Marquette County Fishing Maps

Looking for fishing distinations in Marquette County? Our app supports the following lake maps in Marquette County. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Lake / Marine Chart TitleScale
Airport Lake1:6000
Anderson Lake1:6000
Angeline, Lake1:6000
Arfelin, Lake1:6000
Baldwin Kiln Lake1:6000
Bancroft Lake1:6000
Bass Lake1:12000
Bass Lake1:6000
Bat Lake ,Marquette1:6000
Bed Spring Lake1:6000
Bertraud Lake1:6000
Big Bobs Lake1:6000
Big Trout Lake1:6000
Bobs Lake ,Marquette1:6000
Boston Lake1:6000
Brocky Lake ,Marquette1:6000
Chain of Lakes1:6000
Chain of Lakes1:6000
Charley Lake (east)1:6000
Charley Lake (west)1:6000
Chief Lake1:12000
Clear Lake1:6000
Cooper Lake1:6000
Cranberry Lake ,Marquette1:6000
Crooked Lake1:6000
Deer Lake1:12000
East Van Riper1:6000
Engman Lake1:6000
Farmer Lake1:6000
Fence Lake1:6000
First Lake1:6000
Fish Lake1:6000
Gold Mine Lake1:6000
Goose Lake1:12000
Gooselake Pond1:6000
Grant Lake1:6000
Greenwood Greenwood ,Reservoir1:12000
Gunpowder Lake1:6000
Gunpowder Lake ,Marquette1:6000
Harlow Lake1:6000
Hasseib Lake1:6000
Hawkins Pond1:6000
Haywire Lake Marquette1:6000
Helen Lake1:6000
Hemmings Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake1:6000
Indian Lake1:6000
Irene Lake1:6000
Island Lake1:6000
Island Lake Marquette1:6000
Johnson Lake1:6000
Johnson Lake V1:6000
Just Lake1:6000
Kawbawgam, Lake1:6000
Keewaydin, Lake1:6000
Lake 411:6000
Lake Independence1:12000
Lake Michigamme1:24000
Lily Lake Marquette1:6000
Little Brocky Lake1:6000
Little Chabenau Lake1:6000
Little Chief Lake ,Marquette1:6000
Little Lake1:12000
Little Pelesier Lake1:6000
Little Shag Lake1:6000
Little Squaw Lake1:6000
Little White Goat Lake1:6000
Log Lake1:6000
Lowmoor Lake1:6000
McKenzie Bay1:6000
Mehl Lake1:6000
Miller Lake1:6000
Miller, Lake1:6000
Mirror Lake1:6000
Morbit Lake1:6000
Mud Lake1:6000
Mud Lake1:6000
Nash Lake Marquette1:6000
no name1:6000
no name1:6000
Noren Lake1:6000
North Lake1:6000
Northwestern Lake1:6000
Ogden, Lake1:6000
Pelissier Lake1:6000
Perch Lake1:6000
Perch Lake1:6000
Pike Lake1:6000
Porterfield Lake1:6000
Powell Lake1:6000
Quantz Lake1:6000
Rice Lake1:6000
Rock Lake1:6000
Round Lake1:6000
Rush Lake1:12000
Sagola Lake, North1:6000
Sagola Lake, South1:6000
Section 14 Lake1:6000
Section 28 Lake1:6000
Shag Lake1:6000
Simons Lake1:6000
Sleighrunner Lake1:6000
Sporley Lake1:6000
Spring Lake1:6000
Squaw Lake1:12000
Stump Lake1:6000
Swanzy Lake1:6000
Teal Lake1:12000
Trembath Lake1:6000
Twin Lake1:6000
Twin Lake (north)1:6000
Uncle Toms Pond1:6000
Van Riper Lake (NW)1:6000
Van Riper Lakes (west)1:6000
Witch Lake1:6000
Wolf Lake1:6000
Big Bay Harbor1:5000
Marquette and Presque Isle Harbors1:15000
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