Saskatchewan Fishing Maps Marine Charts

Here is the list of Saskatchewan Lakes Maps available on iBoating : Canada Marine & Fishing App. Marine charts app now supports multiple plaforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, MacBook, and Windows/PC based chartplotter. Available Fishing info on lake maps includes boat ramps, boat launches, fish attractor locations, fishing points, stream flowage lines, navigation buoys, fishing structure, hazards, depth areas & more. HD contour bathymetry is available on selected lake depth maps at no additional cost.
The Lake Navigation App provides advanced features of a Marine Chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading. Fishing spots, Relief Shading, Lake Temperature and depth contours layers are available in most Lake maps. Lake navigation features include advanced instrumentation to gather wind speed direction, water temperature, water depth, and accurate GPS with AIS receivers(using NMEA over TCP/UDP). Autopilot support can be enabled during ‘Goto WayPoint’ and ‘Route Assistance’. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Nautical Chart TitleScale
#1 Junction Mine Strip1:6000
#3 Junction Mine Strip1:6000
Adams Lake1:6000
Admiral Reservoir1:6000
Aikenhead Lake1:6000
Alkali Lake1:6000
Alma Lake( Hagen)1:6000
Alpine Lake1:6000
Alsask Reservoir1:6000
Als Lake1:6000
Althouse Lake1:6000
Alvena Lake1:12000
Amber Lake1:6000
Amiska Lake1:24000
Anglin Lake1:24000
Annabel Lake1:24000
Antelope Lake1:12000
Armit Borrow Pit1:6000
Arm River Reservoir1:12000
Aroma Lake1:12000
Arthur Lake1:12000
Artwhite Lake1:6000
Assiniboia Reservoir1:6000
Atchison Lake1:6000
Attitti Lake1:24000
Atton Lake1:12000
Avonlea CNR Dam1:6000
Avonlea PFRA Reservoir1:12000
Baldhead Lake + Poulton Lake + Cote Lake + Kuskawo Lake1:6000
Baldy Lake1:6000
Barnes Lake1:12000
Barns Dam1:6000
Barrier Lake1:12000
Bartlett Lake1:12000
Basin Lake1:24000
Batchelor Lake1:12000
Batka Lake1:6000
Battle Coal Mine Strip1:6000
Battrum Lake1:12000
Baumann Reservoir1:6000
Baxter Lake1:6000
Beatty Lake1:6000
Beaverlodge Lake1:24000
Beet Lake1:24000
Belcher Lake1:24000
Belle Plain Borrow Pit 11:6000
Belle Plain Borrow Pit 21:6000
Belle Plain Borrow Pit 31:6000
Bermuda Lake1:6000
Berna Lake1:6000
Besnard Lake1:24000
Bewley Lake1:24000
Bielby Lake1:12000
Big Bear Lake1:6000
Big Lake1:24000
Big Plate Lake1:6000
Big Quill Lake1:24000
Big Sandy Lake1:24000
Big Shell Lake1:12000
Bigstone Lake1:24000
Bills Lake1:6000
Birchbark Lake1:24000
Birch Creek Reservoir1:6000
Birch Lake1:6000
Birch Lake1:24000
Bittern Lake1:24000
Bizarre Lake1:6000
Black Bear Island Lake1:24000
Blacker Lake1:6000
Black Lake1:48000
Black Lake1:6000
Blackstrap Lake1:24000
Blindman Lake1:6000
Bloodsucker Lake1:24000
Blue Heron Lake1:12000
Bog Lake1:12000
Boire Lake1:12000
Bolney Lake1:12000
Boomerang Lake1:6000
Boundary Reservoir1:12000
Bousquet Lake1:12000
Bowerman / Deep Lake1:6000
Brabant Lake1:24000
Braddock Reservoir1:6000
Bradwell Reservoir1:12000
Branch Lake1:12000
Brightsand Lake1:24000
Brightwater Creek Reservoir1:12000
Broach Lake1:24000
Broderick Reservoir1:12000
Broeder Lake1:6000
Bronson Lake1:24000
Broughton Lake1:6000
Brownlee Lake1:6000
Buck Lake1:6000
Buffalo Pound Lake1:24000
Bug Lake1:6000
Buntings Lake1:6000
Burley Reservoir1:6000
Burtlein Lake1:6000
Burton Lake1:6000
Busse Mine Strip1:6000
Cabri Reservoir1:6000
Cains Lake1:6000
Camp 10 Lake1:6000
Camp (Clearwater) Lake1:6000
Candle Lake1:24000
Candy Lake1:6000
Cannington Lake1:12000
Canoe Lake1:24000
Careen Lake1:24000
Carlyle / White Bear1:24000
Caron Reservoir1:6000
Carswell Lake1:24000
Cater Lake1:6000
Cat Lake1:6000
Cedoux Reservoir1:6000
Ceylon Reservoir1:6000
Charron Lake1:12000
Cheeseman Lake1:12000
Cheeyas Lake1:12000
Chick Lake1:6000
Chitek Lake1:24000
Chris Johnson Lake1:6000
Christopher Lake1:12000
Churchill Lake1:48000
Cigar Lake1:6000
Cinch Lake1:12000
Clair Lake1:12000
Clam Lake1:24000
Clarence Lake1:12000
Clarke Lake Matheson Bay + Smoothstone Lake1:48000
Clearwater Lake1:6000
Clearwater Lake A1:6000
Cleland Dam1:6000
Cluff Lake1:12000
Codette Reservoir1:24000
Condie Reservoir1:6000
Constance Lake1:6000
Contact Lake1:12000
Cookson Reservoir1:12000
Cora Lake1:6000
Coral Dam1:6000
Costigan Lake1:24000
Cowan Lake1:24000
Cow Lake1:12000
Coyote Lake1:6000
Crater Lake1:6000
Crean Lake1:24000
Cree Lake1:48000
Creighton Lake1:12000
Crew + Torrance Lakes1:12000
Crooked Lake1:24000
Crystal Lake1:6000
Cumberland Lake1:24000
Currie Rose Pond1:6000
Cut Beaver Lake1:24000
Cycloid Lake1:6000
Cypress Lake1:24000
Damour Lake1:12000
David Lake1:24000
Davidson Dam Reservoir1:6000
Davin Lake1:24000
Davis Lake1:24000
Deadmoose Lake1:24000
de Balinhard Lake1:12000
Deep Lake Delta1:12000
Deer Lake1:12000
Delaronde Lake1:24000
Dellwood Brook Reservoir1:12000
Deschambault Lake1:48000
Deserter Lake1:12000
Devil Lake1:24000
Dickens Lake1:12000
Diefenbaker Lake1:48000
Dieter Lake1:6000
Dog Lake1:6000
Domino Lake1:6000
Doreen Lake1:6000
Dore Lake1:48000
Dorothy Lake1:6000
Douglas Lake1:12000
Douglas Lake1:6000
Downton Lake (Two Portages)1:6000
Drinking Lake1:24000
Duck Lake1:6000
Dugout Lake1:6000
Dunblane Reservoir1:6000
Dupre Lake1:24000
Dupueis Lake1:12000
Eagleback Lake1:6000
Eagle Lake1:12000
East Lake1:12000
East Trout Lake1:24000
Echo Lake1:24000
Edouard Lake1:12000
Eds Lake1:6000
Egg Lake1:24000
Egg Lake Delta1:24000
Elaine Lake1:12000
Elbow Lake1:12000
Eldredge Lake1:12000
Elm Lake1:12000
Emerald Lake1:12000
Emma Lake1:24000
Esto Lake1:6000
Exner Lake1:6000
Fafard Lake1:24000
Fairview Reservoir1:6000
Fairy Glen Lake1:6000
Feldspar Lake1:6000
Fern Lake1:12000
Fife Lake1:24000
First Lake1:6000
Fishing Lake1:24000
Fish Lake1:12000
Five Fingers Lake1:6000
Flotten Lake1:24000
Fontaine Lake1:6000
Fontaine Lake1:24000
Forrest Lake1:24000
Fowler Lake1:12000
Fox Lake1:6000
Fox Lake A1:12000
Freda Lake1:6000
Fredette Lake1:12000
Fred Lake1:6000
Frobisher Lake1:48000
Fur Lake1:12000
Gagne Lake1:6000
Galletly Lake1:12000
Gaudry Lake1:12000
Gedak Lake1:12000
Germaine Lake1:6000
Ghost Lake1:12000
Gillingham Lake1:12000
Gillis Lake1:6000
Good Spirit Lake1:24000
Gooseberry Lake1:12000
Goose Delta Lake1:24000
Gordon Lake1:6000
Gordon S Lake1:6000
Gouverneur Reservoir1:12000
Grace Lakes1:6000
Grant S Lake1:6000
Green Lake1:24000
Greenwater Lake1:24000
Greig Lake1:24000
Grenfell Town Reservoir1:6000
Grid Lake1:6000
Guilloux Lake1:24000
Hackett Lake1:24000
Halfmoon Lake1:12000
Halkett Lake1:24000
Hamell Lake1:12000
Hammer Lake1:6000
Hannah Lake1:24000
Hanson Lake1:24000
Harbo Lake1:12000
Harrison Lake1:12000
Harris Reservoir1:12000
Hassard Lake1:12000
Hatchet Lake1:24000
Haugen Lake + McComb Lake1:12000
Hayes Lake1:6000
Hayman Lake1:24000
Hazlet Reservoir1:6000
Heart Lake1:12000
Hebden Lake1:12000
Helene Lake1:24000
Henday Lake1:24000
Heritage Lake + Little Sandy Lake1:12000
HighBank Lake1:24000
Highfield Reservoir1:12000
HighRock Lake1:24000
Hill Lake1:6000
Hine Lake1:6000
Hines Lake1:12000
Hirtz Lake1:12000
Hodge Lake1:12000
Hooker S Lake1:6000
Horsehide Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake1:6000
Horseshoe Lake A1:6000
Hot Springs Lake1:6000
Hourglass Lake1:6000
Humboldt Lake1:12000
Idylwild Lake1:6000
Ingebrigt Freshwater Reservoir1:6000
Iroquois Lake1:24000
Isbister (Midnight) Lake1:12000
Iskwatam Lake1:48000
Iskwatikan Lake1:24000
Island Lake1:12000
Island Lake A1:12000
Ispuchaw Lake1:12000
Italy B Lake1:6000
Jackfish Lake1:6000
Jackfish Lake1:24000
Jackie Lake1:6000
Jackpine Lake East1:6000
Jackpine Lake (West)1:6000
Jade Lake1:6000
Jahns Mine Strip1:6000
Jan Lake1:24000
Jasper Lake1:6000
Jasper Pond1:6000
Jaycee Lake1:6000
Jaycee Park Lake1:6000
Jean Lake1:6000
Jet Lake1:6000
Jimmy ( Pratt ) Lake1:12000
Johannes Lake1:6000
Johnson Lake1:24000
Johnston Lake1:12000
Johnston (Nickie) Lake1:6000
Jojay Lake1:12000
Jumbo Lake1:12000
Jumping Lake1:24000
Junction Lake1:6000
Junction Lake Delta1:12000
Junction Reservoir1:12000
Karl Ernst Lake1:6000
Katepwa Lake + Lebret / Mission Lake1:24000
Kathy Lake1:6000
Keeley Lake1:24000
Keg Lake1:24000
Kennedy Lake Delta1:24000
Kenosee Lake1:24000
Keskuchow Lake1:12000
Ketchamonia Lake1:12000
Ketchum Reservoir1:6000
Key Lake1:12000
Kimball Lake1:12000
Kincaid Reservoir1:6000
Kindersley Town Dam1:6000
Kinikinik / Round Lake1:6000
Kipabiskau Lake1:12000
Kistapiskaw Lake1:12000
Kit Lake1:6000
Konuto Lake1:12000
Kronau Reservoir1:6000
Lac Des Iles1:24000
Lac Eauclaire1:12000
Lac Ile A La Crosse1:48000
Lac La Loche1:24000
Lac La Peche1:12000
Lac La Plonge1:24000
Lac Pellitier1:12000
Lac Vert North1:12000
Lady Lake1:6000
Lake Athabasca1:48000
Lake Lenore (North)1:12000
Larsen Dam1:6000
Larson Lake1:12000
Last Mountain Lake1:24000
Laura Lake1:6000
Leadley Lake1:6000
Leaf Lake1:24000
Lenore Lake1:24000
Limestone Lake1:24000
Lindstrom + Pixley Lake1:24000
Listen Lake1:24000
Little Amyot Lake1:12000
Little Bear Lake1:24000
Little Deer Lake1:12000
Little Fishing Lake1:12000
Little Goose Lake1:12000
Little Island Lake1:12000
Little Lake1:6000
Little Loon Lake1:12000
Little Manitou Lake1:24000
Little Mcdonald Lake1:6000
Little Moose Lake1:12000
Little Nesslin Lake1:12000
Little Osimisk Lake1:6000
Little Philion Lake1:12000
Little Quill Lake1:24000
Little Raspberry Lake1:12000
Little Red Willow Lake1:6000
Little Shell Lake1:12000
Little Uchuk Lake1:6000
Little Yalowega Lake1:24000
Lloyd Lake1:24000
Lobstick Lake1:12000
Loch Leven Lake1:6000
Lonetree Lake1:12000
Long Creek Reservoir1:6000
Long Lake1:6000
Loon Lake1:6000
Lorenz Lake1:12000
Lorraine Leech Lake1:6000
Lost Echo Lake1:12000
Lostmans Lake1:6000
Lower Fishing Lake1:12000
Lower Foster Lake1:24000
Lower Key Lake1:6000
Lower Read Lake1:6000
Lower Seahorse Lake + Upper Seahorse Lake1:12000
Lowther Lake1:12000
Lucien Lake1:12000
Lucky Lake1:6000
Lussier Lake1:6000
Lynx Lake1:12000
Macdonnell Lake1:12000
MacKay Lake1:24000
Mackie Lake1:6000
MacLennan Lake1:12000
Madge Lake1:24000
Mahigan Lake1:24000
Maistre Lake1:6000
Makwa Lake1:24000
Maligne Lake1:12000
Mallard Lake1:6000
Manawan Lake1:24000
Manito Lake1:24000
Maraiche Lake1:24000
Marean Lake1:12000
Margo Lake1:12000
Martin Lake1:24000
Martins Lake1:12000
Matheson Lake1:12000
May Lake1:6000
McBride Lake1:12000
McBride Lake1:12000
Mccallum Lake1:12000
McClean Lake1:12000
McDonald Lake1:12000
McIntosh Lake +Trade Lake +Dead (Nipew) Lake + Ourom Lake1:48000
Mclennan Lake1:24000
Mcmahon Lake + Midwest Lake1:24000
McMillan Lake1:12000
McNichol Lake1:12000
Mcphee Lake1:12000
McRobbie Lake1:6000
Meadow Lake Delta1:24000
Meeting Lake1:24000
Mekewap Lake1:6000
Melfort Pfra Reservoir1:6000
Melfort Town Reservoir1:6000
Melville Town Reservoir1:12000
Memorial Lake1:12000
Meyers Lake1:12000
Middle Foster Lake1:24000
Mid Lake1:6000
Midway Lake1:6000
Miko Lake1:12000
Mile 11 Lake1:6000
Mile 3 Lake1:6000
Mile 8 Lake1:6000
Milliken Lake1:24000
Millpond Lake1:6000
Ministikwan Lake1:24000
Minnow Lake1:24000
Minto Lake1:24000
Mirond Lake1:24000
Mistohay Lake1:12000
Mistowasis Lake1:12000
Mitten Lake1:6000
Moens Lake1:6000
Moffatt Lake1:12000
Moise Lake1:6000
Montreal Lake1:48000
Moonlight Lake1:12000
Moonshine Lake1:6000
Moose Jaw Lake Delta1:12000
Moose Mountain Lake1:12000
Moosomin Reservoir1:12000
Morin Lake1:12000
Mosher Lake1:12000
Mosquito Lake1:6000
Mountain Lake1:24000
Mountney Stack Lake1:24000
Muckingham Lake1:12000
Muirhead Lake1:12000
Mullock Lake1:6000
Murison Lake1:24000
Murphy Lake1:12000
Muskeg Lake Delta1:12000
Musqua Lake1:12000
Myra Meyers Lake1:12000
Namew Lake1:24000
Naniskak Lake1:6000
Narrow Lake1:12000
Negan Lake1:6000
Nelson Lake1:6000
Nelson Lake B1:12000
Nemeiben Lake1:24000
Nero Lake1:12000
Nesland Lake1:6000
Nesootao Lake1:12000
Nessett Lake1:12000
Ness Lake1:12000
Nesslin Lake1:12000
Newburn Lake1:12000
New Willows Reservoir1:6000
Nice Lake1:6000
Nickle Reservoir (Weyburn Hospital Dam)1:12000
Nikik Lake1:12000
Nipawin Lake1:6000
Nipekamew Lake1:24000
Nistum Lake1:12000
No. 9 Lake (N. of La Ronge)1:6000
Noeth Lake1:6000
Nordbye Lake1:24000
Nordic Lake (North)1:6000
North Brother Lake1:6000
North Lake1:12000
North Rat Lake1:12000
Odell Lake1:12000
Olson Lake1:6000
Opal Lake1:6000
Ore Zone Pond1:6000
Orley Lake1:6000
Oscar Lake1:12000
Osimisk Lake1:12000
Otter Lake1:12000
Otter Lake1:24000
Oval Lake1:6000
Pagan Lake1:12000
Pancake Lake1:12000
Pap Lake1:6000
Pardoe Lake1:24000
Parkbeg Reservoir1:6000
Park Lake1:6000
Parr Hill Lake1:12000
Pasqua Lake1:24000
Patterson Lake1:24000
Paul Lake Delta1:12000
Pear Lake1:6000
Pebble Lake1:12000
Pechey Lake1:12000
Peck Lake1:24000
Pee Paw Lake1:12000
Peitahigan Lake1:12000
Pelican Lake1:24000
Perch Lake1:12000
Peter Lake1:24000
Peter Pond Lake1:48000
Peyasew Lake1:12000
Picnic Lake1:6000
Pierce Lake + Lepine Lake1:24000
Pike Lake1:12000
Pine Lake1:6000
Pinkney Lake1:12000
Pipe Lake1:6000
Piprell Lake1:12000
Pita Lake1:24000
Pitch Lake1:12000
Polaris Lake1:6000
Polosa Lake1:6000
Poplar Ridge Lake1:6000
Porcupine Lake1:6000
Porky Lake1:12000
Porter Lake1:24000
Potato Lake Delta1:24000
Potts Lake1:6000
Preston Lake1:24000
Preview Lake1:12000
Primrose Lake1:48000
Prokopchuk Lake1:6000
Puddle Lake + Sulphide Lake1:12000
Pumphouse Lake1:6000
Rainbow Lake1:6000
Rama C N R Dam1:6000
Ramsey Lake1:6000
Randall Lake1:12000
Ranger Lake1:6000
Read Lake1:12000
Redberry Lake1:24000
Redearth Lake1:24000
Reid Lake (Duncairn Dam)1:24000
Reindeer Lake1:48000
Ridge Lake1:6000
Rink Lake1:6000
Riou Lake1:24000
Road Lake1:6000
Rock Island Lake1:12000
Roughbark Reservoir1:6000
Round Lake1:12000
Round Lake1:12000
Round Lake(Bronson Forest)1:12000
Royal Lake1:24000
Ruby Lake1:12000
Rush Lake1:6000
Russell Lake1:6000
Rusty Lake1:12000
Saginas Lake1:12000
Sahli Lake1:12000
Sand Lake1:6000
Sandy Lake1:6000
Sandy Lake Cluff1:12000
Sapphire Lake1:6000
Sarginson Lake1:12000
Savard Lake1:6000
Sawatzky Lake1:12000
Sawdust Lake1:6000
Schutte Lake1:6000
Scott Reservoir1:6000
Scythes Lake1:6000
Sealey Little Cub Lake1:12000
Sedge Lake1:6000
Selby Lake1:6000
Semans Reservoir1:6000
Serhienko Lake1:6000
Shagwenaw Lake1:24000
Shamrock Lake1:6000
Shannon Lake1:6000
Shannon Lakes1:12000
Shell Lake1:12000
Shirley Lake1:6000
Shrimp Lake1:6000
Sidney Lake1:12000
Sim Lake1:12000
Singh Lake1:6000
Sink Lake1:6000
Six Mile Lake1:6000
Ski Lodge (Horseshoe) Lake1:6000
Skinner Lake1:6000
Slater Lake1:12000
Sled Lake1:24000
Slushy Lake1:6000
Small Fish Lake1:12000
Snowfield Lake1:12000
Sokatisewin Lake1:24000
Souris River Midale Dam (Dead Lake)1:24000
Spc Pond G1:6000
Spc Pond H1:6000
S.P.C Spoilpit A1:6000
S.P.C. Spoilpit B1:6000
Spirit Lake1:12000
Spruce Lake1:6000
Spruce Lake1:12000
Squaw Lake1:6000
Stack + Mountney Lake1:12000
Steepbank Lake1:12000
Stevenson Reservoir1:6000
Stickley Lake1:12000
Stinking Lake1:6000
Strands Lake1:6000
Struthers Lake1:12000
Stuart Lake1:12000
Sturgeon Lake1:12000
Suffern Lake1:6000
Summer Cove Dam1:6000
Summit Lake1:12000
Sunday Lake1:6000
Sunny Lake1:12000
Sutherland Lake1:6000
Swede Lake1:12000
Tail Lake1:6000
Tatham Lake1:12000
Taylor Lake1:6000
Teds Lake1:6000
Teneycke Lake1:6000
Teneycke, Richter & Upisesew Lakes1:6000
Terra Lake1:6000
Third Mustus Lake + Second Mustus Lake + First Mustus Lake1:24000
Thomas Lake1:12000
Thomson Lake1:24000
Three Islands Lake1:6000
Thursday Lake1:6000
Tie Lake1:12000
Tilney CNR Reservoir1:6000
Tobin Lake1:24000
Toby Lake1:6000
Toland Bay Lake1:6000
Top Lake1:12000
Torwalt Lake1:12000
Townsend (Clear) Lake1:12000
Trail Lake1:6000
Tramping Lake1:24000
Trapper Cabin Lake1:6000
Triveet Lake1:24000
Trout Lake1:24000
Tuffnell / Howe Lake1:6000
Tulabi Lake1:24000
Turtle Lake1:24000
Tut Lake1:6000
Tuttles Lake1:6000
Twin Lakes1:6000
Twin Lakes B1:12000
Two Rivers North1:24000
Two Rivers South1:24000
Tyrrell Lake1:12000
Unnamed Lake1:6000
Unnamed Lake1:6000
Unnamed Lake 2 Parkdale 4981:6000
Unnamed Lake 5861:6000
Unnamed Lake 5901:6000
Unnamed Lake 5921:6000
Unnamed Lake 6051:6000
Unnamed Lake 6131:6000
Unnamed Lake 6281:6000
Unnamed Lake Big River No 5551:6000
Unnamed Lake Bjorkdale No4261:6000
Unnamed Lake Bjorkdale No4261:6000
Unnamed Lake Division 171:6000
Unnamed Lake Division No 181:6000
Unnamed Lake Kinistino No 4591:6000
Unnamed Lake (Meota)1:12000
Unnamed Lake( Mile 109, east of Hwy 155 N of La Loche)1:12000
Unnamed Lake (mile 109, west of Hwy 155 N of La Loche )1:6000
Unnamed Lake( Mile 119, Hwy 155 N of La Loche)1:6000
Unnamed Lake no. 1 Wawken No931:6000
Unnamed Lake no. 3 Hazelwood No941:6000
Unnamed Lake Parkdale No 4981:6000
Unnamed Lake Round Hill No 4671:6000
Unnamed Lake Turtle River No 4691:6000
Unser ( Little Gull ) Lake1:12000
Upises Teneycke Lake1:6000
Upper Fishing Lake1:6000
Upper Foster Lake1:24000
Uskik Lake1:24000
Utai Lake1:6000
Utikumak Lake1:12000
Vivian Lake1:6000
Von Mehren Lake1:12000
Vulture Lake1:12000
Wabeno Lake1:24000
Wakaw Lake1:24000
Wapata + Giles Lake1:24000
Wapawekka Lake1:24000
Wapisew Lake Delta1:24000
Wapumon Lake1:24000
Waskesiu Lake1:24000
Waterbury Lake1:24000
Waterhen Lake1:24000
Waterhen Lake Delta1:24000
Wathaman Lake1:24000
Watt Lake1:12000
Welwyn Reservoir1:6000
West Lake1:6000
West Lake A1:6000
Weyakwin Lake1:24000
Whitebear Reservoir1:6000
White Gull Lake1:24000
Whitesand Dam (Theodore)1:12000
Whitesand Lake1:12000
Whiteswan Lake1:24000
Wierzycki Lake1:24000
Wild Nest Lake1:24000
Willow A-B Lake1:12000
Willow Lakes ( C D E)1:24000
Wintego Lake1:24000
Winteringham Lake1:12000
Wolf Lake1:6000
Wollaston Lake1:48000
Wolverine Lake1:12000
Wood Lake1:24000
Woody Lake1:12000
Wynyard Reservoir1:6000
Yalowega Lake1:24000
Yew Lake1:6000
Yonker Lake1:6000
York Lake1:12000
Zapee Lake1:6000
Zeden Lake1:6000
Zelma Reservoir1:12000
Zimmer Lake1:12000