All Belgium Charts Marine Charts

Here is the list of All Belgium Charts marine charts and fishing maps available on iBoating : Belgium Marine & Fishing App. Marine charts app now supports multiple plaforms including Android, iPhone/iPad, MacBook, and Windows/PC based chartplotter. The Marine Navigation App provides advanced features of a Marine Chartplotter including adjusting water level offset and custom depth shading. Fishing spots, Relief Shading and depth contours layers are available in most Lake maps. Nautical navigation features include advanced instrumentation to gather wind speed direction, water temperature, water depth, and accurate GPS with AIS receivers(using NMEA over TCP/UDP). Autopilot support can be enabled during ‘Goto WayPoint’ and ‘Route Assistance’. If marine chart / fishing map you are looking for is not listed in correct folio, please let us know.

Nautical Chart TitleScale
A Baalhoek to Antwerp1:30000
A Nieuwpoort1:20000
A Oostende1:15000
A Vlissingen1:25000
B Antwerp to Hoboken1:15000
BE_7V5ALK00 - Albertkanaal1:10000
BE_7V5ALK01 - Albertkanaal1:5000
BE_7V5ALK02 - Albertkanaal1:5000
BE_7V5ALK03 - Albertkanaal1:5000
BE_7V5ALK04 - Albertkanaal1:5000
BE_7V5ALK05 - Albertkanaal1:5000
BE_7V5ALK06 - Albertkanaal1:5000
BE_7V5ALK07 - Albertkanaal1:5000
BE_7V5ALK08 - Albertkanaal1:5000
BE_7V5ALK09 - Albertkanaal1:5000
BE_7V5ALK10 - Albertkanaal1:5000
BE_7V5BOHE1 - Bocholt-Herentals1:10000
BE_7V5BOHE2 - Bocholt-Herentals1:10000
BE_7V5BOHE3 - Bocholt-Herentals1:10000
BE_7V5KDEKW - Dessel-Kwaadmechelen1:5000
BE_7V5SCHRN - Schelde-Rijnverbinding1:5000
BE_7V5ZWV01 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_7V5ZWV02 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_7V5ZWV03 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_7V5ZWV04 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_7W5BRUS1 - Kanaal naar Charleroi1:5000
BE_7W5DIJL1 - Dijle1:5000
BE_7W5GENT1 - Ringvaart om Gent1:5000
BE_7W5GENT2 - Ringvaart om Gent1:5000
BE_7W5GETE3 - Gent-Terneuzen1:5000
BE_7W5KBRU1 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_7W5KBRU2 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_7W5KBRUS - Kanaal naar Charleroi1:5000
BE_7W5KNETE - Beneden-Nete1:5000
BE_7W5LEIE1 - Leie1:10000
BE_7W5LEIE2 - Leie1:10000
BE_7W5LEIE3 - Leie1:10000
BE_7W5LEIE4 - Leie1:10000
BE_7W5LEIE5 - Leie1:10000
BE_7W5LEIE6 - Leie1:10000
BE_7W5LEIE7 - Leie1:10000
BE_7W5LEIEA - Leie1:10000
BE_7W5MVR01 - Moervaart1:10000
BE_7W5NETE1 - Netekanaal1:10000
BE_7W5RUPEL - Rupel1:5000
BE_7W5SCH05 - Boven-Schelde1:5000
BE_7W5SCH06 - Boven-Schelde1:5000
BE_7W5SCH07 - Boven-Schelde1:5000
BE_7W5SCH08 - Boven-Schelde1:5000
BE_7W5SCH09 - Boven-Schelde1:5000
BE_7W5SCH10 - Boven-Schelde1:5000
BE_7W5SCHE2 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_7W5SCHE3 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_7W5SCHE4 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_7W5SCHE5 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_7W5SCHE6 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_7W5SCHE7 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_7W5SCHE8 - Vlaanderen1:5000
BE_9T8ANT01 - Antwerpen Haven1:5000
BE_9T8ANT02 - Antwerpen Haven1:2000
BE_BE7BK001 - van Zeebrugge Achterhaven-inclusief het Boudewijnkanaal-tot en met haven Brugge1:10000
BE_BE7BZ001 - Beneden Zeeschelde1:10000
BE_BE7BZ002 - Beneden Zeeschelde1:10000
BE_BE7EV001 - Vlaanderen1:10000
BE_BE7EV003 - Oostende Haven met de 5-mijlszone Estuaire Vaart1:10000
BE_BE7GT017 - Vlaanderen1:10000
BE_BE7PK001 - Oostende Plassendalekanaal1:10000
BE_EST_BE7EV001 - Estuaire Vaart van Zeebrugge tot aan de Nederlandse Grens1:7500
B Nieuwpoort1:20000
B Oostende1:15000
B Zeebrugge1:20000
C Brugge1:15000
C Hoboken to Wintam1:10000
C Zeebrugge1:20000
D Blankenberge1:15000
Dover and Calais to Orford Ness and Scheveningen1:250000
Dover Strait Eastern Part1:75000
Dover Strait to Westerschelde1:150000
Dunkerque and Approaches1:20000
Dunkerque to Oostende1:60000
Dunkerque to Vlissingen1:100000
Westerschelde Oostende to Westkapelle1:60000
West Hinder and Outer Gabbard to Vlissingen and Scheveningen1:150000