Strathcona District Fishing Maps

Looking for fishing distinations in Strathcona District? Our app supports the following lake maps in Strathcona District. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Lake / Marine Chart TitleScale
Amor Lake1:12000
Antler Lake1:6000
Atluck Lake1:12000
Baile Lake1:12000
Beavertail Lake1:12000
Black Lake1:12000
Boot Lake1:12000
Brewster Lake1:12000
Burnt Out Lake1:6000
Buttle Lake(South End)1:24000
Camp Lake1:6000
Cassel Lake1:12000
Cedar Lake1:6000
Comida Lake1:6000
Cooper Lake1:6000
Cranberry Lake1:6000
Crawfish Lake1:12000
Darkis Lake1:6000
Donner Lake1:12000
Drum (Mud) Lake1:6000
Echo Lake1:6000
Ellis Lake1:12000
Estero #1 Lake1:6000
Estero 2 Lake (Cox Lake)1:6000
Estero Lake # 31:6000
Ewart Lake1:12000
Farewell Lake1:6000
Flume Lake1:6000
Gooseneck Lake1:12000
Gunflint Lake1:6000
Hague Lake1:12000
Jessie Lake1:6000
Jim Mitchell Lake1:6000
Keta Lake1:6000
Kunlin Lake1:6000
Lawier Lake1:6000
Leask Lake1:6000
Little Mud Lake1:6000
Malaspina Lake1:6000
Martha Lake1:6000
Mary Lake1:6000
Mccreight Lake(Bear)1:12000
McIvor Lake1:24000
Merrill Lake1:6000
Middle Quinsam Lake1:6000
Mirror Lake1:6000
Mohun Lake1:12000
Muchalat Lake1:12000
Mud Lake1:6000
Paterson Lake1:12000
Phillips Lake1:12000
Power Lake1:6000
Pye Lake1:12000
Quinsam Lake1:12000
Ramsay Arm Lake1:6000
Raven Lake1:6000
Roberts Lake1:12000
Second Lake1:6000
Silburn Lake1:6000
Snakehead Lake1:6000
Spirit Lake1:6000
Stafford Lake1:12000
Stella Lake1:12000
Stewart Lake1:6000
Surprise Lake1:6000
Thelwood Lake1:6000
Third Lake1:6000
Thompson Lake1:6000
Tlowils Lake1:6000
Tom Lake1:6000
Twaddle Lake1:6000
Twin Lake1:6000
Upana Lake1:6000
Upper Quinsam Lake/Wokas Lake1:12000
Village Bay Lake1:12000
Approaches to\Approches a Campbell River1:5000
Approaches to\Approches a Toba Inlet1:20000
Brooks Bay1:20000
Bute Inlet, Stuart Island to\a Hovel Bay1:20000
Checleset Bay1:18247
Continuation A - Cooper Reach1:40000
Cordero Channel1:20000
Cortes Bay1:5000
Dent and\et Yuculta Rapids1:10000
Desolation Sound and\et Sutil Channel1:20000
Discovery Passage1:20000
Entrance to\Entree A Fair Harbour1:5000
Esperanza Inlet (Part 2 of 2)1:20000
Esperanza Inlet (Western Portion, Part 1 of 2)1:20000
Gold River1:5000
Greene Point Rapids1:10000
Havannah Channel and\et Chatham Channel1:10000
Head of Tlupana Inlet1:20000
Johnstone Strait, Port Neville to\a Robson Bight (Part 2 of 2)1:40000
Johnstone Strait, Race Passage and\et Current Passage1:12500
Knight Inlet1:40000
Kyuquot Sound (Part 1 of 2)1:20000
Kyuquot Sound (Part 2 of 2)1:20000
Muchalet Inlet1:20000
Nootka Sound (Part 1 of 2)1:20000
Nootka Sound (Part 2 of 2)1:20000
Okisollo Channel1:10000
Port Neville1:10000
Princesa Channel1:5000
Refuge Cove1:6000
Roscoe Bay1:5000
Seymour Narrows1:10000
Squirrel Cove1:6000
Strait of Georgia, Northern Portion\Partie Nord1:40000
Tsowwin Narrows1:2500
Walsh Cove1:4000
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