Somerset County Fishing Maps

Looking for fishing distinations in Somerset County? Our app supports the following lake maps in Somerset County. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Lake / Marine Chart TitleScale
Alder Pond1:3000
Austin Pond1:6000
Austin Pond1:3000
Baker Lake1:6000
Baker Pond1:3000
Baker Pond1:3000
Baker Pond1:3000
Baker Pond1:6000
Baker Pond1:3000
Bald Mountain Pond1:6000
Barker Pond1:3000
Barrett Pond1:3000
Basin Pond1:3000
Bean Pond1:3000
Beck Pond1:3000
Big Dimmick Pond1:3000
Big Fish Pond1:3000
Big Grenier Pond1:3000
Bill Morris Pond1:3000
Black Brook Pond1:6000
Black Hill Pond1:3000
Blakeslee Lake1:3000
Bobs Pond ,Somerset1:3000
Boynton Pond1:3000
Butler Pond1:3000
Butler Pond1:3000
Cambridge Pond1:3000
Canada Falls Lake1:12000
Caratunk Pond1:3000
Carlton Pond1:6000
Center Pond1:3000
Chase Pond1:3000
Chase Pond1:3000
Chase Stream Pond1:3000
Cheney Pond1:3000
Chub Pond1:3000
Clear Pond1:3000
Clearwater Pond1:3000
Clish Pond1:3000
Cold Stream Pond1:3000
Crocker Pond1:6000
Cunningham Pond1:3000
Daymond Pond1:3000
Dead Stream Pond1:3000
Deer Pond1:3000
Demo Pond1:3000
Desolation Pond1:3000
Dingley Pond1:3000
Dixon Pond1:3000
Dole Pond1:6000
Dority Pond1:3000
Dubois Pond1:3000
Duncan Pond1:3000
Durgin Pond1:3000
East Carry Pond1:6000
East Pond1:6000
Ellis Pond1:3000
Embden Pond1:6000
Enchanted Pond1:6000
Everett Pond1:3000
Fahi Pond1:3000
Felker Pond1:3000
Fernald Pond1:3000
Fernald Pond ,Somerset1:3000
Fifth Saint John Pond1:6000
Fisher Ponds1:3000
Fish Pond1:6000
Fish Pond1:3000
Flagstaff Lake1:12000
Fogg Pond1:3000
Foley Pond1:3000
Foley Pond Little ,Somerset1:3000
Fourth Saint John Pond1:3000
Frost Pond1:3000
Frypan Pond1:3000
Gammon Pond1:3000
Gilman Pond1:6000
Gordon Pond1:3000
Grace Pond1:3000
Grass Pond1:3000
Great Moose Lake1:12000
Hale Pond1:3000
Halfmoon Pond1:3000
Hall Pond1:3000
Hancock Pond1:6000
Heald Pond1:3000
Heald Pond1:3000
Heald Ponds1:3000
Helen Pond1:3000
High Pond1:3000
Hill Pond1:3000
Holeb Pond1:6000
Horseshoe Pond1:3000
Horseshoe Pond1:3000
Horseshoe Pond1:3000
Horseshoe Pond1:3000
Hurricane Pond1:3000
Hutch Pond1:3000
Indian Pond1:6000
Indian Pond1:12000
Indian Pond1:3000
Ironbound Pond1:3000
Ironbound Pond1:6000
Iron Pond1:3000
Island Pond1:3000
Jackson Pond1:3000
Jewett Pond1:3000
Jones Pond1:3000
Kilgore Pond1:3000
King and Bartlett Lake1:6000
King Pond1:3000
Knights Pond1:3000
Ladd Pond1:3000
Lake George1:6000
Lake Wassookeag1:6000
Lane Pond1:3000
Lang Pond1:3000
Lewiston Pond1:3000
Lily Pond1:3000
Little Austin Pond1:3000
Little Berry Pond1:3000
Little Big Wood Pond1:6000
Little Brassua Lake1:12000
Little Chase Stream Pond1:3000
Little Dimmick Pond1:3000
Little Dingley Pond1:3000
Little Dole Pond1:3000
Little Enchanted Pond1:3000
Little Fish Pond1:3000
Little Gordon Pond1:3000
Little Grass Pond1:3000
Little Indian Pond1:3000
Little Jim Pond1:3000
Little King Lake1:3000
Little Lane Pond1:3000
Little Lang Pond1:3000
Little Otter Pond1:3000
Little Turner Pond1:3000
Long Pond1:3000
Long Pond1:3000
Long Pond1:12000
Long Pond1:6000
Long Pond1:3000
Long Pond1:3000
Loon Pond1:3000
Loon Stream Deadwater1:3000
Lost Pond1:3000
Lost Pond1:3000
Lost Pond1:3000
Lower First Saint John Pond1:3000
Lower Shaw Pond1:3000
Luther Pond1:3000
Macdougall Pond1:3000
Martin Pond1:3000
Mary Petuche Pond1:3000
Mayfield Pond1:6000
McKenney Pond1:3000
Middle Carry Pond1:3000
Misery Pond1:3000
Moore Pond1:3000
Moosehead Lake1:12000
Moose Pond1:3000
Morrill Pond1:3000
Mosquito Pond1:3000
Mountain Dimmick Pond1:3000
Moxie Pond1:12000
Nokomis Pond1:3000
North Otter Pond1:3000
North Pond1:12000
Oaks Pond1:3000
Otter Pond1:3000
Otter Pond1:3000
Palmer Pond1:3000
Parker Pond1:3000
Penobscot Lake1:6000
Petit Lac Saint Jean / Little Saint Jean Lake1:3000
Pickerel Pond1:3000
Pierce Pond1:6000
Pleasant Pond1:6000
Rancourt Pond1:3000
Ripley Pond1:6000
Robinson Pond1:3000
Rock Pond1:3000
Roderique Pond1:3000
Round Pond1:3000
Round Pond1:3000
Rowell Pond1:3000
Rowe Pond1:3000
Russell Pond1:3000
Safford Pond1:3000
Saint Francis Lake1:6000
Sandy Pond1:3000
Seboomook Lake1:12000
Second Saint John Pond1:3000
Shaw Pond1:3000
Sibley Pond1:6000
Smith Pond1:3000
Smith Pond1:3000
Smith Pond1:3000
Spaulding Pond1:3000
Spectacle Pond1:3000
Spencer Lake1:6000
Spencer Pond1:3000
Split Rock Pond1:3000
Spring Lake1:6000
Spruce Pond1:3000
Stafford Pond1:3000
Starbird Pond1:3000
Sugar Berth Pond1:3000
Summit Pond ,Somerset1:3000
Supply Pond1:3000
Ten Thousand Acre Pond1:3000
Third Saint John Pond1:6000
Tibbetts Pond1:3000
Tobey Pond1:3000
Tomhegan Pond1:3000
Trickey Ponds1:3000
Turner Pond1:3000
Turner Pond1:3000
Upper Dingley Pond1:3000
Upper First Saint John Pond1:3000
Upper Misery Pond1:3000
Welman Pond1:3000
Wesserunsett Lake1:6000
West Carry Pond1:6000
Weymouth Pond1:3000
Whipple Pond1:3000
Whites Pond1:3000
Wood Pond1:12000
Wyman Lake1:6000
Wyman Pond1:6000
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