Rockingham County Fishing Maps

Looking for fishing distinations in Rockingham County? Our app supports the following lake maps in Rockingham County. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Lake / Marine Chart TitleScale
Angle Pond1:1500
Arlington Mill Reservoir1:3000
Arlington Mill Reservoir1:1500
Beaver Lake1:1500
Beaver Pond1:1500
Big Island Pond1:3000
Bow Lake1:3000
Calef Pond1:1500
Canobie Lake1:3000
Captain Pond1:1500
Cobbetts Pond1:3000
Colcord Pond1:1500
Country Pond1:3000
Cub Pond1:1500
Eel Pond1:1500
Exeter Reservoir1:1500
Ezekiel Pond1:1500
Freeses Pond1:1500
Governors Lake1:1500
Great Pond1:3000
Harantis Lake1:1500
Harvey Lake1:1500
Horns Pond1:1500
Jenness Pond1:3000
Lake Gardner1:3000
Lily Pond1:1500
Little Cub Pond1:1500
Long Pond1:1500
Long Pond1:1500
Lucas Pond1:1500
Massabesic Lake1:6000
Meadow Lake1:1500
Mendums Pond1:3000
Millville Lake1:1500
Northwood Lake1:3000
Onway Lake1:1500
Pawtuckaway Pond1:3000
Phillips Pond1:1500
Pleasant Lake1:3000
Rainbow Lake1:1500
Round Pond1:1500
Scobie Pond1:1500
Shadow Lake1:1500
Showell Pond1:1500
Spruce Pond1:1500
Tower Hill Pond1:1500
Voydatch Pond1:1500
Wash Pond1:1500
Wason Pond1:1500
World End Pond1:1500
Bigelow Bight; Isles of Shoals1:20000
Bigelow Bight; Odiornes Point1:20000
Bigelow Bight - White Island1:20000
Great Bay to Lamprey River and Squamscott River1:20000
Great Boars Head to Rye Beach1:20000
Hampton Beach and Hampton River1:20000
Hampton Harbor1:30000
Northern Massachusetts1:20000
Northern Massachusetts1:10000
Northern Massachusetts1:10000
Northern Massachusetts1:10000
Piscataqua River and Bellamy River1:20000
Piscataqua River to Great Bay1:20000
Portsmouth Harbor and Piscataqua River1:10000
Portsmouth Harbor to Brave Boat Harbor1:10000
Portsmouth to Dover and Exeter1:20000
Rye Harbor and Foss Ledges1:20000
Squamscott River - Newfields to Exeter1:20000
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