Kennebec County Fishing Maps

Looking for fishing distinations in Kennebec County? Our app supports the following lake maps in Kennebec County. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Lake / Marine Chart TitleScale
Anderson Pond1:3000
Annabessacook Lake1:6000
Basin Pond1:3000
Beaver Pond1:3000
Black Pond1:3000
Boody Pond1:3000
Brainard Pond1:3000
Branch Pond1:6000
Buker / Sand / Woodbury Pond1:6000
Burgess Pond1:3000
Carleton Pond1:6000
China Lake1:12000
Cobbosseecontee Lake1:12000
Cochnewagon Lake1:6000
Crowell Pond1:3000
Dam Pond1:3000
David Pond1:6000
Davis Pond1:3000
Desert Pond1:3000
Doctors Pond1:3000
Dutton Pond1:3000
East Pond1:6000
Echo Lake1:6000
Egypt Pond1:3000
Ellis / Salmon / McGrath Pond1:6000
Evans Pond1:3000
Fairbanks Pond1:3000
Flying Pond1:6000
Givens Pond1:3000
Gould Pond1:3000
Great Pond1:12000
Greeley Pond1:3000
Hales Pond1:3000
Hamilton Pond1:3000
Hopkins Pond1:3000
Hutchinson Pond1:3000
Inghan Pond1:3000
Jimmie Pond1:3000
Jimmy Pond1:3000
Joe Pond1:3000
Joys Pond1:3000
Kezar Pond1:3000
Kidder Pond1:3000
Kimball Pond1:3000
Lily Pond1:3000
Little Cobbosseecontee Lake1:3000
Little Purgatory Pond1:3000
Little Togus Pond1:3000
Long Pond1:6000
Lovejoy Pond1:6000
Lovejoy Pond1:6000
Lower Narrows Pond1:6000
Maranacook Lake1:6000
Messalonskee Lake1:12000
Mill Pond1:3000
Minnehonk Lake1:3000
Moody Pond1:3000
Moose Pond1:3000
Mosher Pond1:3000
Mud Pond1:3000
Nehumkeag Pond1:3000
North Pond1:12000
Parker Pond1:6000
Pattee Pond1:6000
Penney Pond1:3000
Pocasset Lake1:12000
Round Pond1:3000
Savade Pond1:3000
Schoolhouse Pond1:3000
Shed Pond1:3000
Silver Lake1:3000
Spectacle Pond1:3000
Threecornered Pond1:3000
Threemile Pond1:6000
Tilton Pond1:3000
Tinkham Pond1:3000
Togus Pond1:6000
Tolman Pond1:3000
Torsey Lake1:6000
Tyler Pond1:3000
Upper Narrows Pond1:6000
Ward Pond1:3000
Watson Pond1:3000
Webber Pond1:6000
Whittier Pond1:3000
Whittier Pond1:3000
Wilson Pond1:6000
Windsor Pond1:3000
Kennebec River Courthouse Point to Augusta1:15000
Kennebec River, Courthouse Point to South Gardiner1:10000
Kennebec River, Hunts Hill to Augusta1:10000
Kennebec River, South Gardiner to Farmingdale1:10000
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