lakes Maps available on iBoating : USA Marine & Fishing App. Marine charts app now supports multiple plaforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, MacBook, and Windows/PC based chartplotter. Available Fishing info on lake maps includes boat ramps, boat launches, fish attractor locations, fishing points, stream flowage lines, navigation buoys, fishing structure, hazards, depth areas & more. HD contour bathymetry is available on selected lake depth maps at no additional cost.
The Lake Navigation App provides advanced features of a Marine Chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading. Fishing spots, Relief Shading, Lake Temperature and depth contours layers are available in most Lake maps. Lake navigation features include advanced instrumentation to gather wind speed direction, water temperature, water depth, and accurate GPS with AIS receivers(using NMEA over TCP/UDP). Autopilot support can be enabled during ‘Goto WayPoint’ and ‘Route Assistance’. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Fishing Map NameScale
Adelaide Lake1:6000
Aeneas Lake1:6000
Alder Lake1:24000
Alkali Lake1:12000
Alta Lake1:12000
Amber Lake, Spokane County1:6000
American Lake1:12000
Ancient Lake1:6000
Anderson Lake1:6000
Angle Lake1:6000
Antilon Lake1:6000
Artesian Lake, Grant County1:6000
Ashes Lake, Skamania County1:6000
Babcock Ridge Lake, Grant County1:6000
Badger Lake1:12000
Baker Lake1:24000
Bald Hill Lake, Thurston County1:6000
Ballinger Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Banks Lake1:24000
Battle Ground Lake1:6000
Bay Lake1:6000
Bear Kuester Lake, Spokane County1:6000
Beaver Lake1:6000
Beaver Lakes1:6000
Beda Lake, Grant County1:6000
Benbow Lakes1:6000
Benson Lake1:6000
Bergeau Lake, Lincoln County1:6000
Big Meadow Lake1:6000
Big Twin Lake1:6000
Bitter Lake1:6000
Black Diamond Lake, King County1:6000
Black Lake1:6000
Black Lake1:12000
Black Lake1:6000
Blackmans Lake1:6000
Black Rock Lake, Grant County1:6000
Blanca Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Blue Lake1:6000
Blue Lake1:12000
Blue Lake1:6000
Blue Lake, Whatcom County1:6000
Bluff Lake1:6000
Boardman Lake1:6000
Bonaparte Lake1:6000
Bonnie Lake, Whitman County1:12000
Booher Lake, Okanogan County1:6000
Boren Lake, King County1:6000
Bosworth Lake1:6000
Boulder Lake1:6000
Bowman Lake, Pierce County1:6000
Boyle Lake, King County1:6000
Breaker Lake, Pacific County1:6000
Bridges Lake, King County1:6000
Brook Stratford Lake, Grant County1:12000
Brown Lake1:6000
Browns Lake, Pend Oreille County1:6000
Bryant Lake1:6000
Buck Lake1:6000
Bumping Lake1:12000
Burien Lake, King County1:6000
Burke Lake1:6000
Cain Lake1:6000
Calispell Lake, Pend Oreille County1:24000
Calligan Lake, King County1:12000
Canal Lake1:6000
Capitol Lake1:12000
Carlisle Lake1:6000
Carney Lake1:6000
Caroline Lake, King County1:6000
Carp Lake1:6000
Cascade Lake, San Juan County1:6000
Caskey Lake, Skagit County1:6000
Castor Lake1:6000
Catfish Lake1:6000
Cedar Lake1:6000
Chain Lake1:6000
Chain Lake, Pend Oreille County1:6000
Chambers Lake1:6000
Chapman Lake, Spokane County1:6000
Chiwaukum Lake, Chelan County1:6000
Chopaka Lake, Okanogan County1:6000
Clark Lake, Stevens County1:6000
Clark Pond1:6000
Clear Lake1:12000
Clear Lake1:12000
Clear Lake1:6000
Clear Lake1:6000
Clear Lake, Thurston County1:6000
Conconully Reservoir1:12000
Cooper Lake, Kittitas County1:6000
Coplay Lake, Pierce County1:6000
Copper Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Cormana Lake, Lincoln County1:6000
Cornehl Lake, Douglas County1:6000
Corral Lake, Grant County1:6000
Cow Lake, Adams County Page1:12000
Crabapple Lake1:6000
Cranberry Lake1:12000
Cranberry Lake, Mason County1:12000
Cranberry Lake, Pierce County1:6000
Cranberry Lake, Skagit County1:6000
Crater Lake1:6000
Crawfish Lake1:6000
Crescent Bay Lake, Grant County1:6000
Crescent Lake1:6000
Crocker Lake1:6000
Crooked Knee Lake, Whitman County1:6000
Crystal Lake1:6000
Cup Lake1:6000
Curlew Lake1:12000
Davis Lake1:6000
Davis Lake1:6000
Day Lake, Skagit County1:6000
Deep Lake1:6000
Deep Lake1:6000
Deep Lake1:6000
Deep Lake1:6000
Deer Lake1:6000
Deer Lake1:12000
Desire Lake, King County1:6000
Devereaux Lake1:6000
Devils Lake1:6000
Devils Lake, Skagit County1:6000
Diablo Lake1:12000
Diamond Lake1:12000
Dickey Lake, Clallam County1:12000
Dilly Lake, Stevens County1:6000
Dolloff Lake, King County1:6000
Downs Lake, Lincoln County1:12000
Duck Lake1:12000
Eagle Lake1:12000
Echo Lake1:6000
Echo Lake1:6000
Eightmile Lake1:6000
Elbow Lake1:6000
Elbow Lake, Douglas County1:6000
Elk Lake, Clallam County1:6000
Eloika Lake1:12000
Evans Lake, Okanogan County1:6000
Evergreen Reservoir1:12000
Failor Lake, Grays Harbor County1:6000
Falls Lower Lake, Skagit County1:6000
Fanchers Dam Lake, Okanogan County1:6000
Fan Lake1:6000
Fawn Lake, Cowlitz Lake, County1:6000
Fawn Lake, Mason County1:6000
Feustal Lake, Spokane County1:6000
Fields Lake1:6000
Findley Lake1:6000
Finnell Lake1:6000
Fish Lake1:12000
Fish Lake1:6000
Fishtrap Lake, Lincoln County1:6000
Fivemile Lake, King County1:6000
Flat Lake, Grant County1:6000
Florence Lake1:6000
Flowing Lake1:6000
Folsom Lake, Whitman County1:6000
Forbes Lake, Mason County1:6000
Fourmile Rainbow Lake, Stevens County1:6000
Fourth Of July Lake, Adams County Page1:6000
Francis Lake1:6000
Franz Lake, Skamania County1:6000
Frater Lake, Pend Oreille County1:6000
French Johns Lake1:6000
Geneva Lake, King County1:6000
Gibbs Lake, Jefferson County1:6000
Giffin Lake1:6000
Goat Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Goetz Lake, Lincoln County1:6000
Gorge Lake1:12000
Grandy Lake, Skagit County1:6000
Granite Lake1:6000
Granite Lake, Spokane County1:6000
Gravelly Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:12000
Green Lake1:6000
Grimes Lake, Douglas County1:6000
Hallin Lake, Adams County Page1:6000
Hannan Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Harts Lake1:6000
Haven Lake1:6000
Haynes Lake, Douglas County1:6000
Heart Lake1:6000
Helena Lake1:6000
Hewitt Lake, Thurston County1:6000
Hicks Lake1:12000
Hilltop Lake, Grant County1:6000
Hog Hog Canyon Lake, Spokane County1:6000
Hoh Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake, San Juan County1:6000
Howard A Hanson Reservoir1:12000
Hummel Lake, San Juan County1:6000
Indigo Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Isabel Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Isabella Lake1:12000
Island Lake1:6000
Island Lake1:6000
Island Lake1:6000
Jackson Lake, Pierce County1:6000
Jameson Lake1:12000
Janus Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Jones Lake1:6000
Josephine Lake1:6000
Jug Lake, Skagit County1:6000
Jumpoff Joe Lake1:6000
Kachess Lake1:24000
Kaleetan Lake, King County1:6000
Kathleen Lake, King County1:6000
Keechelus Lake1:24000
Kelcema Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Kellogg Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
King Lake1:6000
Kings Lake, Pend Oreille County1:6000
Kitsap Lake1:12000
Klaus Lake, King County1:6000
Kristoferson Lake, Island County1:6000
Kulla Kulla Lake, King County1:6000
Lake Aberdeen1:6000
Lake Alice1:6000
Lake Allen1:6000
Lake Armstrong1:6000
Lake Campbell1:12000
Lake Cassidy1:12000
Lake Cavanaugh1:12000
Lake Chelan1:24000
Lake Cochran1:6000
Lake Coldwater1:12000
Lake Cortez1:6000
Lake Crescent1:24000
Lake Eleanor1:6000
Lake Ellen1:6000
Lake Erie1:6000
Lake Ethel1:6000
Lake Fazon1:6000
Lake Fenwick1:6000
Lake George1:6000
Lake Goodwin1:12000
Lake Goss1:6000
Lake Greenleaf Slough1:6000
Lake Hancock1:12000
Lake Heritage1:6000
Lake Holm1:6000
Lake Howard1:6000
Lake Joy1:6000
Lake Kapowsin1:12000
Lake Ketchum1:6000
Lake Ki1:6000
Lake Killarney1:6000
Lake Lawrence1:12000
Lake Leo1:6000
Lake Limerick1:6000
Lake Loch Katrine1:6000
Lake Loma1:6000
Lake Louise1:6000
Lake Louise1:6000
Lake Louise1:6000
Lake Lucerne/Pipe Lake1:6000
Lake Marie1:6000
Lake Martha1:6000
Lake McMurray1:6000
Lake Merwin1:24000
Lake Padden1:6000
Lake Pleasant1:12000
Lake Quinault1:24000
Lake Roesiger1:12000
Lake Saint Clair1:12000
Lake Samish1:12000
Lake Sammamish1:24000
Lake Sawyer1:12000
Lake Serene1:6000
Lake Shoecraft1:6000
Lake Stevens1:12000
Lake Sutherland1:12000
Lake Tapps1:24000
Lake Terrell1:12000
Lake Thomas/Gillette Lake1:12000
Lake Twentytwo1:6000
Lake Wenatchee1:24000
Lake Whatcom1:24000
Lake Wooten1:6000
Lake Yale1:24000
Langlois Lake, King County1:6000
Larsen Lake1:6000
Lavista Lake, Whitman County1:6000
Leader Lake, Okanogan County1:6000
Ledbetter Lake, Pend Oreille County1:6000
Leland Lake1:6000
Lemanasky Lake, Okanogan County1:6000
Lenice Lake, Grant County1:6000
Leota Lake, King County1:6000
Liberty Lake1:12000
Lily Lake1:6000
Little Green Lake/Green Lake1:6000
Little Lake1:6000
Little Menzel Lake1:6000
Little Twin Lake1:6000
Little Wapato Lake1:6000
Loch Eileen Lake, Chelan County1:6000
Lone Lake1:6000
Lonesome Lake, Pierce County1:6000
Long Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:12000
Long Lake1:24000
Long Lake1:12000
Loomis Lake1:12000
Loon Lake1:12000
Lost Lake1:6000
Lost Lake1:6000
Lost Lake, Kittitas County1:6000
Lost Lake, Pend Oreille County1:6000
Lower Goose Lake1:6000
Lower Nooksack River1:24000
Lower Reflection Lake1:6000
Lower Tuscohatchie Lake1:6000
Lynch Lake1:6000
Lystair Lake, Mason County1:6000
Maggie Lake, Mason County1:6000
Maiden Lake, Whatcom County1:6000
Manastash Lake, Kittitas County1:6000
Margaret Lake, King County1:6000
Marshall Lake1:6000
Marten Lake1:6000
Martha Lake1:6000
Martins Lake, San Juan County1:6000
Mason Lake1:12000
Mayfield Lake1:24000
Mcdonald Lake, King County1:6000
McIntosh Lake1:6000
Meadow Lake1:6000
Medical Lake1:6000
Medicine Lake, Okanogan County1:6000
Melbourne Lake, Mason County1:6000
Meridian Lake, King County1:6000
Merrill Lake1:12000
Mesa Lake, Franklin County1:6000
Mill Creek Lake, Walla Walla County1:6000
Miller Lake, Kitsap County1:6000
Mill Pond1:6000
Mineral Lake1:12000
Minterwood Lake, Pierce County1:6000
Mirror Lake1:6000
Mission Lake1:6000
Moccasin Lake, Okanogan County1:6000
Molson Lake1:6000
Moneysmith Lake1:6000
Moolock Lake, King County1:6000
Morgan Lake, Pierce County1:6000
Morton Lake1:6000
Moses Lake1:24000
Mound Pond1:6000
Mountain Lake1:6000
Mowich Lake1:6000
Mud Lake1:6000
Mud Lake, Clark County1:6000
Munn Lake, Thurston County1:6000
Muskrat Lake, Okanogan County1:6000
Myrtle Lake, Skagit County1:6000
Nadeau Lake, King County1:6000
Nahwatzel Lake1:12000
Nelson Lake, Stevens County1:6000
Newman Lake1:12000
Nile Lake, Pend Oreille County1:6000
North Lake1:6000
North Lake1:6000
North Skookum Lake1:6000
North Twin Lake/Twin Lakes Reservoir1:12000
Number Twelve Lake, King County1:6000
Offutt Lake1:12000
Ohop Lake1:12000
Oleys Washington Lake, Yakima County1:6000
Oliver Lake1:6000
Otter Spring Lake, King County1:6000
Ozette Lake1:24000
Pacific Lake, Lincoln County1:6000
Packwood Lake1:12000
Palmer Lake1:24000
Palm Lake1:6000
Panther Lake1:12000
Panther Lake1:6000
Paradise Lake, King County1:6000
Parker Lake, Pend Oreille County1:6000
Park Lake1:12000
Pass Lake1:6000
Patterson Lake1:6000
Pattison Lake1:12000
Peach Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Pear Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Pearrygin Lake1:6000
Peek A Boo Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Perkins Lake, Stevens County1:6000
Peterson Lake, Jefferson County1:6000
Phantom Lake, King County1:6000
Philippa Lake, King County1:6000
Philleo Lake, Spokane County1:6000
Phillips Lake1:6000
Phillips Lake, Lincoln County1:6000
Pierre Lake1:6000
Pine Lake, King County1:6000
Pitman Lake, Thurston County1:12000
PJ Lake1:6000
Potholes Reservoir1:24000
Power Lake, Pend Oreille County1:6000
Price Lake1:6000
Prickett Lake1:6000
Queen Lucas Lake, Spokane County1:6000
Quincy Lake1:6000
Rachor Lake, King County1:6000
Rapjohn Lake1:6000
Rat Lake1:6000
Rattlesnake Lake, King County1:6000
Ravensdale Lake, King County1:6000
Reed Lake, Whatcom County1:6000
Renner Lake1:6000
Retreat Lake1:6000
Riffe Lake1:24000
Riley Lake1:6000
Rimrock Lake1:24000
Ring Lake, Spokane County1:6000
Roberts Lake, Okanogan County1:6000
Rocky Lake1:6000
Roses Lake1:6000
Ross Lake1:24000
Round Lake/Lacamas Lake1:12000
Sacajawea Lake, Cowlitz Lake, County1:6000
Sacheen Lake1:12000
Sanpoil Lake, Ferry County1:6000
Saucer Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Sauk Lake, Skagit County1:6000
Scanlon Lake1:6000
Scooteney Reservoir1:12000
Scott Lake, Thurston County1:6000
Seafield Lake, Clallam County1:6000
Shadow Lake1:6000
Shady Lake, King County1:6000
Shearer Lake, Pend Oreille County1:6000
Sheep Lake, Whitman County1:6000
Shelley Lake, Spokane County1:6000
Sherry Lake1:6000
Sidley Lake1:6000
Silver Lake1:24000
Silver Lake1:6000
Silver Lake1:6000
Similkameen River (Enloe Dam)1:12000
Simmons Ken Lake, Thurston County1:6000
Sixteen Lake1:6000
Smc Lake, King County1:6000
Smith Lake, Douglas County1:6000
Soap Lake1:12000
Soda Lake1:6000
South Skookum Lake1:6000
South Twin Lake1:6000
Southwick Lake, Thurston County1:6000
Spada Lake1:12000
Spanaway Lake1:12000
Spearfish Lake, Klickitat County1:6000
Spectacle Lake1:12000
Spencer Lake1:12000
Spencer Lake, San Juan County1:6000
Sportsmans Lake1:6000
Sprague Lake1:12000
Spring Hill Black Lake, Chelan County1:6000
Springsteen Lake, Skagit County1:6000
Squalicum Lake, Whatcom County1:6000
Stallard Lake, Douglas County1:6000
Stan Coffin Lake1:6000
Stansberry Lake1:6000
Star Lake1:6000
Starvation Lake1:6000
Steel Lake1:6000
Steilacoom Lake1:12000
Stickney Lake1:6000
Stidham Lake, Pierce County1:6000
Storm Lake1:6000
Stump Lake, Mason County1:6000
Sturtevant Lake, King County1:6000
Sullivan Lake1:12000
Sulphur Lake, Franklin County Page1:6000
Summit Lake1:12000
Summit Lake, Pierce County1:6000
Sunday Lake1:6000
Sunset Lake1:6000
Swift Reservoir1:24000
Sylvan Lake, Lincoln County1:12000
Sylvia Lake1:6000
Tahuya Lake, Kitsap County1:6000
Tanwax Lake1:6000
Tarboo Lake, Jefferson County1:6000
Tavares Lake, Lincoln County1:6000
Tee Lake, Mason County1:6000
Tempo Bushman Lake, Thurston County1:6000
Tennant Lake, Whatcom County1:6000
Texas Lake, Whitman County1:6000
Thompson Lake1:6000
Thompson Lake, King County1:6000
Tiger Lake1:6000
Timber Lake, Mason County1:6000
Toad Lake1:6000
Tomtit Lake, Snohomish County Page1:6000
Tomyhoi Lake, Whatcom County1:6000
Trout Lake1:6000
Trout Lake, Pend Oreille County1:6000
Trout Lake, San Juan County1:6000
Tucquala Lake, Kittitas County1:6000
Tule Lake1:6000
Twenty Seven Lake, Pierce County1:6000
Union River Lake, Kitsap County1:6000
Upper Goose Lake1:6000
Upper Klonaqua Lake1:6000
Venus Lake, Skamania County Page1:6000
Virgin Lake, Grant County1:6000
Wagner Lake1:6000
Wagner Lake, Lincoln County1:6000
Waitts Lake1:12000
Walker Lake1:6000
Walker Lake, Okanogan County1:6000
Wallace Lake, Snohomish County1:6000
Walupt Lake, Lewis County1:12000
Wanapum Lake (North)1:24000
Wanapum Lake (South)1:24000
Wannacut Lake1:12000
Wapato Lake1:6000
Ward Lake1:6000
Washtucna Lake, Franklin County Page1:6000
Waughop Lake, Pierce County1:6000
Wauna Lake1:6000
Weallup Lake1:6000
Webley Wooley Lake, Lincoln County1:6000
Webster Lake, King County1:6000
Wenas Lake1:6000
Wentworth Lake, Clallam County1:6000
West Medical Lake1:6000
Whale Lake, Skagit County1:6000
White Mud Lake, Stevens County1:6000
Whitestone Lake1:12000
Whittaker Lake, Lincoln County1:6000
Wildcat Lake1:6000
Wilderness Lake, King County1:6000
Williams Lake1:12000
Williams Lake1:6000
Willow Lake, Spokane County1:6000
Wills Lake, Lincoln County1:6000
Wilson Lake1:6000
Windmill Lake1:6000
Wiseman Lake, Whatcom County1:6000
Wiser Lake1:6000
Woods Lake, Spokane County1:6000
Wye Lake1:6000
Yellepit Pond1:6000
Yocum Lake, Pend Oreille County1:6000