Nautical Charts HD for Playbook

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You can find the chart catalog supported by the app here.

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Known limitations
Currently the Playbook, does not allow apps to keep the CPU running. So, when the device goes to sleep, the app does not receive GPS fixes from the built in sensor. Record tracking effectively stops when the device goes to sleep.
We've reported this issue to RIM. To follow the progress on this bug, please follow the link below.
 Tips on Finding Charts
Use Show Nearby Charts
You can use "Show nearby charts" to download charts near  you or adjacent to charts that you have already downloaded. Simply open a chart and select "Nearby Charts" from the menu.
Use Search along with Show Nearby Charts
The following is recommended for search:

  1. Select a state name/region/folio  where you are doing a search.
  2. You can choose feature name as well for search. For e.g searching for Dunbeacon would show the chart for "Dunbeacon Harbour" in the search results. Once you have downloaded the chart, use "Show Nearby Charts" from menu to download other charts.