Cariboo District Fishing Maps

Looking for fishing distinations in Cariboo District? Our app supports the following lake maps in Cariboo District. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Lake / Marine Chart TitleScale
103 Mile Lake1:6000
108 Mile Lake1:12000
130 Mile Lake1:6000
Abbott Lake1:6000
Abel Lake1:6000
Abrams Lake1:6000
Abuntlet Lake1:12000
Alah Lake1:6000
Alex Graham Lake1:6000
Alexis Lake1:12000
Anahim Lake1:12000
Anah Lake/Siwash Lake1:12000
Antoine Lake1:12000
Atan Lake1:6000
Babcock Lake1:12000
Balfour Lake1:6000
Ballon Lake1:6000
Basalt Lake1:6000
Bearpaw Lake1:6000
Beartrack Lake1:6000
Beaux Yeux Lake1:12000
Beaver Lake1:12000
Beaver Lake1:12000
Bedingfield Lake1:6000
Bells Lake1:6000
Ben Lake1:6000
Benny Lake1:6000
Benson Lake1:6000
Beveridge Lake1:12000
Bidwell Lakes1:6000
Big Lake1:12000
Big Lake1:12000
Big Lake1:12000
Big Onion Lake1:6000
Big Stick Lake1:12000
Bishop Lake1:6000
Bishop Lake1:12000
Black Lake1:6000
Blue Lake1:6000
Blue Lake1:6000
Blue Lake1:6000
Bluff Lake1:12000
Bobbs Lake1:12000
Bobtail Lake1:6000
Boot Jack Lake1:12000
Boscar Lake1:6000
Bosk Lake1:12000
Boswell Lake1:6000
Bouchie Lake1:12000
Bowers Lake1:12000
Bowron Lake1:24000
Boy Lake1:12000
Bridge Lake1:24000
Brigham Lake1:6000
Brittany Lake1:12000
Brunson Lake1:6000
Buchanan Lake1:6000
Buckskin Lake1:6000
Buffalo Lake1:12000
Bullock Lake1:6000
Bunting Lake1:6000
Burn Lake1:6000
Callanan Lake1:12000
Cameron Lake1:6000
Cariboo Lake1:24000
Charlotte Lake1:24000
Chaunigan Lake1:12000
Chilko Lake1:24000
Chimney Lake1:12000
China Cabin Lake1:6000
Chisel Lake1:6000
Choelquoit Lake1:24000
Chris Lake1:6000
Christmas Lake1:6000
Chubb Lake1:6000
Chub Lake1:12000
Chutanli Lake1:12000
Clearwater Lake1:12000
Cluchuta Lake1:12000
Cochin Lake1:12000
Coffee Lake1:6000
Coglistiko Lake1:6000
Colpitt Lake1:6000
Corner Lake1:6000
Cougar Lake1:6000
Crater Lake1:6000
Crescent Lake1:6000
Crescent Lake1:6000
Crooked Lake1:24000
Cruiser Lake1:12000
Crystal Lake1:12000
Cuisson Lake1:12000
Dale Lake1:6000
Davey Lake1:6000
Davis Lake1:12000
Deepdown Lake1:6000
Deka Lake1:24000
Dempsey Lake1:12000
Dester Lake1:12000
Dewar Lake1:6000
Dillabough Lake1:12000
Dog Lake1:6000
Donnely Lake1:12000
Doreen Lake1:6000
Dorsey Lake1:6000
Douglas Lake1:6000
Dragonfly Lake1:6000
Dragon Lake1:12000
Drewry Lake1:12000
Dugan Lake1:12000
Eagle Lake1:24000
Eagle (Murphy) Lake1:24000
Earle Lake1:6000
East King Lake1:6000
East Twin Lake1:6000
Edmund Lake1:12000
Edney Lake1:6000
Edwards Lake1:12000
Elbow Lake1:12000
Eliguk Lake1:12000
Elkin Lake1:12000
Elk Lake1:6000
Emerald Lake1:6000
English Lake1:12000
Eric Lake1:6000
Euchiniko Lakes1:24000
Eugene Lake1:12000
Eveline Lake1:12000
Exeter Lake1:6000
Faulkner Lake1:6000
Fawn Lake1:6000
Felker Lake1:12000
Fifteen Mile Lake1:6000
Fire Lake A1:6000
Fir Lake1:12000
Fishem Lake1:12000
Fish Lake1:12000
Fishpot Lake1:12000
Fit Lake1:6000
Five Mile Lake1:6000
Fletcher Lake1:12000
Fly Lake1:6000
Forest Lake1:12000
Fourteen Mile Lake1:6000
French Lake1:6000
Frypan Lake1:6000
Gammarus Lake1:6000
Gaspard Lake1:12000
Gatcho Lake1:12000
Gavin Lake1:12000
Genevieve Lake1:12000
Ghost Lake1:12000
Gotchen Lake1:12000
Green Lake1:24000
Green Lake1:6000
Greenlee Lake1:6000
Greeny Lake1:12000
Hallis Lake1:6000
Hathaway Lake1:12000
Hawkins Lake1:12000
Hay Lake + Lodi Lake1:12000
Helena Lake1:12000
Hendrix Lake1:12000
Hen Ingram Lake1:12000
Henri Lake1:12000
Higgins Lake1:6000
Holden Lake1:12000
Hooker Lake1:6000
Horn Lake1:12000
Horsefly Lake1:24000
Horse Lake1:24000
Howard Lake1:12000
Howes Lake1:6000
Hudson Lake1:6000
Hunter Lake1:6000
Hush Lake1:6000
Iltasyuko Lake1:12000
Indian Lake1:12000
Indian Point Lake1:12000
Irish Lake1:6000
Isaac Lake1:24000
Island Lake1:6000
Jack Frost Lake1:6000
Jack Of Clubs Lake1:12000
Jacks Hole Lake1:6000
Jacobie Lake1:12000
Jacques Lake1:12000
Joan Lake + Opheim Lake + Chambers Lake1:12000
Judy Lake1:6000
Kellington Lake1:6000
Kenny Lake1:6000
Keno Lake1:12000
Kibbee Lake1:12000
Klinne Lake1:6000
Kloakut Lake1:12000
Kluskoil Lake1:12000
Knight Lake1:12000
Knox Lake1:12000
Konni Lake1:12000
Kuyakuz Lake1:24000
Kwun Lake1:6000
Lac Des Roches1:12000
Lac La Hache1:24000
Lac Le Lievre Lake1:12000
Lake Canim1:24000
Lake George1:6000
Lake Of The Trees1:12000
Land Inspection North1:6000
Lanezi Lake + Sandy Lake1:24000
Lang Lake1:12000
Lastman Lake1:6000
Lazaroff Lake1:6000
Leeches Lake1:6000
Lemon Lake1:6000
Lessard Lake1:12000
Linitz Lake1:12000
Little Alexis Lake1:6000
Little Charlotte Lake1:12000
Little Green Lake1:12000
Little Holden Lake1:6000
Little Horsefly Lake1:6000
Little Lake1:6000
Little Sapeye Lake1:12000
Longbow Lake1:6000
Long Lake1:6000
Lorin Lake1:12000
Lower Lake1:6000
Lynx Lake1:6000
Mackill Lake1:6000
Maeford Lake1:6000
Mahood Lake1:24000
Malaput Lake1:12000
Marais Lake1:6000
Marmot Lake1:6000
Martin Lake1:12000
Maud Lake1:12000
McCauley Lake1:12000
Mcintosh Lakes1:12000
Mcintosh Lakes1:12000
Mcintyre Lake1:6000
Mckee Lake1:6000
McKinley Lake1:12000
McLeary Lake1:6000
Mcleese Lake1:12000
Mcneil Lake1:12000
Mcneil Lake1:12000
Meadow Lake1:6000
Meldrum Lake1:12000
Melissa Lake1:6000
Middle Kluskus Lake1:12000
Middle Lake1:12000
Milburn Lake1:6000
Miner Lake1:6000
Miner Lake1:12000
Moffat Lakes1:12000
Mons Lake1:12000
Morehead Lake1:12000
Muddy Lake1:6000
Murdock Lakes1:6000
Murray Taylor Lake1:12000
Nancy Lake1:6000
Natsy Lake1:12000
Nazko Lake1:12000
Needa Lake1:12000
Nelson Kenny Lake1:6000
Nemaia Lake1:12000
Nikwit Lake1:12000
Nimpo Lake1:24000
Nina Lake1:6000
Niquidet Lake1:6000
No Name Lake1:6000
Nyland Lake1:6000
Oie Lake1:6000
One Eye Lake1:12000
One Lake1:6000
Otter Lake1:6000
Owen Lake1:12000
Palmer Lake1:12000
Pamela Lake1:12000
Patenaude Lake1:6000
Pelican Lake1:12000
Pelican Lake1:12000
Pendleton Lakes1:12000
Pendleton Lakes1:12000
Phililloo Lake1:12000
Poison Lakes(North)1:6000
Poison Lakes (South)1:6000
Polley Lake1:12000
Poquette Lake1:6000
Prouton Lakes1:6000
Prouton Lakes B1:6000
Puntataenkut Lake1:12000
Puntchesakut Lake1:12000
Punti Lake1:12000
Puntzi Lake1:24000
Pyper Lake1:12000
Quesnel Lake1:24000
Rail Lake1:12000
Rainbow Lake1:6000
Ratdam Lake1:6000
Rat Lake1:6000
Redwater Lake1:12000
Reservoir Lake1:6000
Rimrock Lake1:6000
Riske Creek Reservoir1:6000
Robert Lake1:6000
Robertson Lake1:6000
Roe Lake1:6000
Roger Lake1:6000
Rollie Lake1:6000
Rond Lake1:6000
Rose Lake1:12000
Roserim Lake1:6000
Ross Lake1:12000
Roxanne Lake1:6000
Ruby Lake1:6000
Rutherford Lake1:12000
Ruth Lake1:12000
Sapeye Lake1:12000
Sardine Lake1:6000
Scum Lake1:6000
Selina Lake1:6000
Sepa Lake1:12000
Sheridan Lake1:24000
Shiko Lake1:6000
Sigutlat Lake1:24000
Simon Lake1:12000
Six Mile Lake1:6000
Sixteen Mile Lake1:6000
Skelton Lake1:12000
Skoi Lake1:6000
Skulow Lake1:6000
Slender Lake1:12000
Snag Lake1:12000
Sneezie Lake1:6000
Soap Lake1:12000
Soda Lake1:6000
Souran Lake1:6000
Spanish Lake1:12000
Spectacle - Swan Lake1:24000
Spokin Lake1:12000
Spout Lake1:12000
Spring Lake1:12000
Squawk Lake1:12000
Squiness Lake1:12000
Squirrel Lake1:6000
Stack Lakes1:6000
Starlike Lake1:6000
Stephen Lake1:12000
Stony Lake1:24000
Stum Lake1:24000
Stump Lake1:6000
Succour Lake1:12000
Sucker Lake1:6000
Sucker Lake1:6000
Sulphurous Lake1:12000
Summit Lake1:6000
Suscha Lake1:12000
Tagai Lake1:12000
Taharti Lake1:12000
Tanya Lakes1:12000
Taseko Lakes1:24000
Tasse Lake1:6000
Tatelkuz Lake1:24000
Tatla Lake1:24000
Tatlayoko Lake1:24000
Taylor Lake1:12000
Ten Mile Lake1:12000
Till Lake1:12000
Tiltzarone Lake1:6000
Timothy Lake1:12000
Tingley Lake1:6000
Tiny Tim Lake1:6000
Tisdall Lake1:12000
Top Lake1:12000
Trio Lake1:6000
Triplet Lake1:6000
Tsayakwacha Lake1:12000
Tsetzi Lake1:12000
Tsuniah Lake1:24000
Tsuniah Lake1:24000
Tubbs Lake1:12000
Twan Lake1:6000
Two Lake1:6000
Two Mile Lake1:12000
Tyee Lake1:12000
Tzenzaicut Lake1:24000
Unna Lake1:6000
Upper Kluskus Lake1:12000
Ussa Lake1:6000
Valentine Lake1:6000
Vedan Lake1:12000
Wartig Lake1:6000
Watch Lake1:12000
Watson Lake1:12000
Wavey Lake1:12000
Webb Lakes1:12000
Weller Lake1:6000
Wendle Lake1:6000
Wentworth Lake1:12000
West King Lake1:6000
Whiffle Lake1:12000
Whitehorse Lake1:6000
Whitestone Lake1:6000
Whitley Lake1:6000
Wilcox Lake1:6000
Williams Lake1:12000
Wilson Lake1:6000
Wingdam Lake1:6000
Wolftrack Lake1:6000
Wolverine Lake1:6000
Yardley Lake1:6000
Yimpakluk Lake1:6000
Zippermouth / Walkin Lake1:6000
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