Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Marine Charts

Here is the list of Red Sea and Gulf of Aden marine charts and fishing maps available on iBoating : red-sea-and-gulf-of-persia Marine & Fishing App. Marine charts app now supports multiple plaforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, MacBook, and Windows/PC based chartplotter. The Marine Navigation App provides advanced features of a Marine Chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading. Fishing spots and depth contours layers are available in most Lake maps. Nautical navigation features include advanced instrumentation to gather wind speed direction, water temperature, water depth, and accurate GPS with AIS receivers(using NMEA over TCP/UDP). Autopilot support can be enabled during ‘Goto WayPoint’ and ‘Route Assistance’. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Nautical Chart TitleScale
A Approaches to Eilat and Al 'Aqabah1:75000
A Ash Sharmah1:75000
A Ash Shihr Terminal1:50000
A Bera'isole Bahir Selat'e1:75000
Al Aqabah to Duba and Ports on the Coast of Saudi Arabia1:350000
Al Mukha to Bab el Mandeb1:100000
A Marsa Esh Sheikh Ibrahim to Talla Talla Saqir1:100000
A Port Sudan1:10000
Approaches to Berbera1:50000
Approaches to Jeddah ( Mina` al Jiddah )1:30000
Approaches to Port Sudan1:45000
Approaches to Suez Bay (Bahr al Qulzum)1:55000
Arabian Sea - Suqutra (Socotra)1:350000
A Sanganeb Anchorage1:25000
Ash Sihir Terminal1:45000
Bab el Mandeb to Aden Harbour1:200000
B Al Mukalla1:37500
B Anfile Bay1:40000
B Approaches to Duba1:150000
B Balhaf LNG Terminal1:15000
B Eilat and Al 'Aqabah1:25000
Berenice (Barnis) to Masamirit1:750000
B Hurghada (Al Ghardaqah)1:25000
B Marsa Gwiyai1:20000
B Trinkitat Harbour1:12500
C Entrance to Ghubbet Mus Nefit1:37500
C Marsa Esh Sheikh Ibrahim1:12500
C Nishtun1:10000
C Port of Al 'Aqabah1:12500
C Port of Duba1:15000
D Approaches to Berenice (Barnis)1:60000
D Duba Bulk Plant Terminal1:10000
D Khor Nawarat1:30000
D Melita Bay1:25000
D Royal Jordanian Naval Base1:7500
E Al 'Aqabah Industrial Port1:25000
Eastern Approaches to the Gulf of Aden1:750000
E Berenice (Barnis)1:25000
E Dissei Anchorage1:15000
ENC CELL - Approaches to Port of Hudaydah1:22000
ENC CELL - Gulf of Aden - Aden Inner Harbour1:4000
ENC CELL - Red Sea - Gilf of Suez - Wadi Feiran Terminal1:22000
ENC CELL - Red Sea - Gulf of Suez - Ra's Gharib1:12000
ENC CELL - Red Sea - Saudi Arabia - Duba - Bulk Plant Terminal1:8000
ENC CELL - Red Sea - Saudi Arabia - Rabigh Industrial Port1:12000
ENC CELL - Red Sea - Sudan - Marsa Gwiyai1:12000
ENC CELL - Red Sea - Yemen - Al Mukha1:22000
ENC CELL - Red Sea - Yemen - Approaches to Al Hudaydah1:90000
ENC CELL - Sanganeb Anchorage1:22000
F Approaches to Strait of Tiran1:75000
F Port Smyth1:15000
G Dolphin Cove1:12500
Golfe de Tadjoura1:200000
G Strait of Tiran1:25000
Gulf of Aden1:750000
Gulf of Aden - Yemen - Aden Harbour and Approaches1:22000
Gulf of Aden - Yemen - Balhaf LNG Terminal1:12000
Gulf of Aden - Yemen - Little Aden Oil Harbour1:4000
Jaza'ir Az Zubayr1:100000
Jazirat at Ta'ir to Bab el Mandeb1:400000
Jazirat Jabal Zuqar to Bab el Mandeb1:200000
Jazirat Jabal Zuqar to Muhabbaka Islands1:100000
Jeddah (Mina`al Jiddah)1:15000
Juzur Ashrafi to Safaga (Bur Safajah) and Strait of Tiran1:150000
Masamirit to Bab el Mandeb1:750000
Mayyun Harbour1:25000
Mouillage de 'Ambada1:20000
Mouillage de Tadjoura1:12500
North and North-East Approaches to Massawa (Mits'iwa)1:300000
Offshore Installations in the Gulf of Suez including Ra's Shuqayr (Ras Shukheir)1:50000
Outer Approaches to Jeddah (Mina al Jiddah)1:75000
Outer Approaches to Port Sudan1:150000
Plan A - Ain Sukhna - North Port (Sokhna Port) and Oil Terminal1:25000
Plan E - Sharm el Sheikh1:15000
Port d'Obock1:25000
Port of Suez (Bur As Suways)1:20000
Ports on the Coast of Egypt - Al Qusayr1:45000
Raas Caseyr to Suqutra1:350000
R`as Sharatib to Juzur Ashrafi1:150000
Red Sea1:2250000
Red Sea - Egypt - Approaches to Safaga (Bur Safajah)1:45000
Red Sea - Egypt - Safaga (Bur Safajah)1:22000
Red Sea - Gulf of Suez - Ra's Budran Terminal1:45000
Red Sea - Sudan - Approaches to Bashayer Oil Terminals1:45000
Red Sea - Sudan - Bashayer Oil Terminals1:12000
Red Sea - Sudan - Sawakin1:12000
Red Sea - Yemen - Southern Entrance to Madiq Kamaran1:22000
Sawakin to Ras Qassar1:300000
Shi`b Nazar to Qita` Kidan1:200000
Southern Approaches to Massawa (Mits'iwa)1:200000
Suez (As Suways) to Berenice (Barnis)1:750000
Suez Bay (Bahr al Qulzum) to Ra's Sharatib1:150000
Yemen - Al Mukalla1:22000
Yemen - Approaches to Madiq Kamaran and Al Luhayyah1:90000
Yemen - Port of Hudaydah1:12000
Zeit Terminals1:50000