Capital District Fishing Maps

Looking for fishing distinations in Capital District? Our app supports the following lake maps in Capital District. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Lake / Marine Chart TitleScale
Albert Head Lagoon1:6000
Bear Creek Reservoir1:12000
Beaver + Elk Lakes1:12000
Beaver Lake1:12000
Blackburn Lake1:6000
Blenkinsop Lake1:6000
Blinkhorn Lake1:6000
Boneyard Lake1:6000
Boulder Lake1:6000
Bullocks Lake1:6000
Butchart Lake1:6000
Butler Lake1:6000
Colwood Lake1:6000
Council Lake1:6000
Crabapple Lake1:6000
Cusheon Lake1:6000
Durrance Lake1:6000
Fairy Lake1:6000
Fizzle Lake1:6000
Florence Lake1:6000
Ford Lake1:6000
Fork Lake1:6000
Forslund Lake1:6000
Glen Lake1:6000
Goldstream Lake1:12000
Grass Lake1:6000
Jack Lake1:6000
Jarvis Lake1:6000
Kemp Lake1:6000
Lake Maxwell1:6000
Lake Stowell1:6000
Lake Weston1:6000
Langford Lake1:6000
Lizard Lake1:6000
MacDonald Lake1:6000
Maid Lake1:6000
Maltby Lake1:6000
Matheson Lake1:6000
Matson Lake1:6000
Mavis Lake1:6000
McKenzie Lake1:6000
Mitchell Lake1:6000
Old Wolf Lake1:6000
Pease Lake1:6000
Pike Lake1:6000
Pixie Lake1:6000
Poirier Lake1:6000
Prior Lake1:6000
Prospect Lake1:6000
Ranger Lake1:6000
Roberts Lake1:6000
Salamader Lake1:6000
Second Lake1:6000
Sheilds Lake1:6000
Sherwood Pond1:6000
St Mary Lake1:12000
Swan Lake1:6000
Teanook Lake1:6000
Thetis Lake1:6000
Third Lake1:6000
Tugwell Lake1:6000
Weeks Lake1:6000
Wrigglesworth Lake1:6000
Young Lake1:6000
Active Pass1:6000
Approaches to\Approches a Oak Bay1:5000
Approaches to\Approches a Sidney1:10000
Bedwell Harbour to\a Georgeson Passage1:7500
Boundary Pass1:25000
Esquimalt Harbour1:2500
Fulford Harbour1:7500
Ganges Harbour and\et Long Harbour1:10000
Haro Strait, Boundary Pass and\et Satellite Channel1:20000
Haro-Strait-Middle Bank to Stuart Island1:25000
Juan de Fuca Strait to\a Strait of Georgia (Western Portion, Part 1 of 2)1:40000
Montague Harbour1:9000
North Pender Island to\a Thetis Island1:20000
Ogden Point1:2000
Osborn Bay1:7500
Porlier Pass1:6000
Port San Juan1:9000
Race Rocks to\a D'Arcy Island1:39999
Roberts Bank1:10000
Rosario Stait to Cherry Point1:25000
San Juan Channel1:25000
Sansum Narrows1:10000
Sooke Inlet to\a Parry Bay1:10000
Special Operations Chart, DND Jetty, Manor Pt1:500
Strait of Georgia, Southern Portion\Partie Sud1:40000
Telegraph Harbour and\et Preedy Harbour1:7500
Thetis Island to\a Nanaimo1:20000
Victoria Harbour1:2500
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